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Aging, hard to work with and buggy in places.

I wouldn't recommend this engine to any devs until Valve sort out the sdk.


Unreal Development Kit

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Q3 Rally

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The visuals were okay but the gameplay was frustrating and badly designed.

Nearly EVERY design decision they made was a bad one. Removing noclip, flashlight only working on some of the guns, ugly view bobbing, annoying companion whom you have to babysit 24/7. The list goes on and on.

The gameplay at the start is incomprehensible. Instead of going for the tried and true design of giving the player subtle hints on where to go, the mappers opted for a "dump them in a maze with abritaryly locked doors and unbreakable windows, and expect them to know what to do" style. I'd recommend this as a good interrogation technique but not as a gameplay formula.

Once the puzzle(?) elements are done you finally get onto combat. What a joy combat is in 1187. 30 zombies that you have to hunt down and kill before your annoying and seemingly useless NPC companion decides to come out. If you miss a single headcrab that hides in a corner he'll refuse to come out until you get the headcrab.

This mod was rushed to release, it needed a lot more playtesting and polishing. This can be proved by the 3 or so patches released within 10 days of the first release. If the mod had been tested and polished properly it would not have been required. Instead they released it full of bugs. How they managed to ship it without realising there were missing textures is beyond me. Did they not do any final playtest before release?

I wish there were something positive I could say about this mod but there really isn't. It had potential but it just wasn't ready for release. Those who herald it as the best mod they've ever played obviously haven't played "Research and Development", "Minerva", "Dear Esther", etc. There are much nicer mods out there which have smaller downloads and provide a lot more fun.


Research and Development

Mod review

Suicide Survival

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