Hiya everypon..body I meant everybody. Welcome to my page. My last Bio was way outdated and said something about not doing any work right now..untrue! Currently my steam may be suspended because I spent $400 on games then my parents got the bill they refused to pay. But! never fear for that problem is very close to handled and once my SDK is up and running once more I will become a mapping powerhouse. Right now I am trying to tweak the story line so it isn't as...erm.. awful. With new story line comes new maps, which makes more work, which means I will be working more, which means more updates, and more updates means more content! So in case you are wondering why Unnerved looks nicht so gut it is in beta and it is being fixed as of, well, now. Thanks for visiting the page. If you have any questions please email me, it gives me something to do. ModDB community you guys rock. Remember: RazzleFrazzle, guys, RazzleFrazzle.

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Post Script
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Research and Development
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Dear Esther
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Strider Mountain
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