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fishfish Oct 25 2010, 6:07pm replied:

you haven't played many mount and blade mods huh?

+4 votes   media: Assassin's Mod 2
fishfish Jul 28 2010, 3:09am says:

I like the where the game play is headed, but it still needs a little bit of work, the game turns you off when you get into battles involving moving back and forth while shooting them with a full clip, only to have wasted the WHOLE THING in their face and instead they kill you...

for now..not that interested, but... if they say damage is fixed i might try again.

+8 votes   mod: Firearms: Source
fishfish Jul 16 2010, 10:45pm says:

SLOW DOWN THERE!!! I just saw them use the thirdpersonshoulder command we've all been looking at ever since l4d 1... and they made good use of it (during adrenaline)

+1 vote   media: Gameplay Trailer
fishfish Jul 1 2010, 1:49pm says:

I think more people have to realize that the source engine isn't god among them all..yes it's good for the community but in the longhall, it's not capable of some things others are good at, such as large maps and many players in that region

+1 vote   mod: Dota Source [DEAD]
fishfish Jul 1 2010, 1:46pm replied:

not to mention it's quickly approaching it's fate as it's taken well over 8 months to complete 1 map

+6 votes   mod: Balto
fishfish Jun 8 2010, 3:20pm says:

needs more originality...

+1 vote   media: The main menu, revamped
fishfish May 26 2010, 7:27pm says:

dead, which is actually a good thing in this case

+3 votes   mod: Hulk in Liberty City!
fishfish Apr 17 2010, 2:10pm says:

they should get it hosted on steam, its too ******* underated, if you liked battlefield 1942, you'll love this mod

+1 vote   news: Empires 2.25 Released
fishfish Apr 4 2010, 12:24pm says:

noooo... cmon don't do that... be original, everytime i see a mod with a ripped logo the first word that comes to my head is "Dead"

+3 votes   media: Logo
fishfish Mar 22 2010, 9:36pm says:

oh cmon man, a screenshot of the New Vegas trailer with the mod's text in it? that's pretty much the first sign that it's gonna die

+2 votes   media: Logo for "The Last Paladin"
fishfish Jan 21 2010, 10:51pm says:

I bet that gun goes PEW PEW

+3 votes   media: Cpt.Sabre, First Class Expert Sniper
fishfish Jan 16 2010, 9:46pm says:

the thing about that suit, if it dosen't match the map, it's of no use.

+1 vote   media: Ghillie Suit
fishfish Jan 7 2010, 1:48pm says:

"The game starts out with you waking up...." how many times have i heard this in the description of mods? if you wanna catch peoples interest you shouldn't tell the whole story upfront

+1 vote   mod: BoBTech - Multiplayer
fishfish Jan 7 2010, 4:17am says:

soooooooooooo............what are we looking at here? because i'm pretty sure that thing in the lower right corner is a gun so...... a void of space?

+1 vote   media: Tower of Babel (doom )
fishfish Jan 3 2010, 7:00pm says:

(i'm too busy making snow angels to mod)

+8 votes   media: Some CoD4:MW2 Pics
fishfish Jan 3 2010, 6:50pm says:

DEAD! (thank god)

+2 votes   mod: Spiderman Mod
fishfish Jan 3 2010, 6:49pm says:


+4 votes   mod: Hulk in Liberty City!
fishfish Jan 3 2010, 6:48pm says:


+4 votes   mod: Liberty Zombie Slayer Mod
fishfish Jan 2 2010, 9:48pm says:

Cube 1 was awesome, cube 2 was ok, cube zero was.....ugg

Loved the map in gmod, loved it, hope this turns out good too... perhaps a good reward in the end too :D

+2 votes   mod: Cube2
fishfish Dec 26 2009, 1:47pm says:

face, and paw

+1 vote   media: bakground
fishfish Dec 26 2009, 1:46pm says:

ok wtf, your trying to copy an infinitely expanding chat simulator with.... half life? unless you got i dunno, 100 servers and 1000 modelers over there this is gonna die within a week at most.

+4 votes   mod: Second life mod
fishfish Dec 21 2009, 9:48pm says:

what's it say?

+1 vote   media: Donators only
fishfish Dec 20 2009, 1:46am says:

It looks like it makes a pew pew noise

+1 vote   media: Default Pistol Concept Drawing
fishfish Dec 16 2009, 2:41am says:

Don't mean to be negative or anything, but at this rate its gonna be finished around.... im guessing 2013?

+1 vote   media: image
fishfish Dec 14 2009, 2:48pm replied:

cuz he ported it from l4d

+1 vote   media: new survivors:louis
fishfish Dec 14 2009, 2:47pm says:

definatly did not make

+5 votes   media: Zombies!
fishfish Dec 14 2009, 12:41am says:

Looks ravey, just gotta make sure there's not too many corners and hallways to camp

+1 vote   media: Lz_Classic (Beta Video)
fishfish Dec 11 2009, 11:21pm replied:

what do you mean everyone assumes its not gonna work because character isn't human? It's a mod that is derived from a movie which has nothing to do with what the mod is about, same thing happening with "space jam: source" the plot is just a bit off ended.

People seem to be interested in cat life, in which you play a cat, i think the main difference being that they posted actual work as compared to your first page FILLED with nothing but reference pictures

+2 votes   mod: Balto
fishfish Dec 11 2009, 11:12pm says:

I wish i could have played multiplayer on roller coaster tycoon games, looks amazing

0 votes   mod: Roller Coaster Maker
fishfish Dec 11 2009, 7:04pm replied:

oh wait, its a griefer, they keep voting 1 on the mod and adding to their own comment, figures

+1 vote   mod: Orion: Source
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