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gjohnson540 Mar 29 2014 says:

I can't get the launcher to launch the game for the life of me

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gjohnson540 Dec 8 2012 says:

Skip making it for skyrim!!! Continue making it for oblivion!!! Think about it. Making it for skyrim is just more time, more headaches and most people won't be able to play it anyway because the game will be so HUGE that it won't run. I'm with most people in the fact that I don't have a super computer (although it is WAY better than the average, custom modded and built myself.) The lag when you try to explore Minas Tirith is already HORRIBLE and this is in oblivion, so what would it be like in skyrim!!?? I've been waiting a VERY long time for this, but you know what? I'm giving up on this mod. And people taking the time out to make something ON THEIR OWN TIME, FROM A PRODUCT THAT THEY BOUGHT, WITHOUT INTENTION OF PROFIT doesn't seem like a problem to me. The warner brother cease and desist letter doesn't seem legal to me. EITHER HIRE THE MODDERS OR LEAVE THEM ALONE, and stop trying to steal their ideas so that you get there 1st for the sake of maximizing profits. FREE MIDDLE EARTH!!!

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gjohnson540 Dec 6 2012 says:

you have my sword, my bow, and axe!!!

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gjohnson540 Aug 12 2011 replied:

hey kid, watch your mouth... by the way, i just wanna know how can you tell someone to stfu and then say sorry for something else? just find that funny to me... AND also im just keeping it real with my views on the mod so if you cant respect that I don't think you should be writing on a blog about a VIDEO GAME. SERIOUSLY!!!??? what you gonna do text me to death? Kick rocks I have better things to do then have a texting argument with someones child over the internet. Ill be accepting your apologies now... much love my dude. life, love, loyality...GJohnson540

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gjohnson540 Aug 11 2011 says:

also the camera for the droids doesn't work

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gjohnson540 Aug 11 2011 replied:

and how long will it take for the next version to come out? How many years and thats IF it comes out? like I said the game has alot of spit and polish yet sucks on the gameplay. I really think that they should release a patch for this game asap. hell, i have no problem paying for it if need be, but this really is an issue for me. when you improve the look and feel of the game but forget the most important thing (the gameplay) that is messed up! Its like how super mario or tetris is still fun, of course nowadays it looks like crap but its still addictive. It can be as simple as that. it seems to me that they didnt take into account if the game was playable. To me its and outrage, an example would be giving a person a nice brand new mercedes with no engine, sure its nice to look at, but the point is that people want to DRIVE it. You can have as many easter eggs, add-ons, expansions, new units, planets and whatever. but if the gameplay sucks it sucks. For now ill stick to the originals until someone does it and gets it right. Like I said if wouldn't mind paying for a clone wars expansion for this game. I just dont want to have to wait another 5 years for another "imperial assault 2"

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gjohnson540 Aug 10 2011 says:

I really suggest that the ENTIRE game be rebalanced. SERIOUSLY. I seems as if you gave it alot of spit and polish and I thank you for that, but the gameplay sucks and takes the fun out of playing it. The fun factor is what made the original games popular

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