Guns of Icarus Online is a team-based multiplayer online airship combat game set in a steampunk/dieselpunk-inspired, post-apocalyptic world where lighter-than-air flight is the only means to cross the scarred wilderness that divides scattered pockets of civilization. Captain or serve as crew aboard an airship with your friends and fly into battle to win wealth and glory. With a good ship and the right crew, you can dominate the skies!

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I bought this game when it was on kickstarter, and i must say it has come a long way. Definitely a game to get.


Great game, it functions well, no overpowered weaponry and loads of fun when you are playing with friends! You can customize your ships and how you want to play with tons of fun for an extended period of time. If you are a team player I highly recommend this game!

Guns of Icarus online... this is just one of those games that take you away. unfortunately, it can be a wee bit tough to get into for some people, but frankly, it's their own fault for not giving it their heart. every game has its problems and its bugs, but I doubt any game has devs that are so eager to learn what the community wants and how to integrate it into the game. This is a game where you make friends, where you have fun, and where you forge a name for yourself. a few months ago, no-one on GOIO knew the name 'Caylin', but now, I'm a member of the current first place ranked team, with a mild infamy for my uniquely turquoise costumes and my love of firing lava from the hades light cannon ^^. I shortly became a community ambassador for the game after I joined the Gents, and have enjoyed through and through the experiences I've shared with new players and veterans alike. honestly, I can recommend this game to anyone who's willing to let it go and just have fun. talk to people in game, go crazy, brag and boast, yet prepare to learn. every captain, gunner and engineer has something to share, and you will always have something to learn. See you in the skies!

Guns of Icarus is easily the best cooperative vehicle-based FPS out there! Engineers, gunners and pilots all have very different jobs to do, and teamwork and communication are absolutely necessary to win matches. There are plenty of different ships, weapon loadouts, maps and match types, so every game is interesting and different.

The developers are active and committed to improving the game and adding content on a regular basis. I won't play most FPS games online, because the communities are awful and I don't like the "random swarm of idiots" feel you get from joining pickup games. GoI is totally different and tons of fun. If small-squad teamwork (and airships!) sound like your thing, you owe it to yourself to give Guns a try.

Its a great game and a fantastic concept. Have been playing it for hours now, and i'm sure many more will come

A must have!

The only issue I have with the game play is the lag. It rears its ugly head at the worst time possible, especially when engaging in close quarter combat.

it's great!


This game does the best job I have seen for a teamwork-based competitive multi-player match-up! The community is super awesome and patient! The way it groups players into squads of four, much emphasis is put on playing cooperatively with your shipmates-- it's victory or all die together!

Its the kind of game where people that enjoy using teamwork simply love it, and if its not your "cup of tea" you find something else to play. Sometimes you get uncooperative players, but the community is mostly self moderated. New players will find others to be genuinely helpful, and willing to be patient with newcomers. They will also find that rude behavior or disruptive game play will not be tolerated. This, and the fact that this game generally attracts adult gamers, is how the community moderates itself with suggestions.

A must go-to game for my next LAN party!


I've had some great fun playing GOI with the rest of the guys in SteamLUG.

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