3D artist and programmer of 0AD.
Modder of Age of Mythology.

Since summer 2007 started with moddeling with Blender.
Since end 2006 started with programming.

Known program languages: Python, Javascript, PHP, Perl, C#

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A Seasoned Modder

MrEmjeR Blog

A Modder by Heart

A long time ago, there was a game that gripped my heart. The game would take me on a journey of exploration, creativity and imagination. I would learn to build my own worlds, bring my own characters to live. The name of that game was Age of Mythology.

It was an older game, but for it's time quite advanced in the 3D technology. Many 3D soldiers could walk on screen and giant cities could be build. Because this game was from a 'simpler' time, it was very possible to reverse engineer the systems that made it. Together with many others we started building tools to bend the systems to our will.

I still think back to that time with nostalgia, not because modding isn't a thing today anymore. It was because I got older and learned that I needed to make money and do things that other people wanted me to do. Yet always hiding inside me is this itchy feeling. And I think I will never loose that.

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