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Mod Review on Aug 18th, 2014

Pros are that it's got a lot of content and bringing a big overhaul on the damage system.

Negatives are that this game is favouring nazi germanny and takes a ******* **** on history, what do i mean by history? well think about it as this, the game dosn't care for history think of it as a sandbox game think that there never was USA war propaganda, mass production and so on just forget all of that **** because this game focuses corely not on history but NAZI VS USA AND BRITAN
yes so mass production and history don't apply just forget it

How to win as NAZI, make a strong point okay a frontline and defend it as mutch as possible also spam those MG motocycles because they're OP as **** so when you got a frontline heavilly defended now comes the arty game okay look at general patton he can't win because german starting units are op as **** and got dem stronk buffs so it's very easy to win arty game as german because you get the best arty in game just spam the WESP and you're good to go, keep harrasing the USA player so he can't advance to he's next phase and keep collecting those rescources and grow your army behind the frontline and frontline and now comes the final phase, build **** ton of those tigers so many that it's gone beyond the "history" and charge the **** out of his base and this whole match would take 20 minutes to accomplish, damn what a easy win.

so how to win as USA you think? well it's quite simple but hard as you get crappy *** units at the start so at start you get the light AT cannon from your HQ because you never know that "unhonourable nazi" will spam MG kubelwagen/bikes. you have to be continously offensive if you want to win as allies because remember don't let the "Nazi" get that frontline if he does then your straight ****** and there is a 30% chance to breakthrough at the beginning of the frontline's development, 2nd phase the arty war in this phase your ******, 3nd phase in the 20 minutes your should seriously surrender and find a new match and hope it's a bad player or not one of those premade clans who unleash their gayness.

you can hate on this review all you want but it's the truth there will always be three phases one is beginning second is artillery war and third is endgame aka Nazi victory, allied victories are so rare and don't forget this game ignores historical events sutch as sherman, bullet, firearms mass productions but if the game followed theese there would always be an chance for the allies to win because face it nazi germanny had superior technology at the time and the allies only won through strategy and historical events.

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