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Torchlight II

Game review - 1 agree

This true successor to Diablo I & II not just by the fact that the game stays true to hardcore arpg gamer needs, but also because Runic are the original devs of the original Diablo series. Buy this game and support an awesome game developer.



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This mod has come a long way very quickly and is the best so far for Torchlight 2. The developer also makes rather frequent updates and improves the mod with each release. Makes a new play-through even more enjoyable using a new class. Synergies has also set up a website which can be found at Hopefully we see many more mods like this.


CS Remix

Mod review

What Clear sky should have been released as. Just note that the difficulty is ramped up quite a bit when compared to vanilla when playing on master so its not for your average gamer. Definently a mod a true STALKER fan can appreciate. Good job.


City Life RPG

Mod review - 3 agree - 3 disagree

If you haven't played this mod then you have never really experienced the level of role play that this mod delivers. This is not your average mod - this mod pushes beyond the normal level of satisfaction people can receive from regular games and brings a new benchmark for quality social gaming.

Those players that have not been banned enjoy a well-written and stable modification for ArmA 2 which is constantly being updated and has developers working every day to increase the level of enjoyment that its fan base experiences. Those players that have been banned have broken the rules in some way. Most of the banns handed down by admins are done so after several incidents and most admins give players a chance to keep playing because they understand that we all make mistakes sometimes. As for the developers of this mod - if you have seen the amount of time they invest in this game then you can understand the frustration they must feel when kids break the rules that everyone else follows and they hurl abuse at members of the community.

Role play is an art and it comes with experience i suppose, but admins understand that. Everyone is given their fair chance.

This Mod is one of a kind with no hackers because the administration team follow a well thought-out process to eradicate potential threats to the community. It really is the best mod for ArmA 2.

If you believe you are a gamer who wants to reach a new level of gaming and believe you can adhere to this mods rules which are not hard to follow, then this mod is for you. But be warned - tread carefully during the sign-up process. A simple incorrect email address or birth date can get you locked out immediately.


Third Age - Total War

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