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-Ghost- Apr 28 2015, 11:22pm replied:

Skyrim was probably a terrible game to start it with, but modders were putting more up to date versions of their mods behind the paywall. So if you don't pay you wouldn't get that later, more updated version.

+4 votes   news: The uncertain future of paid mods
-Ghost- Apr 12 2015, 6:57pm says:

Played a little bit of this today, you've got a good base for a BD mod with this! Will you be using the HD models or anything like that? FEels weird to being going back to the base ones. Sound quality seems really low too, but maybe that's something on my end, not sure.

+1 vote   mod: Brutal Half-Life
-Ghost- Feb 18 2015, 5:43pm says:

That is a surprisingly creepy looking pinky, especially for an HD one. The regular HD pinky looks goofy as hell. I hope you've got some good creepy sounds to go with him.

+3 votes   media: Test 2: Pinky HD+
-Ghost- Feb 5 2015, 7:06pm says:

Nice job, the more maps the better! Adding some more areas will hopefully make CS feel less linear and constrained; the vanilla game really feels like it railroads you through.

+2 votes   media: Reconize the Map?
-Ghost- Jan 23 2015, 7:27pm says:

Looking good, though to be honest I'm a little wary of having too many of the same gun with different skins. I remember the original arsenal mod for SoC had a ton of those so there were like 10 AK's that were identical except for different wood finishes. I think it ended up being kind of RAM intensive too because of that, except across every gun.

+1 vote   media: TAZ 1.7.4
-Ghost- Jan 4 2015, 2:53pm says:

I've noticed that when I try to play this, I always spawn on the Icon of Sin level and get insta-killed. I noclipped back with godmode to Entryway one time, but once I turned godmode off I was instakilled again by a revenant.

+1 vote   download: BETA: Doom 2 compiled as one continuous level.
-Ghost- Dec 22 2014, 7:23pm says:

I like it. I hope you release all these tracks as a Doom ambient pack after your mod's done, I'm always looking for good creepy music for Doom.

+3 votes   media: HESK: Hyugaren Soundtrack - Dead Frequencies
-Ghost- Dec 2 2014, 5:16pm replied:

I think it's okay to have stalkers using anything as long as its fair game for you to get afterwards.

+1 vote   media: Hunting Rifle v1.6.2
-Ghost- Nov 6 2014, 1:59pm says:

Nice work. I've seen stalkers in Misery with what looks like Metro gear on before, so it'll be nice to be able to wear it ourselves. Will these new outfits be in the next release?

+1 vote   media: Metro suit!
-Ghost- Oct 20 2014, 7:03pm says:

#1. Firearms. We're not really designed to fight hand to hand with beasts, let alone monsters, so guns give us the edge we need against them. Better to take one or more out at range than fight up close with a risk of getting hurt or killed.

#2. Shotguns. Maybe it's the inner Doom player in me, but they have a good effective range for most engagements you'd have against monsters, and you can use different types of ammunition for different ranges and situations.

#3. Outside the city. You might find more supplies in one, but the risk of detection, let alone danger of decrepit buildings and such is a lot higher than being out in the wilderness. I'd rather take on nature than a city packed full of things that want to kill me.

+1 vote   news: Game Competition (NETHER)
-Ghost- Oct 19 2014, 1:13am replied:

Cool, glad to hear it. The only thing I love more than new guns is new suits with plenty of fluff in the descriptions.

+1 vote   mod: Misery : The Armed Zone
-Ghost- Oct 16 2014, 5:21pm says:

Looks pretty cool, I remember there being a similar mod for the original HL too. As a suggestion, it might be better to lower the amount of money you're getting per kill since there's going to be tons of enemies; unless you're intention is to have any weapon early in.

+3 votes   news: Counter-Life 2 Beta Release Three
-Ghost- Oct 16 2014, 1:55am says:

Will you be adding more armors and outfits as well eventually?

+1 vote   mod: Misery : The Armed Zone
-Ghost- Sep 30 2014, 12:50am says:

Looking good. Hopefully you can get something really nice like Road to Limank's hands or something at some point.

+1 vote   media: Hands "retextured"
-Ghost- Sep 6 2014, 10:17pm says:

Some nice new sounds in there, though I've gotta say the new shotgun sound is almost a little too high pitched; it kind of hurts my ears a little. And do you have a features list for this version?

+4 votes   download: Quaker540's Sub-Mod V17C
-Ghost- Aug 17 2014, 4:23pm says:

Just installed this to a fresh install of the Steam GOTY edition. It seems like everything installed properly, but when I try to check the boxes to load the mod assets in the new launcher, it crashes after getting back to the main launcher page. How would I go about fixing this?

+1 vote   mod: GMDX
-Ghost- Jul 28 2014, 1:39pm says:

I'm having some trouble getting this to install correctly. I extract the mod to the correct mod folder, but I noticed that it's packaged weird; it has 2 SOTP folders. The second folder is the one that actually has the game files, so I'm not sure if I should keep the folder structure intact, or only extract the folder that has the actual mod files.

+1 vote   news: Sins of the Prophets Rebellion Alpha v.0.56.1 Released
-Ghost- Jul 8 2014, 1:22am says:

Great idea, it always seemed weird that you had magic boxes that just instantly healed you. Can you do anything about the crazy bleeding in CS? That's always one of the things that makes me hesitate playing through it again; it's just so easy to bleed out from glancing hits, especially in the beginning.

+6 votes   media: Medkit Changes
-Ghost- Apr 15 2014, 4:47pm says:

Are there any translations floating around for the news messages? So far it seems lik ethat's the only thing still in Russian. I was also wondering, are there any mods I can stack on top of this to get RUssian voices back instead of English?

+1 vote   download: SGM 2.0 Geonezis English All-in-one
-Ghost- Mar 28 2014, 2:53pm replied:

Yeah, that's the only aspect of this mod I'm not really a fan of. I'd rather damage just be really high for both sides, so the player can die quickly, but so can the enemies. I find that more fair than enemies soaking up bullets and killing you quickly.

+2 votes   mod: Rebalance Mod Ver 2.0
-Ghost- May 24 2013, 2:53pm replied:

Right now I've got every file you've uploaded in the main folder. It seems like it's working, but it just seems weird to have my sleeves etc change every time I put a new pack in.

+3 votes   mod: Return to Wolfenstein: HD Upgrade
-Ghost- May 20 2013, 8:45pm says:

So how do we go about installing this? Do we have everything in the Main folder at once, or do we just do it one at a time? Also I noticed my Thompson is a PPSH for some reason, wasn't sure if that was these packs or something else. I've also lost my MP40/Sten during the mission directly after beating the boss in the church, Operation Trondheim, I think?

+3 votes   mod: Return to Wolfenstein: HD Upgrade
-Ghost- Apr 3 2013, 12:29am says:

I don't know if you're still doing any support for this or not, but is there a way to add film back to vending machines? I've been looking through the loot tables and it looks like I could boost the amount of film in loot, but I haven't found the shop values to change.

+1 vote   mod: BioShock Reborn
-Ghost- Feb 18 2013, 8:26pm says:

Yeah, keep going if you've got the time, we all appreciate someone taking the time to mod ACM.

+1 vote   news: Final version more or not?
-Ghost- Jan 19 2013, 12:13am replied:

Here's a link to 2 of my autosaves, hopefully they're the right ones:

+1 vote   download: SoGE R1003 release for SOASE Rebellion 1.1
-Ghost- Jan 19 2013, 12:06am replied:

I've actually had this issue as well, working on uploading my saves for you now. I just joined your steam group as -Ghost- too.

+1 vote   download: SoGE R1003 release for SOASE Rebellion 1.1
-Ghost- Mar 17 2012, 9:20pm says:

I'm glad you put it up here, it'll make it easier for people to see

+1 vote   mod: Brutal Doom
-Ghost- Jan 22 2012, 3:01pm replied:

That's a mod feature I think. A lot of mods disable the rewards because they'd either break the economy, or make the game too easy. I think the discounts, rep etc still work fine.

+1 vote   mod: MISERY
-Ghost- Jan 17 2012, 8:44pm replied:

Yeah, you eventually learn the threshold where it's worth it to fix a gun up and sell it or to just empty the mag and toss it. I'm a little worried that I can't find the specially placed guns cause NPCs are looting them thugh.

+1 vote   mod: MISERY
-Ghost- Jan 16 2012, 5:24pm replied:

Is that a steam related issue? I've been playing on Steam and get crashes as well sometimes on quicksaves.

+1 vote   mod: MISERY
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