Yes I love to play games. I am an awesome Mapper and love RTS games! But i do like to play a shooter once in a while.. I love playing mods and if u ever see my name on any games its probably me!

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Namegen Oct 14 2014, 2:06am replied:

dudeeee i almost forgot my name XD namegennnn! :P

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Namegen Oct 14 2014, 2:01am says:

let us all take a moment to revel in the fact that sith are extremely bad ***.

+2 votes     media: *Knock Knock?*
Namegen Oct 14 2014, 1:54am says:

*knock knock?*

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Namegen Oct 14 2013, 9:13pm replied:

imo, name for this unit^ hahah perferct

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Namegen Aug 14 2013, 3:49pm says:

this matter is closed. forgive my lacking knowledge of the situation.

+2 votes     media: A Shadow Stirs...
Namegen Aug 13 2013, 8:59pm says:

OOC: i realize that its been way over 24 hours, but you could never pass up a good fight :P

+1 vote     media: A Shadow Stirs...
Namegen Jul 28 2013, 9:52pm says:

btw, just love this pic xD just sayin :P

+1 vote     media: Guess whos back in town eh?
Namegen Jul 11 2013, 10:07pm says:

that guys logic, yes. ^

+2 votes     media: M1979-1989
Namegen Jul 9 2013, 5:38pm says:

those effects are absolutely gorgeous!

+3 votes     media: Command & Conquer: Generals Universe 1
Namegen Jul 9 2013, 5:36pm replied:

'nuff said^

+4 votes     media: Ragnarok - Finally in game!
Namegen Jul 9 2013, 12:22am replied:

If you mean me, well if you havent noticed i changed my name soo.. You should figure the rest out lol

But if you mean ori, i have no idea lol

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Namegen Jul 8 2013, 10:48pm says:

srry ori, you are quiet lol you shouldnt mind though haha

+1 vote     media: February 21st, 2014 Norfolk, Virginia
Namegen Jun 27 2013, 9:51pm says:

I dont know if its been asked before, and if it has im srry, but will any french be in the mod? Like ik they were earlier, but it would be cool to play with em haha

+1 vote     mod: World in War: Vietnam
Namegen Jun 27 2013, 3:40pm says:

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Namegen Jun 27 2013, 3:39pm replied:

if i had my way, i would put a chair near the battlefield, with a bag of popcorn and a 12 pack of coke and watch the two go at it! XD i could care less who dies :P

+11 votes     media: Action in K√∂nigsberg
Namegen Jun 27 2013, 3:13pm replied:

love how the asian fan is defending Israel xD perfect :P

+1 vote     media: IsraelAH64
Namegen Jun 26 2013, 6:39pm says:

soo are you sure this is Red Alert? cuse i swear to god this is Cac3! haha the detail is amazing!

+2 votes     media: GDI Predator Tank & Sand Storm
Namegen Jun 25 2013, 6:09pm says:

*The US ambassador, Warren Austin, listened to the foreign dignitaries speak and he thought of the right words to say.

"As you are all well aware that attempting to uproot an entire terror organization on their home territory is almost impossible, as evidenced in Afghanistan and Iraq, i believe it would better for our Intelligence services to cooperate and locate exact positions of enemy bases and hide outs. When we have this information then i believe then and only then would we be able to respond with military action. And only with smaller raids, not fullscale invasions." Austin explained.

"We all want the world free of Terrorism, to allow our people to go to work or explore their parks and attractions without fear of being killed by persons trying to harm their home countries. This is why I hope that we all can come together and expunge this threat with precision, speed, and without remorse, thank you ladies and gentlemen." Austin continued.

He sat back down and waited for a response.*

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Namegen Jun 25 2013, 2:31pm says:

that is pretty epic detail mate, love it!

+1 vote     media: GDI power plant
Namegen May 30 2013, 10:20am says:

Srry lads. Been gone, summarize what happened and ill reply after school. Net outages and crap in my area, moddb was ******** out, couldnt get on. Better tonight though, glad to be back lol

+1 vote     media: Kinyen Crisis
Namegen May 26 2013, 1:15am says:

OOC: So to explain some things: Hawks detect Star Fighters on radar, and bug out. Some or alot or what ever you want will obviously follow the slower gunships only to be engaged by Dug in AA and when they are engaged by AA, Hawks come back and help out.

The original formation was like this: V. Lighter Walkers in Front with AT-ATs behind them and TXs and infantry comprising the rear. the left flank and right flank enclosing on your position is pretty easy to figure out that :P this in turn allows me to go ahead with the next move i did.

With your rear guard force being closed in by my walkers, the TXs bug out and bound off to the right and around the main fighting between the rear guard and my forces. Due to them leaving so fast, i use my IDTs to transport Soldiers to the new positions of the TXs who in turn offer support to them.

Easy enough to understand?

+1 vote     media: Kinyen Crisis
Namegen May 26 2013, 1:14am says:

OOC: i believe this is the thing with jolee: he left a small rear guard and that is what my main forces are attacking. Starfighters are incoming and are preparing to engage my Hawks. the rest of his army is slamming to ten, everyone agree? if not ignore this post xD

*The Hawks detect numerous (how many exactly?) radar signatures and the pilots look around and spot the incoming star fighters. They book it out of there and as the Star Fighters come upon the Imperial Formations, they are targeted by well dug in AT-AAs which tear any starfighter that comes in range to shreds.

As the AA fires on the Starfighters, the Hawks come back around and add their firepower to the mix and with their larger numbers, and AA, the Starfighter numbers start to thin out.

The Imperial Formation attacking the Federation rear guard (Jolee) suddenly changes its tactics. The Light Walkers and AT-ATs form a new formation and the flanks begin to enclose around the rear guard. Their big guns continue blasting away at enemy vehicles while smaller cannons aim for pockets of Infantry.

Meanwhile, the TXs in the back break off to the right and push their engines to max speed and manage to catch up to the main Federation forces attacking the Imperial rear (ten). Their guns go off and they tear into the rear and sides of Enemy armor. Any pockets of infantry are peppered with blaster fire from the turrets.

Supporting the 60 TXs in their attack are 15 IDTs carrying men from the formation of troops that were originally following the TXs and begin unloading them a ways behind the TXs. The Clones then advance and begin supporting the TXs as they continue to fire on the enemy forces.*

+1 vote     media: Kinyen Crisis
Namegen May 22 2013, 9:14pm says:

the dude in the back is like "Yeah, i get paid to watch machines do my job for me, like a boss" xD

+2 votes     media: Canderous!
Namegen May 21 2013, 7:11pm replied:

i agree with wouts statement, we face odds, so should you. :P

+1 vote     media: Raid
Namegen May 21 2013, 6:57pm says:

men of war.

+2 votes     media: Unknown game
Namegen May 20 2013, 10:06pm says:

OOC: fine fine, loosing two squadrons of predators and 50 hawks against 10 FAAVs makes sense.. but meh xD

*The remaining Hawks begin engaging Federation forces that were attempting to halt the Imperial advance. To make up for losses, the remaining 25 Hawks joined the fight and added their firepower to the mix. They first aimed for the few remaining AA vehicles and took them down with their superior numbers. The Hawks then aimed for the biggest vehicles first and after concentrated firepower, most were taken down. They then began engaging the enemy TXs.

The Imperial forces attacking the Federation forces on the ground received return fire and shots from enemy TXs streaked past them but most were absorbed by the AT-ATs and or the light walkers leading the charge.

By now, the entirety of the advancing AT-ATs were in range of the enemy forces and opened up with everything they had. Their big guns blasted away at the TXs and pockets of droids and infantry trying to hold back the Imperial forces.

The Escorting walkers unleashed hell with their own guns, aiming for groups of droids or infantry and suppressing them.

At the Imperial LZ, the AW-IAs and mortar teams continued firing on the enemy forces. Their mortar shells hitting areas around groups of infantry, causing them to find cover and even sometimes die as shells rained down on them.

The TXs supporting the advancing AT-ATs added their own firepower to the already immense amount of guns, and they started blasting away at Federation positions with their guns.

A final wave of transports and dropships descended down and dropped off the last of the infantry and vehicles. A reserve force of 1000 men remained in dug in positions around the LZ.*

+1 vote     media: Kinyen Crisis
Namegen May 19 2013, 11:28pm says:

OOC: soo, ill agree to the fact that i would Loose Hawks yes, but not a single one of my craft was able to be shot at due to them being out of range of your AA guns until of course the Hawks and Predators engage your AA.

So, ill agree to the fact that i loose Hawks, say 10-15 and a squadron of Predators as they led the attack. However, 90 to 100 percent of your AA is now gone, just logical in my opinion.

Also, the IDTs and Dropships did not come at the same time as teh Hawks did, so your comment about destroying both in one comment is null.

*The Hawks and Predators break off from the attack on the Anti-Aircraft guns and started engaging the enemy Air Forces scrambling to provide cover fire for the Federation forces. The Predators easily outmaneuvered the slow bombers and blew them out of the sky with ease. The Hawks faced off against the MAATs and a few hawks went down but they continued fighting.

From below, Missiles and blaster fire was directed at the Hawks and Predators but it accomplished little.

Another wave of IDTs and dropships descended down to the landing zone, unloading this time AA and artillery. Mortar teams and AW-IAs set up and dug in and began bombarding enemy positions. AT-AAs set up around the perimeter and dug in as well, constantly scanning the skies for aerial threats.

The Imperial Attack formation continued advancing on the Federation lines, and eventually the AT-ATs took aim and began firing on the Federation forces, aiming for enemy Walkers and TXs. Their heavy guns echoing through out the battlefield.

Lexor stood on the bridge, emotionless and completely silent. He eyed the table that displayed current troop displacements and radio chatter was sent back to the bridge, from it he could deduce where the enemy was for the most part.*

OOC: I think this is fair, as all i did was destroy AA, its not like i destroyed your entire army, which i could but i wont do that :P

+1 vote     media: Kinyen Crisis
Namegen May 19 2013, 11:09pm replied:

oh. ok. so where do we go from here? Compromise?

+1 vote     media: Kinyen Crisis
Namegen May 19 2013, 7:59pm says:

OOC: wowow, so lost here xD ten did you command my men?

Yes of course probe droids would land aways from your forces (mostly because they dont know where the enemy is xD)

Below radar means the hawks descend out of range, sure your radar can detect them but you cannot fire that far, then they dissapear off of radar and thus off of your targeting systems. The Hawks would then storm all over you before your 10 lol FAAVs could respond and 75 hawks would obliterate them.

Just saying, still confused on what happened tho xD

+1 vote     media: Kinyen Crisis
Namegen May 18 2013, 10:58pm replied:

As i myself constantly like to make sure the Imperial military is up to date and can go toe to toe with others, i think about new designs for things and submit them. That being the case this is what i think:

There should be only a tech tree for beskar making, as obviously that just makes sense. There should be no tech tree for new unit making, but like wout suggested, the units we make up must go with our faction.

Because lets face it, we dont have enough members for each faction to have a guy like wout whos got points to spend on shipbuilding, so other factions would be behind in terms of design. Plus i think it is fair to wout too cuse he can now spend the points elsewhere lol

+1 vote     media: Goran
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