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Estielle Jan 30 2014, 6:04pm replied:

The problem is that the system for the AI is incredibly primitive, it just kind of does a loop of checks, and if x is met it does y, if not it does z (it's just a bunch of if/then loops with percentage weights on various units at certain times. it doesn't give any options as to what the ai does or doesn't know. the AI as it stands can only know everything or nothing.

My interest is in making it so even if it knows everything it's not able to use all that information unless say the units are in range of/detected by a base (IE BaseDEFAULT/BaseEXP01 where BaseXXX is the name the scripts give all structures in a given build radius) or a unit (IE a unit in ATTACKForce01/DEFENCEForce01/SCOUTForce01 where XXXForce is the name of all units included in a given unit. when a group doesn't have the sufficient number of desired units (IE maybe 3/4 riflemen squads, 1/2 rocket soldiers, 2/2 titans and 2/2 Wolverines) it would only build units specifically for that purpose (and immediately groups it with them upon completion)

Rather than Unit is X distance from Base > Move all units not attacking enemy base to move to position of Unit until they can attack then > Attack Unit (which is what it is right now)

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Estielle Jan 30 2014, 5:58pm replied:

I made a few videos a little back in response to someone saying how overpowered GDI hard was or w/e, and they are a decent display of what I was referring too in my statement - I HATE playing this way, but I do it just because when I used to play online and tried to just build cool looking bases and whatnot (if someone knows how to post pics on here id love to upload them, hundreds of different bases all set up to look realistic - IE designated entrances, buildings not blocking each other, patrols around the base, etc)

But I disagree on the intelligence - I wish to take away the omniscience (which is what I think you are referring to - it's all-knowing nature), and make it smarter, so it can make patrols, designated attack and defence forces, etc.

Right now the problem is that the scripts are too simple. they are (summed up) pretty much just a series of x y and z buildings are built, and we have less or more than x resources so we build x of y unit (because it counters the highest number of units controlled by the enemy) and attack from x route.

again with more or less focus on the percent values that cause them to favor or not favor certain units at a certain time

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Estielle Jan 30 2014, 5:53pm replied:

The fact is the brain is complicated, but the bigger issue is people spreading false information and assuming things than our ability to study and understand the brain. Yes it is complicated, but only in the same sense it's hard to explain common sense to someone who has no idea wtf common sense is.

The different portions of the brain for example control acute and otherwise vision, IE when a bird sees something from way up high, portions of its brain manage that while others manage peripherals and making sure a predator doesn't walk up behind them. We humans experience these same factors and our brains work (in regards to this) very similarly.

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Estielle Jan 30 2014, 5:51pm replied:

and as for the 'wider range of sight' that's bs. the argument is that women's brains are more capable of interpreting things in the peripheral which is just as false as left side of the brain controlling right side of the body and vice versa. Just like the whole 'we only use 18% or 28% or w/e %" is untrue. Yes people will always say ludicrous statements are true, whether because they believe it, or want to believe it.

With your comparison you seem to not be aware that there are plenty of women with just as good (and in some cases better) aim with a gun for example as men, just as there are men that are better and worse. And in regards to the mess you seem to assume far too much. 'our mothers see mess everywhere' so what about friends of mine who are mothers? or my mother? or the fact that in my best friend's case his father was a stay at home dad and got upset about all the messes.

The fact is in regards to this how one is raised, genetic variation, and social and physical factors of ones environment have far more of an impact on ones ability one way or the other.

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Estielle Jan 30 2014, 5:49pm replied:

lol so much false information on this page.. It looks like the original comment was removed but I can say in terms of god of all dogz's post I'm assuming is regards to male and females in the military and various militaries have different stances, but for example in the instance of the US when I was in the marines the main argument was that when you have 160-180lbs+ in gear in 100 degree weather in your uniform and have hours of patrols women were less able to cope with situation.. not saying all are unable too, but that generally speaking the ones that *are* are by far the exception not the rule. why pay, train, equip etc 2 people and have one less capable of performing the task at hand as efficiently, especially when they risk other's lives by that being the case.

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Estielle Jan 29 2014, 10:01pm replied:

Well I have found the ai issue is the same even in the vanilla game (IE in kane's wrath them walking over to stealth tanks and shadow teams I try to scout their base with). The AI knows where everything is because it *is* the computer. I spent a lot of time editing the AI but unfortunately unless I am able to compile it into the mod I can't use it at the same time as the mod.. :/ I really wish Carnius would let me try to update the AI for the mod, without it I've been successful.

Also as for the countering it and whatnot if you read the scripts that is all the ai bases what it builds off of - Hard scripts tell it to build the most cost efficient counters to what it has been fighting, brutal tells it to just build the most powerful it can, and the others do the same thing with different values affecting it's choice and certain units just plain unavailable (script does not ever lead to an option to build them)

The same scripts are what lead to if you have a long game AI will stop entirely.

That being said it's easy to beat them hard or brutal, just do the same thing you'd do in a tournament - rush a couple bikes/seekers/pitbulls and target their harvesters while you expand resources, capture buildings and build more units and send them, but I get bored because I don't WANT to play it that way... Same reason I don't play online.. I can win in 8 minutes just rushing but its no fun.. I like building up cool bases and setting up patrols and shiz like that (: Hence why I spent a LONG time editing the scripts - I wanted to make the ai build a few forces, use them to defend and patrol while they built up, etc.

so point is that's just the ai until we can write new ai that's just how it is. you can beat it but the fact is a mob of tier 1 units will completely overpower higher tier units, the AI knows this. you ca beat it easily, but you have to do the same thing

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Estielle Oct 17 2013, 4:21pm replied:

you can disable them via worldbuilder with scripts but you have to for each map. you can repair jump troopers at the barracks/medic. I think you have to land but you might be able to flyng, I don't recall atm.

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Estielle Sep 26 2013, 9:11pm replied:

if you don't know how to reach the menu he is referring to (Gallade) either autoplay from the disk or if you have the steam version you'll have to go to command and conquer 3 in your library, right click it, properties, click "set launch options" under the general tab, and type "-ui" without quotes, and click ok, run it and it will open the autoplay menu.

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Estielle Sep 1 2013, 11:35am says:

Hey! So I have searched for awhile now and been unable to find a solution - my game was running fine, TW, KW, and TE, on an external HDD on my laptop (hardly any room on laptop's SSD, and running it on external HDD only increases load times slightly on startup, and isn't noticeable any other time), however then because I was feeling lazy hooked it up to my desktop once I got it shipped out here, and it ran fine as well..

Well now I've hooked it back up to my laptop, and ive even tried uninstalling it all, deleting files and reinstalling it on the main SSD, however it just always says it is not compatible with this version of windows and I should upgrade to windows 2000 or higher!

I have windows 8. And yes of course I've tried the simple stuff like compatibility mode, reinstalling in different directories, running as administrator, installing as administrator, and many more. If anyone has any additional ideas for things I can try it would be greatly appreciated!

I have not updated my drivers or anything, I believe windows update did update, but that was AFTER the first time it gave me the issue. I usually run my laptop in offline mode.

I would love to have this working again. Fortunately in the meantime I've installed it on my desktop so I am still playing, but I greatly prefer the portability of my laptop.

In any case thanks for your time and have a great day!

(Sorry if this is the wrong place, I have no idea where to post this, as no one has been able to help in the official games' forums, or EA, and I have not been able to find anyone with the same issue!)

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Estielle Aug 19 2013, 7:31pm replied:

he *is* a modder on and no it hasn't gone to silence, he even updated the message up above just recently.

He is busy working on it.

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Estielle Aug 18 2013, 3:11am replied:

Awesome, been hopin to find somethin like this

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Estielle Aug 17 2013, 6:42am replied:

lol I find it humorous how every few nights I end up checking this page to see if the update it out yet XP

(Not that I'm trying to rush it or anything... Just waiting eagerly for it's arrival so as to get busy smashing on computers with my new... I drank too much at the club tonight to come up with a clever word... :( Sorry Carnius, I'll come up with a five star clever jab tomorrow ^_^) - as long as I'm not *too* hungover.....* then it will be sunday :l

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Estielle Aug 16 2013, 1:12am replied:

That's awesome! I have actually been wondering where I could find these to download for a bit! (:

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Estielle Aug 12 2013, 8:19am replied:

But not hand held versions of the obelisk as he specified.

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Estielle Jul 11 2013, 1:27am replied:

Sorry, this was my question/comment, did not realize I wasn't logged in! x.x

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Estielle Jul 7 2013, 6:43pm says:

thought it looked kinda cool but installed, could not play single player, no servers were online or anything, and it won't even let me load up a network map without other players to even check out the stuff, and the "practice" is just some sandbox sunken battleship with a bunch of sniper rifles...

well, looks like a great mod, but i think i'm gonna go back to the ones i can actually play ~.~

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Estielle Jul 4 2013, 7:35pm replied:

Well I hope you aren't wanting an iron curtain that makes them completely invulnerable, plus still able to attack.. or as high armor and still able to attack... now THAT would be OP >_> just sayin.. a group of mammoths or something driving right through your base, invulnerable and able to drive over your unis while leveling every structure they pass... >_>

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Estielle Jul 4 2013, 7:34pm replied:

Not really, I pit them against each other countless times going to sleep, hard/brutal/medium (never bothered with easy), in many configurations, all balanced (same personalities, I.E. 1 rusher, 1 turtle, turtle on the inside, etc.) in teams of 1v1, 1v1v1, 2v2, 2v2v2, 3v3, etc. and nod wins a VAST majority of the time. only exception is i have to disable jetpack troopers or once they have them its game over, but it all depends on how you play, as nod its easy to just spam rocket soldiers and buggies and later throw in some tanks/avatars and its too easy, with GDI just spam rocket soldiers and wolverines and its game over, with scrin disintigrators and (i forgot what theyre called atm but the units that replaced the gun walkers), and you will completely demolish medium/hard/brutal even 2v1 regardless personalities.

It all depends on how you like to play, when I played KW online people literally called every single faction op at some point.. but at the same time I was able to walk over people with every faction, and just as well get demolished as every faction, against any faction... it is all in how you play, personally I love all the factions and just HATE playing one twice ina row, so maybe thats why, but most people prefer one, maybe two, and play better as those, and are biased toward them, if something is difficult they claim it OP, but personall I've found EVERY (except for the jetpack troopers lol, they can be countered, but it takes IMHO too much focus on them to take them out, rockets are fairly useless), faction can be EASILY beaten, you just have to counter what they use...

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Estielle Jul 4 2013, 7:27pm replied:

or walking over enemies with phased tripods X)

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Estielle Mar 17 2013, 9:10pm replied:

I can upload some of the maps I've made for TE, though I like really large, detailed maps w/ multiple terrains, and I know most people apparently prefer smaller ones, so I just figured I wouldn't bother.

I will admit, I like building maps geared toward large battles and cool bases, though X)

I'll look up how to upload files and put'em up under tiberium essence or something, I spent a lot of time making sure all the little details and stuff are right (and I am REALLY picky XP)

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Estielle Nov 19 2012, 3:56pm says:

Damn! This actually looks really cool! Seems I was searching in the wrong places for mods XP (the expansion has like nine lol, same with Kane's wrath :s) but yea, this looks really cool! And is the chairs a reference to skyrim? Lol, can't wait to try it when I reinstall bfme2 (:

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Estielle Oct 28 2012, 5:21am replied:

What do you mean? You can install both rotr and shockwave at the same time, and play the original game on a whim, they have separate launchers

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Estielle Oct 10 2012, 8:46pm replied:

And of course there is a separate script

Player 'Plyr_Alien_A' has greater than or equal to 1 unit or structure of type 'AlienTiberiumTower

Set player 'Plyr_Alien_A''s money to $100000

(the above script checks every 3 seconds, not deactivated at the end)

So it sounds like I've just used a ghetto rigged, cut corners way of doing it lol, so I'm definitely going to be trying your method as soon as I finish writing this! So thank you very much for your help :)

Hopefully I can avoid GDI stopping attacking and having units just sit where they are, as well as somehow keep nod from constantly building harpies but keep them all sitting in their base (with 3 air towes it gets pretty crazy pretty quick ~.~ lol)

In any case thank you kindly for your help, and you have a wonderful evening! =^.^= lol

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Estielle Oct 10 2012, 8:40pm replied:

Ok, I'm proud to say I actually knew some of this, how to get them working and whatnot, i'd actually found the alienMain ID from nod's mission 5_4 works fairly well, but I had to set up the money so that it gets paid based on whether or not it has an extractor (set money to 100000, checked every 3 seconds) I'm definitely going to have to true this though, because my issue with the vanilla AI's were their reluctance to rebuild defenses (would rebuild like power plants, but stopped even doing that late game) as well as GDI some reason stops attacking and just hoards units late game ~.~

That and none of them really make use of the full battlefield, ex. Flanking enemy bases, though on the bright side the one I've been using is good about using units from tiberium essence.

This does make me wonder though, when mine is activated it is through a



Turn skirmish ai for player player 'plyr_Alien_A' On
Use structure rebuilds for player 'Plyr_Alien_A': TRUE
Use structure repair for Player 'Plyr_Alien_A': TRUE
Set Player 'Plyr_Alien_A''s money cap to $ 10000000

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Estielle Oct 10 2012, 12:34pm replied:

Not entirely, I believe it is working as is normally expected, but it saddens me to see it not take advantage of the full spectrum of its new abilities, was in the neighborhood of trying to do a couple things, working on a campaign with custom ai through the ai personalities, as well as making them a bit more proficient, as well as make full use of tiberium essence units and abilities, and finally, more relative to the first interest, is making a campaign that really focuses on the units' and factions' special abilities and tactics, where just spamming rocket soldiers and buggies and whatnot doesn't quite cut it X)

(waiting for the download for yours to finish, as well as the one coming out soon! But in any case I am not referring to your campaign regarding the spamming of tier 1 silliness :P)

Right now messing more with in game scripts, but if I'd been able to get the ai personalities to load into the worldbuilder *with* tiberium essence, I already have the rest scripted, but some reason it's either being stubborn, or I'm missing something big in my sleepiness! Haha

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Estielle Oct 10 2012, 9:35am says:

If you don't mind me asking, been working on some campaign like missions and whatnot, was wondering what the most effective way you've found thus far for some of the more in depth scripting for the ai? Sounds kind of stupid, as an example, the ai personality, things that (traditionally) are brought in via other mods :s (I have searched feverishly for a way to edit many of games files, while still being able to keep tiberium essence as the primary mod)

Not sure if I've worded my plight so well lol.. It's the sleepiness XP just spent the past 8 hours working on custom personalities, states, etc, now crashing after frustratingly being unable to load them in the worldbuilder with TE x.x

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Estielle Oct 9 2012, 4:21pm buried:


Quick question for anyone familiar with modding that may be able to answer.. Is there a way to use this in combination somehow with another mod that just changes the ai script? Just to make the ai a bit smarter, and on a side note, to make a campaign with fully scripted ai (can't seem to do what I'm going for with the worldbuilder ~.~)?

From what I know I can't edit the mod without the source files, and I can't use another mod in conjunction with it, so I guess I'm wondering if there is a separate way to modify the ai, hoping in concept it wouldnt break the mod :s

Premise being it seems a lot of if not all the ai script is largely derived from the games own, hence the reason the ai focus on certain units, and nearly, if not, never build certain others

Just curious :)

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Estielle Oct 9 2012, 2:44am replied:

True, I had thought about that a bit as well, I think it would be closest if it didn't shoot, as you outit where they were 10 seconds ago, but like 2-3 (I'm not saying that is ideal, but while we're on this subject I think shooting that far back is just as ludicrous as eating several tank shells or railgun shots to the face and getting up Nearly unharmed :s lol), I think all the shells, and raikguns, should at least look like they're trying to hit them :/ haha.. Oh well, it is what it is :s

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Estielle Oct 8 2012, 5:22pm replied:

It's actually more realistic this way tbh, and more accurate to old C&C, rail guns aren't lasers or w/e like tib wars makes them seem, it's just a different method of firing a projectile. So it's faster, but realistically speaking, a tank isn't going to be able to peg a soldier 100% of the time.. Or anywhere near it lol

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Estielle Oct 7 2012, 8:25pm says:

This is awesome! Really hope it makes it into the mod! Especially with the resin of the avatar, the tripod is cool, but given its size and whatnot it just seems.. Un proportional.. Kind of.. It just seems kind of.. Drunk haha.. And fragile.. I'll get back to you when I find a better way to describe it XD

PS I am loving the scrin changes in general, they are seeming more like terrestrial aliens and units, which makes them far more fun to use (in my opinion at least..) hoping more, like the seeker in particular, are looking at, at least a minor cosmetic change, they are supposed to be flimsy, but just look kinda.. Meh idk :s lol

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