Get ready to get airborne! Medal of Honor Airborne is set to redefine the series and will change the way shooters are played. For the first time in a first person shooter, players airdrop into combat and land anywhere in an open battlefield. Conflict on the ground offers unprecedented tactical choice in vertical, open battlefields with a wealth of attack routes and flanking opportunities. Medal of Honor Airborne is the newest installment in EA's critically acclaimed Medal of Honor franchise, credited with pioneering the WWII FPS genre when it debuted in 1999. Airborne begins with one of the lesser-known campaigns of World War II. Starting with Operation Husky, the invasion of Sicily, players will strap on the boots of a paratrooper in the legendary 82nd Airborne Division and jump out of a transport plane. As outlined in GameSpot's previous coverage, each mission will begin with a harrowing parachute jump. Other missions in the game include Operation Neptune, the airborne component...

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Excellent job Devs, I love this game, and it is my favorite WWII game.
Amazing story, music, gameplay, graphics, ect... Just Amazing. Period.


AntonioMontana says

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Awesome... not like cod, i can play freely on the map, and nice gameplay. love the storm elite!


J.S.F says

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Its sauce with awsome AWSOME SAUCE

My favorite FPS game of all time. Had great time in all of it's parts. All difficulties were great and fun to play. Earning medals and stars was challengins and good and the whole gameplay mechanics were amazingly fun.


This is only a single player review since I never got to play MP aspect of this game, but here goes:

MoH Airborne feels like any WW2 Medal of Honor game I've played. This one is visually great, and sounds are quite awesome too. But the AI is absolutely retarded. Both allies and Germans. Allies are there only to abandon you and get beaten up by the Germans, and the German AI seems to be using aimbot and/or wallhack. It may be just me, but that how I felt.

Campaign is however quite cool, and weapon upgrade system works well.

While it's nice to see WW2 again in the FPS genre, this entry in the long-running MOH series is not without it's flaws.

For starters, you can beat the dang thing in 4 to 5 hours. And while it is challenging, there are many times where I just couldn't see who was killing me. Not to mention that some of the checkpoints are spread thin in some areas.

However, the attention to detail is good, the score is excellent, the weapons can be upgraded and the levels are surprisingly non-linear for the most part. Also, the idea of jumping from a plane and choosing where to start the level is a very unique idea I haven't seen before.

Give this a go for some good ol' fashioned WW2 action, it's very cheap nowadays and for the most part, it is a good-quality shooter :)

Ja ja zer gut zer gut! Game iz gut! Das is fantastish!


junbug says

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wasnt great

Pretty fun game. One problem though: BARELY ANY CHECKPOINTS!

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Excellent job Devs, I love this game, and it is my favorite WWII game.
Amazing story, music, gameplay, graphics, ect... Just Amazing. Period.

Feb 22 2011 by Skystalker97

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