Home of Adam Zwakk on ModDB. Although I AM just killing time right now by filling this in for 5 mins, I usually work on Music Composition, Beta Testing, Photoshop/Illustrator work, and Film editing. So yeah...leave a comment or something i guess...or dont. whatever

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Check out this post on NIN's website.


Hopefully I get to be heard by Trent Reznor :) Take a listen if you like and if you have a account on the site, comment or msg me what you think in that thread :)

That's all. I need to fill 300 characters now.. hmm.. what could I put... oh wait there we go.


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the_simian Feb 18 2009 says:

Happy birthday, man!

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the_simian Feb 10 2009 says:

Cool drum machine you're making! reminds me of fruity loops!

+2 votes     reply to comment
the_simian Feb 6 2009 says:

Hey man! How your DAW/ MIDI controller hunt going along?

+2 votes     reply to comment
BunnyJen Feb 3 2009 says:

HEHE thanks...I didn't really know, Tobe did the latest news. I've been too poorly to do anything. :(

+2 votes     reply to comment
BunnyJen Jan 28 2009 says:

lol hi :P

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Crux_Borealis Jan 13 2009 says:

No problem :)

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Crux_Borealis Jan 7 2009 says:

Found another one :P
Native Instruments Kore Player Native-instruments.com This is pretty much like that Independence Free I told you about except it is smaller in size and probably easier to use (can't test it out properly because my keyboard has suddenly stopped working :/). It also might be even more versatile because there are additional sample packs (something like those Toontrack EZXs). There is even a free one out there! I'd say this one is worth getting too as it's really good for its size... and price :D

+2 votes     reply to comment
Wodann Jan 5 2009 says:


we are currently working on a Stargate mod for Call of Duty 4. Wonder if you wanted to help us? We could definetely use your experience!


King Lionheart

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Crux_Borealis Jan 4 2009 says:

The best one I've found so far is the one that comes with Independence Free. IF is a free sample library that can be downloaded here: Yellowtools.us
It is pretty big but definitely worth the time needed to download it if you're in need of some nice samples. It includes basses, drums, guitars, synths and more.

Now some downsides: at least the distorted guitar sounds weird and what's up with sampled synths? They sound nice but there are some real, even free synths available around the net that have all those knobs and buttons that can be automated. The drums are pretty cool but of course no match for commercial samplers. Then again there is some exotic percussion as well.

Then about the main thing (I guess :P), the bass. It sounds better than any other free one I've tried (to be honest, it sounds great in my opinion) and it can even imitate cabinets. Also optionally you can use fret noises but it seems to add them to random places, even where they make no sense. I'd say it's a good choice for anyone in need of a free bass, provided that they are completely fine with E-tuning.

I happen to need lower tuning for (technical?) death metal kind of stuff, so search continues.

PS. In case you want to give it a try... The site at least used to require a registration. However, they never have charged me anything so I believe it is free.

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BunnyJen Nov 20 2008 says:

hi :P

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