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The Last Days (of The Third Age of Middle Earth)

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Out of all of the mods that I've played across numerous games, I can safely say the Last Days of the Third Age is my #1.

I have never before felt such a close tie to Middle-Earth than what I've had through this mod. Being able to walk the forests of Ithilien, Lorien, and Mirkwood; standing atop the plinth of Minas Tirith and before the Halls of Meduseld... The world they've made is a masterpiece. The peoples within this world are to the same quality. The detail and work put into each race's weapons and armor is staggering. All the while they have a very nice blend of imagery from the books and from Peter Jackson's films.

Installing at first was challenge (I read the manual too) but once I got it working I was hooked. When I first discovered this I dropped everything. This was the only game I played for months on end. This mod is what made me buy Mount and Blade. That is how brilliant this mod is, and I'd say without it I would not have been introduced to this awesome series of games.

The Last Days of the Third Age definitely deserves the praise it has been giving all these years and am proud to say that it is THE, if not most, faithful representation of Middle-Earth that has been graced into the virtual world.


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