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SirPrimalform Jan 27 2014, 1:47am replied:

That's still way too much!

+1 vote   game: Age of Barbarian
SirPrimalform Jan 19 2014, 7:53am says:

She has no reflection, spooky!

+1 vote   media: In game capture of AR-K
SirPrimalform Jan 18 2014, 9:08am says:

Eugh, Steam only now? Glad I didn't back.

+1 vote   game: StarDrive
SirPrimalform Jan 2 2014, 10:13pm replied:

Ah, sorry. I take back the abandonment thing but as someone who doesn't use Steam any more I'd still feel pretty abandoned and ****** off if I'd bought this back then.

I have seen lots of games with Steamworks integration that function without being run through Steam. I don't mean a separate non-Steam version, I mean the Steamworks integrated version running fine just without achievements and so on. I obviously don't know a thing about the insides of your game so maybe you implemented them differently. I just know it is possible to make a single build of a game that supports Steam features but can run independently.

+1 vote   game: Defy Gravity
SirPrimalform Dec 23 2013, 4:16pm replied:


So you've abandoned those customers? Nice.

0 votes   game: Defy Gravity
SirPrimalform Dec 14 2013, 10:48pm replied:

Pretty sure the local co-op they're talking about is on one machine... so no.

+2 votes   game: PixelJunk Monsters
SirPrimalform Dec 5 2013, 1:39pm replied:

To answer my own question somewhat, it's DRM-free on GamersGate. How annoying that it requires Steam here.

+2 votes   game: Defy Gravity
SirPrimalform Dec 3 2013, 7:38pm says:

Did this always require Steam to run?

+1 vote   game: Defy Gravity
SirPrimalform Nov 30 2013, 4:22pm says:

Wonder why this one isn't on sale?

+2 votes   game: Gamebook Adventures 1: An Assassin in Orlandes
SirPrimalform Nov 30 2013, 10:41am says:

Is this still being updated? The last news post was about getting greenlit and it was almost 2 months ago.

+2 votes   game: McDROID
SirPrimalform Nov 25 2013, 12:38pm says:

The notes on the lute are backwards. The pitch is supposed to get higher the further up the finger board you get...

+2 votes   game: Olav & the Lute
SirPrimalform Nov 3 2013, 12:46pm says:

Ooh, can Groupees customers get a Desura key? Especially since Groupees lost all of our DRM-free downloads in a server crash and hadn't been keeping a backup...

+6 votes   game: Ampu-Tea
SirPrimalform Oct 30 2013, 12:37pm says:

I see nothing here that really has anything to do with Escher's art...

+2 votes   game: M.C.Escher's Snowboard Throwdown
SirPrimalform Oct 29 2013, 11:36am replied:

No, the publish page is the 'control panel':

For some reason the 'banner' on the games page links there and says free, while the entry below has the correct price and links here. Just strange.

+1 vote   game: Evy: Magic Spheres
SirPrimalform Oct 28 2013, 9:55pm replied:

Will do, thanks!

+1 vote   game: Shady Casket
SirPrimalform Oct 28 2013, 2:01pm says:

Weird, it says the game is free on the front page... but clicking the link that says free brings us to the game's publish page.

+1 vote   game: Evy: Magic Spheres
SirPrimalform Oct 28 2013, 1:52pm replied:

Yeah, I looked at your profile and saw that you weren't a native speaker. If that text isn't in the game then fair enough. Is the text in the game (if there is any) better than that? It would be quite immersion breaking for me if it was like the stuff in that screenshot.

+1 vote   game: Shady Casket
SirPrimalform Oct 27 2013, 11:30am says:

Hmm... first impression is that English in the "Story" section in that screenshot is quite bad. Might be worth getting a native English speaker to go through all the English text and proofread/edit it.

+2 votes   game: Shady Casket
SirPrimalform Oct 27 2013, 12:11am says:

I was wondering if we could have Desura keys in stead of or as well as Steam keys on IGS?

+2 votes   game: Party of Sin
SirPrimalform Oct 22 2013, 10:43pm replied:

Just a thought, but once you release the DRM-free version to backers it will be leaked to torrent trackers. At that point, forcing the DRM on the rest of the legitimate players seems somewhat pointless when the pirates will all be playing the DRM-free version.

+3 votes   game: Edge Of Space
SirPrimalform Oct 17 2013, 6:44am replied:

Well I blame Desura because I don't think they should really sell games that are just Steam keys at all. I believe their willingness to sell Steam keys is what allowed laziness like this to occur where the game even has a DRM-free version and is still Steam only.

Desura should have a little faith in their own service. I bought games here because I wanted them here and not on Steam. Selling Steam keys just dilutes that and turns Desura into just another Steam key reseller. I've watched the same thing happen to GamersGate...

+3 votes   game: Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project
SirPrimalform Oct 16 2013, 11:35am says:

Now this is just pitiful. The game is DRM-free plenty of other places, so why not here? Because Desura has become weak.

+2 votes   game: Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project
SirPrimalform Oct 16 2013, 10:12am replied:

Yup, agree completely.

+1 vote   game: Legend of Fae
SirPrimalform Oct 12 2013, 9:44pm replied:

Yeah, I can't help but read that broken grammar in a faux Russian accent.

+2 votes   news: Freedom Friday - Oct 11
SirPrimalform Oct 11 2013, 12:11am replied:

I kind of assumed they'd shrug and say "ask Desura".

+1 vote   game: Penumbra Collection
SirPrimalform Oct 9 2013, 8:23pm replied:

I got mine from Humble Bundle too (although I own the full collection on disc anyway). I suspect that might be the reason we've been skipped. Even though I have the game elsewhere, the idea that games could be removed from my account without being replaced is a bit distressing.

+1 vote   game: Penumbra Collection
SirPrimalform Oct 7 2013, 12:32pm replied:

Fair enough then, I guess it's working for you. I still feel that putting restrictions like this on legitimate players is unjustified but we'll have to agree to differ I guess.

EDIT: Watching the karma on these posts has been funny. At the time of my last post all of yours were -1 and mine were +2 (I guess someone who felt the same as me popped by invisibly). Now mine are 0 and some of yours are back up to 0 so I guess a fan of EoS has popped by.

+4 votes   game: Edge Of Space
SirPrimalform Oct 7 2013, 7:38am replied:

Hmm, a cursory google shows recent torrents of your game to exist, so I'm not sure the DRM is stopping anyone...

+2 votes   game: Edge Of Space
SirPrimalform Oct 7 2013, 12:05am replied:

"Steams actual DRM is a package of encryption softwares that change the way the game installs, limiting the ability to use the game to having steam, while in the end effect blocking people from running the game without steam is not technically 'steams drm' I think we are having a semantical missunderstanding"

You might not be using CEG which is the encryption you're referring to, but requiring one to run the game through Steam IS DRM, plain and simple. It's disingenuous to try and claim you're not using Steam's DRM just because you're not using CEG. If the game has to be run through Steam then it has DRM because of the nature of Steam.

that being said, if we didnt have steam, we'd have our own intergrated login system called 'arkdrop' still, which we've always had people required to login to and would have continued to do so had we not made this change, the only people except would have been the kickstarters, and that would have only worked for LAN play and offline play. Because the system requires these IDs for multiplayer.

And what's the justification for this exactly? If you have to make a DRM-free version for the backers then why make it exclusive to them? I don't understand why you promised a DRM-free copy for the backers if you're so set on the game having DRM. Requiring IDs for multiplayer is one thing, requiring people to log into Steam to even play single player is very different.

+1 vote   game: Edge Of Space
SirPrimalform Oct 6 2013, 11:44pm replied:

None of that changes the fact that it's not DRM-free if it has to be run through Steam and the fact that you've abandoned Desura.

My problem isn't the fact that you're using Steam, it's the fact that you require everyone to use and then claim the game doesn't use Steam's DRM.

+2 votes   game: Edge Of Space
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