A Battle for Middle-earth modification adding the Orcish faction of Gundabad, with plans to improve the original factions and add additional ones.

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I thing this mod has future. It felt good to play with another evil faction. Great work and I hope that you release the next versions soon.

Just hands down the best mod currently out there for bfme1 from skins and graphics to gameplay and construction of the fractions. I give it a 100000000000000000000000/10

This mod is headed in a direction most BFME1 mods have failed to do. I have faith that the official release will become a historic addition to the BFME mod community. I've played through the beta and it restored my interest in this game. I look forward to seeing the end result!


I actually waited for a long time before making this rating. The thing is that I wanted to see some progress. And I witnessed it the last months. What can I say. Even the current version is nice and I really like the unique faction of Gundabad. The mod has brought many innovations to the original game, journeying deeper to Middle Earth and presenting new features that everybody likes. As for the future of this mod I see brightness and I believe the next version would be even better. If you don't trust my review try it with your hands. If you really like BFME 1 gameplay then you'll love this mod.

Awesome mod, and it was worth the work :P


High quality new textures without straying too far from the lore. The balancing of powers, heroes and upgrades are excellent! It takes all the good things from Battle For Middle-Earth 2 and finetunes it into an amazing gameplay experience. The inclusion of developing armours on the great heroes of Middle-earth is splendid! Boromir dones his regular attire from the first movie but inlater stages (particularily the war in gondor) he gains gondorian armor. The same goes for Aragorn and Faramir!

Gamebreakers like Balrogs and The Army of the Dead has been completely overhauled and requires a lot more work to auquire.

Missing playing as a badass dwarf in the vanilla game? Soon you can! The dwarves from Ered Luin (blue mountains) will be incorporated in the brand new faction of Eriador. Eriador will be utilizing Hobbits, elves and the Dunedain!

They will be facing off in Middle-earth against the forces of Gundabad, led by Bolg! Trolls, wargs and hordes of goblins is at your command!

This is a must have if you are either a Tolkien-fan or a strategy-fan this mod has it all!

Never played with the things presented here, only with a premature Gundabad. They only make promisses, that is all unfortunately...


I really enjoyed this mod especially the gundabad faction! However there was one bug were my troops when I orderd them to attack they just stood there and attacked a second later however this is minor. I give you a 10/10

Amazing so far, I'm sure it will only get better


An awesome mod. Keep it up Mathijs & Co.

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I thing this mod has future. It felt good to play with another evil faction. Great work and I hope that you release the next versions soon.

Jan 25 2014 by SebaZ_16