this is me,from israel(not palestine,palestine is a made up nation of some run-away arabs that think that by terrorism they"ll get it back after saying no to the un proposal of dividing the country in 1948,giving them 80% of the territories),proud of living in it,protecting it from all enemies,foreign and domestic.

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Freespace: Fleet Command

Mod review

while i was playing with a vasudan expert against a shivan expert it started a bit slow not something that i was'nt expecting, but after my vasudan ally got himself a few atens i noticed something... his destroyer is moving

i thought at first he was suicidal after all why risk your ship builder if you dont have another? but then a typhoon arrived and then another and another each was sent to guard a resource point which was a very clever move considering that by that time the shivan player destroyed serveral of my resources.

then as we finally found where the demons where his original destroyer moved in with an escort of 2 sobek corvettes and ten atens with a compliment of fighters and bombers, the battle was brutal but for the first time ever, ai using its destroyers offensively, the second demon moved to another resource point and got attacked by a typhoon and then exploded in the biggest explosion ive seen that was'nt nuclear and then we won...

this mod its the best mod i've seen of freespace2 for homeworld, the most complete and authentic freespace experience ever, better then any freespace for homeworld mod before it(notably FSNA) and seeing the ai using its destroyers against eachother, using repair vessels, support ships and pretty much anything it can build just about brought a tear to my eye, so many years i've waited for a mod like this and finally it has arrived


Gizmotron's Axis & Allies User-Mod

Mod review

Freespace:Fleet Command

Mod review

this is the third freespace mod for homeworld 2 that i play and i must say that i was a bit unopptimistic about this one,when i started playing the ai was as bad as the others,but when the updates came,this mod became perfection,something that alot of other people wished seeing with their mods,but then dumped them half way(causes remain unknown till this day),anyways it brought me back to the time freespace was the coolest thing out there,exciting,amazing,and pure awesome,the best mod i played since alienswarm,with hi res textures of the good old ships(the way they where meant to be)and ai that kicks me in the teeth almost every time,an outstanding piece of work.

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