I am become HammBoy, TheDestroyer of worlds. I am also the leader/founder of Triumph Studios Modding and creator of Triumph of the Hierarchy, a mod for Star Wars: Empire at War - Forces of Corruption.

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On the Release of Halo: First Offensive...

HammBoyTheDestroyer Blog

Any followers of the Empire at War: Forces of Corruption mod will know that Abyssian/Chakotay02 has recently released a statement announcing the mod's release. You can read about it here. I was glad to have been a part of H:FO's development, however brief my involvement was. The mod really became something special. Not quite what I hoped it to be, nor what Ds, Tay, Abyssian, and the others probably envisioned. But it was something.

Halo: First Offensive changed the way I modded. I changed from being sloppy and paying little attention to detail to caring for my work. I would like to thank Abyssian and Ds for giving me the chance to work on the mod, and although it isn't quite what we envisioned, it is still something. Something that I am proud to have been a part of.

For now I shall return to my place as a quiet spectator of the modding community until my skills are needed again.


PS - Any Empire at War modeler who would like to help me with a special FOC add-on would be greatly appreciated! If interested, please contact me. Contact is not a commitment.

Call for Empire at War Modelers!

HammBoyTheDestroyer Blog

Hello EaW:FoC modding community!

I am planning a very special add-on for Forces of Corruption, but need the assistance of a modeler. If you have modeling (creating 3D Alamo Objects, not the other definition) experience or know someone who does, please, private message me or have them private message me. Candidates for this project will need experience with animations and textures. I will be able to provide all the code, icons, and text required. All due credit will be given.


Coder, Text Editor, Icon Maker, Mapper

Exploring New Techniques in Modding Empire at War

HammBoyTheDestroyer Blog

Many people find themselves becoming fed up with the Alamo Engine, but I know a few tricks to do almost anything. Want to make a beam weapon? Forget all that nonsense about firing off many projectiles in succession! This does not always work and there are better alternatives. Try using the drain life ability. An effect can be made in LightningEffectTypes.xml to make the attack appear to be a beam weapon. Want to make a projectile spawn a unit on detonation? Well, all projectiles have a detonation particle, and particles are capable of behaviors, even SPAWN_SQUADRON.

Remember these tricks, EaW:FoC modders, and e-mail or message me with any questions! If it's EaW XML coding, I probably have your answer!

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