Hello there weary traveler, welcome to my ModDB profile, my main profile for modding games. My name is Sasha and I live in Republic of Srpska. I'm a proud Yugoslavian and long time video gamer. I like playing and modding video games but since I've finished college, I don't have much of free time to do what I want so games and modding are suffering because of that. But still from time to time you can find me on the battlefieds.

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AtmosFear for Call of Pripyat

Mod review - 2 agree

A must needed addon for CoP


S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl

Mod review - 2 agree

One of a few very mods that really brings STALKER experience to life.

This is almost like Skyrim or Fallout experience, almost ...

It's still buggy and glichy but it is still one of them best mods so far for CoP.


IDF: Fight for Independence

Mod review - 3 agree

It's a very rare mod these days, developers are still working hard on it, bringing us a new and fresh settings. These 1960s years have seen very little attention. It's interesting to play with mixture of new and old era vehicles on one map.

Nothing much can be said, good mod with great replay value. Good job.


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Game review - 1 agree

I can't believe 2 things.
1. It's on PC.
2. The game very optimized.

When I saw trailers on YT and minimum requirements on steam I was certain I will not be able to play it. But it turns out to my surprise the game is unbelievably well optimized, this is how PC game should be made, new graphics should be new good visuals and less system demanding. So instead of need for some monster machine to run it, you can play it on low budget PC (it doesn't mean it will run on very old PCs)

About game, wow this game has lots of stuff to offer. You got weapon and character customization. Not advanced customization, it's simple unlocking of better weapons, gear. But you can do missions in stealth or go full loud. Use vehicles or not. You can use hand to hand combat or tranquilizer gun or assault rifle or rocket launcher or sniper rifle or command your buddy to eliminate your enemy. The game is so well design and gameplay is simple and addictive. You got "free roam" option, you have side mission, you have ability to customize your base, your men. Wow so many things to do. Don't plan to finish this game in one afternoon, it's impossible. When comes to missions, there are lot of them. Now if you would "grind" and only play story missions, then I suppose you could finish it in one day. But then that would be not fun at all. Great game and what's even greater, it's on PC !!!

So far the best MGS, you could even look at it as MGS:Peace Walker for PC. As for the story, Hideo Kojima always brought to you a great stories. Not to worry there :)


WW4 Extended

Mod review - 2 agree

Mod looks and works very good. Models are high poly and they are nice improvement over vanilla game. Some firing sound could use improvement but over all a great mod.


Arsenal Overhaul 3

Mod review - 5 agree

Wow, weapons look and feels very good. Excellent job, Every weapons has been replaced with new and better modes, this is now my must have mod.


Tiberian Sun Client

Mod review - 3 agree

Since this is now a standalone mod/game. It is like getting a good old car with overhaul done. I like it, so should you !

As a fan of TS and TS:F since ~2000, I approve this game. Good job team.


Door Kickers

Game review - 1 agree

WOW, this game is so much fun and addictive. At first I was sceptical, because it's 2D but I was wrong, it's very fast game, deadly and it very much reminds of first Rainbow 6 game.

You have to play it !


Europe at War

Mod review - 1 agree

I can't believe it, but this mod has improved CoH beyond any of my expectation. The major feature is that each map has it's own settings, which means on the Africa maps (1940-1943) you will have only units from that period of the time, which is followed with historically accurate models, textures and command tree. Same goes for maps set in Italy(1943-1945), France, Holland and Germany (1944-1945).

Almost every map has it's own unique command tree. So this alone gives this mod a really high score. But with excellent sounds effects and small improvements to gameplay. This is hands down the best mod for CoH, even better to say this is how Relic's CoH should have looked in the first place.

Only thing that is missing is Eastern Front theatre.

This is the only mod that you will ever need for CoH when comes to European theatre. As for Eastern Front theatre there is a mod from a different team that is especially made to cover that theatre.

I'm amazed. Great job !


S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat

Game review - 1 agree

Even though I like story more in SoC, the gameplay in CoP is what makes me return to play it even after all these years. Simple to say, there is no game that has this good post-apocalyptic settings. Fallout and Metro are good, but here STALKER games just have this plain and simple approach. You have to Scavenge, Trespass, Adventure, Lone, Kill, Explore, Rob you way through hostile Zone. With ability to improve your weapons and body armor you can find your preferred gameplay style. Graphics is very nice, but for today standards you will have to use mods like e.g. Atmosfear to improve it and make it even more beautiful. There are tons of mods, which you can use to try the game with all new experience.

There are few bugs, gliches that can sometimes ruin you gameplay. But thanks to lot's of mods, most of those bugs are fixed.

Few things that I don't like are, the game is short and there aren't enough underground locations or scary maps like in SoC. Only Jupiter underground and Pripyat maps are scary ones, other are meh. Gameplay is more polished but at the same time it's more easy.

SoC has better atmosphere and maps, but CoP has better gameplay, which offers better replay value. Overall, the game is pure 9.

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