I've worked in the games/gaming industry for ~5 years as a gameplay programmer, a lead programmer, and a software engineer (all different positions), and I've worked on indie games as a gameplay programmer, lead programmer, game designer, and producer. I love games as a medium and will debate with anyone about how games are art but don't always have to be artistic. I started @2bitENT, an Independent video games development house, in 2009 after being laid off as a way to make sure I was adding to my resume and to give my friends from college a chance to put something on theirs. We've made 2 other games as well as a few game jam games but we're currently working on our first release. I will be updating this with links and details later but I am very excited about the current project as I feel it not only deserves to be made but I truly believe we finally have the resources to produce it. Anyone can feel free to msg me, but please have something to say :) "hey" <-- is just an opening

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Indie Devs

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A group dedicated to indie and standalone game development.

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Unity Devs

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For all Unity developers and developers-to-be, both beginners and professionals!

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For all programmers who are skilled in C-style languages, and beginners who fish for new experience with these!

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we are a group that makes and or designs games, we are looking for members that are interested in joining to share and help others with their ideas. Message...

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2bit [Entertainment]

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2bit is an Independent Video Game Development Studio, made up of myself and another guy. We work with friends, friends of friends, ex-co-workers, old...

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