First of all,I have to say that I will not use the models and texture without owner's permision.In this MOD,most of the models and texture are from MOW,some are made by chopin and me.and we DO have the permission from 1C,who have the credit of these models and texture.and I do the OE' work and animation. so you do not need to feel guilt when you play it. credit to chopin ' model and texture credit to 1C ' model and texture here go the MOD.

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great mod guys....

totally 2 new fractions with all new vehicles model, soldiers and tanks... I really like it...

Little bit bugs and glitches and also needs more maps


good mod.

The Pacific and Asian theaters of WW2 rarely feature in big games. glad to see they are in this mod.

but it could do more factions.


You have to consider, that this mod was forced released, because someone stole it and released it under another name. Its still alpha, so balance and gameplay is not finished yet. However if you look at the amount of detail was put into things like WB buildinds, historical accuracy and some maps, you get the idea what the mod devs were trying to achieve.
Combined with the current state of the mod i give it a 7. Once the mod is finished i ll give it a 10.

Good luck in finishing the mod!

Just need more factions, but overhall is a great mod

Very well made mod, with great potential. This theater of World War II, and pre-WW2, the Sino-Japanese War, is very often overlooked in games and modding

This mod aims to bring it to the forefront, and it works great!


i give you 8.7, for now


Great Mod

I tested the new version (v1.0) for nearly one hour in one match with 4 extreme AI's:

The first thing I realised is that huge amount of improvementes in compare with the beta.
Higher textures, better models and sounds, revised ui, new units tanks and buildings and more.

Further, the game doesn't crash anymore, but the spdx10 bug still exists. So it CAN cause crashes and desynchronisation in multiplayer.

There are still a lot of bugs in there, e.g. spdx10, swordsman running around instead of attacking the enemy directly, mortar fires with the ability multiple "grenades" with one shot, some units got flickering texture (not many) and so on...

But all in all great work and huge fun to play, no doubt. If they work still further we will get a really, really great mod here.

this what COH needs a slice of asia in ww2. enough about the western front BRING IN THE IMPERIAL JAPANESE! i need to fill in 150 characters but im gonna copy these words a few times Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant!

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All-in-all, this mod is VERY well done. The animations are very nice, the new features such as Melee combat and Artillery-towing are welcomed additions. The Imperial Japanese Army is well-done in the mod, and are very enjoyable to use using most-any Doctrine. The Doctrines are also very well-done, giving new units to each Nation from each Doctrine, whether it be a M4 Sherman for the NRA or a Type 89 I-Go~otsu for the Japanese. The weapons are all well-done as well, especially the Kijiro Nambu Type…

Aug 29 2013 by TB-755