this is me,from israel(not palestine,palestine is a made up nation of some run-away arabs that think that by terrorism they"ll get it back after saying no to the un proposal of dividing the country in 1948,giving them 80% of the territories),proud of living in it,protecting it from all enemies,foreign and domestic.

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_w_ May 27 2014 says:

I see that even on the internet different religions and nationalities cant get along.

+1 vote     reply to comment
majorkyle May 18 2014 says:

I just dont get it why yes why the F*ck do you Jew Scum always hate others yes all others.
First The PALASTINE on their land you are living right PALASTINE always existed its you who broke into their land by the help of some Arab Fools.
secondly i think you Jewish scums need a good old treatment of Hitler that will make you calm again and harmless to all other living beings.

+1 vote     reply to comment
deniable_pain Creator
deniable_pain Aug 14 2014 replied:

well first of anyone who kills jews will be killed sorry thats just the way it is you guys are regular to the thought that beating and killing a jew for no reason has no consequences well guess what times have changed second you mention some arab fools why are they fools? because they didnt want war? is that a bad thing? get your head sorted out boy then come back here

+2 votes   reply to comment
deniable_pain Creator
deniable_pain Aug 14 2014 replied:

why do you think we hate everyone? because i can definatly tell you that we dont, but for some reason everyone has something against us not terrorist organizations like hamas that uses human shields or isis that does ethnic cleansing in iraq no we are the devil incarnated yea keep smoking the things that you smoke

+2 votes   reply to comment
ChadaFACE Sep 30 2013 says:

Don't listen to the haters man, they're just jealous of your bulldozers

+1 vote     reply to comment
DukeOfJudea Aug 27 2013 says:

הוספתי עוד תמונות

+1 vote     reply to comment
Cpt.Dann Jul 25 2013 says:

You are willful ignorance at its finest. So many people try to convince you the truth but you still like to have this delusional hate towards the Arabic countries and that Israel is so peaceful. You are blocking yourself from the truth, get ******* real.

+2 votes     reply to comment
OminousSpudd Jul 28 2013 replied:

Gotta love this new wave of ignorant fools who think that its just so damn cool to hate on Israel. Since when has it been wrong to defend ones country? You accuse this guy of ignorance yet he is an Israeli citizen, he lives in country that day by day sees Hamas rocket and mortar fire rained down upon it. He knows what it is like to be under the constant threat of terrorist attack. Oh and the rare occasion that Israel responds in defense of its people? "Blasphemy! The horrible little country of Jewish scum have decided to pick up arms against their attackers!" You do realize that that little 9/11 incident you guys had is utterly ridiculous compared to the day to day happenings that an Israeli lives through, right? Air raid sirens announcing yet more incoming missiles, people running in panic (Muslim and Jew alike I might add) to the basement, seeking shelter, hoping that the few missiles that get through the Iron Shield don't fall on them.
And what does the UN tell Israel? Give them back their land, let them have what they wish. The moment Israel withdraws from a region is the moment rocket and mortar positions are set up on the freshly reclaimed land, and the bombing continues.

These people don't want land Dann, they want to see the wholesale slaughter and removal of the only Jewish nation in the world.

How about you get real. So blinded by stupidity and baseless racial hate, you really are the definition of utter ignorance.

+1 vote     reply to comment
deniable_pain Creator
deniable_pain Jul 25 2013 replied:

im the delusional?from a man who doesnt even live here to see things for himself?no my good man you need to get real,lets talk about religion shall we? who preaches for war whenever possible while commiting the worlds most human rights abusive acts in the world,us or muslims? who made terrorist attacks on your and everyone elses countries,us or the muslims? in our country arab citizens enjoy more rights and a higher standard of living then any other arab citizen in any arab country,we preserve their holy sites when they only try to destroy ours,aint that peaceful? we pay compansations to the families of the palestinian terrorists we kill,do they do the same to the jewish families of those who die in their suicide attacks?does your grand army do the same? dont come to my profile and preach i ate bigger and wiser then you so try to read some history before talking next time or even better come to our country see for yourself,but ofcourse you wont because people like you have a hard time facing the truth,to know that the arabs you so deeply love and care for only wish that you'll die the slowest and most agonizing death,that my friend is true willful ignorance

+1 vote   reply to comment
Muntaqim_313 Jan 6 2014 replied:

At least if Muslims do something, they are straight forward about it. Unlike you Israelis who sneak around, infiltrate and corrupt through secrecy. Besides, there was no Israel 100 years ago. Israel came into existence when the European Jews made an agreement with the allies to get the US to join them when they were nearly defeated by Germany. That's why Hitler locked up the Jews to prevent them from conspiring again. If this is not true, then why does the agreement ending World War I mention a Jewish homeland in the Holy Land? There was no Holocaust in WWI.

Israel is NOT a Jewish country. They have Gay parades. They have so many prostitutes. They have a lot of ignorant, stubborn fanatics who think God gave them an exclusive right to this land.

Israel works by way of deception. The believers will soon push you Zionists out of the Sacred Land.

+1 vote     reply to comment
deniable_pain Creator
deniable_pain Aug 14 2014 replied:

dud i heard alot of conspiracy theories bored people like you love to make up but you my friend just took the number 1 prize in ********, man the things you smoke must be very powerful

+2 votes   reply to comment
deniable_pain Creator
deniable_pain Aug 14 2014 replied:

dude thats what you arabs told us for 65 years "soon we will push you out" well were still here and there's nothing on earth not you not anyone alive or dead that can push us out good luck with your delusions btw gays are not illegal in normal not fanatic countries fyi

+2 votes   reply to comment
Xaeus Jul 25 2013 replied:

It's refreshing to see someone who is knowledgeable in such subjects and yet harbors no ill will on those who do not have the capacity to understand such things. Sir, you have my support. Also, on another note, thank you for being part of the nation of Israel, one of the best allies that America has had the pleasure of working with. I apologize on behalf of all moddb users that have blinders on that only let them see through Anti-Semitic lenses. Though I am not a Jew, I don't believe it is right to hold unjust prejudices against any peoples. Your comments on the muslims, however, are not unjust seeing as how they prove their hatred for everyone (including themselves) on a daily basis. Yet, I find myself in a position where I, by default, embrace everyone. No matter their race, color, sex, religion, nationality, education, age, ethnicity, and disposition. That is, until they give me a reason not to value them. Anyways, I am wishing you the best despite the obvious signs that you are being assaulted for the mere fact that you are who you are.

+2 votes     reply to comment
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