Look at me, becoming active. After the long break of high school, and two years of college, I'm back. I'm not going to act like you all missed me because I'm pretty sure you don't remember me. But damn! I'm still in the top 300 on this site, somehow. So now that I've gotten on my feet, and I'm not longer trying to manage a company of 30 when I'm 13, I can focus on real stuff. I'm not expecting to do anything big right now, but I may release some litle map packs just for fun for the next year or so, and maybe I will be able to do something real in the future. So stay tuned! In case you're really confused, I used to go by Reeze17, and before that I was Assassin17.

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Hey everyone,

I'm just making a quick little post here, an update if you would. I haven't done too much mapping in the past several years, I've done some, but I haven't really done it, if you know what I mean. I did little maps here and there, but never a full project. So I'm probably a little bit rusty, and a little bit slow. I will take on a few small map projects to start with; little ten minute levels just to get warmed up. I will be taking screenshots and posting them, just to get some content out there, but I may also be posting the maps themselves for play. Hopefully after some time I will be back to my old skill, understanding, and speed in the source engine. I'm really looking forward to making some cool maps for everyone. I may even attempt to join someone's project in the future, once I'm comfortable, who knows?

On another note, for the next two weeks or so I won't be too active, because I am starting up school again, and that comes with a big move into the dorms, and a big change of pace for me. I really hope I will have something to show everyone by the end of the month. Until then, Enjoy some of these little images of radom stuff I've been doing the past few years.

If anyone who sees this is interested in getting someone who can map source, or maybe edit and improve upon pre-existing maps in source, please contact me. I'm pretty easy to find. You could message me here, on steam, or by my email. My Steam is Reeze The Vampire (huge surprise), and you email is Reeze.gamer@gmail.com, hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you for your time,

Reeze The Vampire

A return to modding

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You can read this in my description, but what the hell, I'll make a blog post too. Hey guys, Assassin17/Reeze17/ReezeTheVampire here. I've been MIA for the better part of six years now, and that all has to change. You see, I am no longer a middle schooler with a dream, but a college student with ability now. I've been really busy, as you could expect. As we were all surprised, I made it through middle school and high school. Yay. But, to save us all a bunch of time, and because I'm lazy, I'm going to skip all that silliness. So for the past two years, a part of my life that is actually still currently relevant, I've been in college for art stuff. I took a lot of sculpture classes, drawing classes, and some computer classes. Now, starting my new semester at a new school soon, I will be going into video game development as my major. I know, somehow, after the miserable mess that was the collapse of Cogs in the Machine Productions, and the fall of Iron Horizon, I still carried a love for mapping. So here I am, ready to get to work on some stuff again. I've played a lot more games now, and have new inspiration to draw on. I'm also currently developing my own whole game, a real game, not a mod. And I'm sure you all will get to hear more on that later. On top of that, I'm also working on a book. So keep interested, people, I'm back, and I'm ready for some more ModDB.

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