Hello there weary traveler, welcome to my ModDB profile, my main profile for modding games. My name is Sasha and I live in Republic of Srpska. I'm a proud Yugoslavian and long time video gamer. I like playing and modding video games but since I've finished college, I don't have much of free time to do what I want so games and modding are suffering because of that. But still from time to time you can find me on the battlefieds.

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8 Review

Game Review on May 26th, 2014 - 2 people agree
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I like the story. BIA always had a good story about soldiers. Graphics is also very nice. Gameplay is meh. Too much of the same. From first to the last mission, all is the same. Move from A to B to C, kill small amount of Germans and that's it. First part of campaign is good but second part is boring.

The second part is about German counter-attack. In game, German counter-attack is around ~30 soldiers per map, only 4-6 tanks in entire game to battle with, no apc. They should have made more troops in the field, bigger skirmish scale. Making it more like WW2 frontline battles, not you and 5-6 of your troopers being like rambos ...

Graphic 8, BiA way of storytelling 9, Gameplay 6.
8+9+6=23, 23/3=7.666

Score 8.

Serbian Armed Forces (SAF) ArmA3
9 Review

Mod Review on Apr 7th, 2014

No review provided

10 Review

Mod Review on Nov 30th, 2013

AI is much smarter :) Good work.

10 Review

Game Review on Nov 20th, 2013 - 3 people agree 2 people don't

Awesome, much better game over it's predecessors :)

Edited: 14.11.2014.

Wow, the BIS has becomed a gamers dream company. When you complaing about bugs, they actually fix it, plus they allow you to use MODS and LAN gaming. That's not all, then even keep updating game with new features. Hands down, the BIS and their ARMA III are the best thing that can happend to a gamer.

Down side:
- AI is dumb and super accurate.
- Chances of memory leak.
- Game still costs ~44€.

But because BIS listens and works with their players, this deserve to be rated with pure 10 !

Call of Pripyat Complete
8 Review

Mod Review on Sep 30th, 2013

No review provided

Company of Heroes: Eastern Front
9 Review

Mod Review on Aug 14th, 2013

No review provided

Project Reality: Battlefield 2
9 Review

Mod Review on Aug 3rd, 2013

No review provided

Tiberian Sun Reborn
8 Review

Game Review on Jul 18th, 2013

No review provided

Fallout 3 Reborn: A Realism Mod
9 Review

Mod Review on Jul 1st, 2013

No review provided

Twisted Insurrection
9 Review

Mod Review on Jun 7th, 2013

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