Yes I love to play games. I am an awesome Mapper and love RTS games! But i do like to play a shooter once in a while.. I love playing mods and if u ever see my name on any games its probably me!

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Branden-Magister 8hours 28mins ago says:

At least i didn rage :p

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Branden-Magister 8hours 44mins ago says:

You bastards like seeing me break xD

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Branden-Magister 10hours 38mins ago says:

What the hell does hh mean about socio psychology crap? xD

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Branden-Magister 12hours 8mins ago says:

That last part confuses me xD and well im not giving up just after bar shaddaa im pretty sure the admiralty would want my head.m

The least they would do would be to assign me to some backwter planet.

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Branden-Magister 19hours 38mins ago says:

*Carnifex waits to hear what the shadow Lok sent forward reports. He turns back towards the Massassi and couldnt resist the urge any longer..

He walked over and two tentacles uncoiled from inside his cheeks, and he began feeding on the dead Massassi, it being a dark side sensitive being tasted pretty good.

Carnifex felt disgusted and he knew that he would have to work on a way to live without feeding, maybe pouches of the "soup" that he could carry, he would have to look into it.*

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Branden-Magister 20hours 41mins ago says:

OOC: so basically im resigning peacefully :P

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Branden-Magister May 3 2015, 5:25pm says:

*Branden orders the ships to hyperspace and leaves the system.

He curses and heads back to Bilbringi.*

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Branden-Magister May 3 2015, 4:27pm says:

Im going to make a backstory where he only has to feed a little bit at a time in order to survive :P so hes not going to be a homicidal vampire xD

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Branden-Magister May 3 2015, 3:48pm says:

i gotta get better at this xD

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Branden-Magister May 3 2015, 3:46pm says:

OOC: been waiting for the go ahead :P

*Majestic Squadron exits hyperspace at the Nar Shaddaa system, sensors immediately begin scanning the area while Branden opens a comms with the Hutts on Nar Shaddaa.

"Oh great and powerful hutt lord, I am Admiral Branden Magister, but im sure you know who I am, half the galaxy knows of my royal screw up. I have gotten reports that Mikal the pirate is here trying to recruit more low lives to his cause. He is wanted by the Empire for crimes against the state including piracy, destruction of military property, and murder. These are very serious charges. I am requesting you hand him over to us, as a gesture of friendship. The Empire has left the Hutt cartel alone for a long time, allowing them to grow rich off their more shadowy business. I feel you owe it to us to turn him over. I will not use military force while I am in the system, for I do not wish there to be a war. But if my squadron were to come under attack we will respond with force. I await your reply." Branden said to the Hutt Lord.

Majestic Squadron formed up, The Justice taking point with the Wraith and the Serpent forming up on either side of it. Behind the Justice was the Acclaimed in all its glory, to the left of the Acclaimed was the Reaper. Behind the Acclaimed was the Unbreakable and behind it was a Venator Class Carrier. Flanking the Carrier and the Interdictor were 4 Ardents, 2 on either side.

Branden stood at the Helm of the Acclaimed awaiting a reply from the Hutt lord.*

Majestic Squadron :P

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Branden-Magister May 3 2015, 10:41am replied:

i dont play that era much. :P

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Branden-Magister May 3 2015, 10:35am says:

how big?

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Branden-Magister May 3 2015, 9:51am says:

*Carnifex sighs and turns to Lok

"Did you say barracks?" He asks the sith.

He draws his lightsaber but doesnt activate it. He turns to his storm commandos and orders them to be be ready, they prep a few grenades for the next encounter.

At this point Carnifex was absolutely livid on the inside that these primitive beasts were still fighting back, he figured there must be a very powerful force driving them to attack dark side sensitive beings.*

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Branden-Magister May 1 2015, 10:35pm says:

*All is quiet, very secretive. An Imperial Captain exits his private chambers after accepting a call.

"Is everything ready?" He asked his Lieutenant.

"Aye, Sir." he replied.

He looked out the window of the ISS Serpent (ISD 1) and looked upon the ISS Wraith (ISD 1) who was forming up on his right. Two Ardents were forming up behind him and two more were forming up on his left. Behind him was a Venator that was being escorted by the military ships.

The Captain had no idea why they had to escort this ancient ship, but he followed orders.*

Mean while....

*As military convoys in and around the Carida system and other core worlds checked in from to their destinations or left their starting points, the captains received ultra encrypted transmissions. After they got these transmissions each convoy was then being tailed by either a civilian freighter, seemingly, or a military vessel. These vessels stayed far enough away from the convoy but always following.*

OOC: heh.

just so you know.

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Branden-Magister May 1 2015, 1:50pm says:

*Carnifex puts away his lightsaber and checks his surroundings, nothing out of the ordinary. He then turns his attention to the fallen storm commandos, 3 out of the 8 that came with him were down. 2 were dead and the third was severely wounded, and would die in a few minutes. Carnifex would send men back to pick up the dead after all was done, if he got the chance.

He turns to Lok as he sheathes his lightsaber.

"Shall we move on Lok?" Carnifex asked his sith brother.*

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Branden-Magister Apr 30 2015, 9:08pm says:

OOC: i really truly hate myself for allowing this to get so far out of hand xD

And AK, everything better be gm approved, by ori not you.

*Branden again growls in rage, how dare they insult him this way. He is not some child, he is an Imperial Officer and he shall be shown some respect.

"You will meet with me in person or I will board your fancy Pelleaeon and confront you. You and I both want this to be over sooner rather then later, we are going to discuss what is to happen, and you are to show me some respect." Branden growled over his comms.

Drake looked at him with a look of bewilderment on his face. This wasnt the same person whom he graduated that academy of Carida with. This man was driven by rage, and was letting it get to him.

Branden was furious and his eyes showed it. If this overseer was to give him any orders, it was to be face to face and nothing less.*

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Branden-Magister Apr 30 2015, 6:41pm says:

*Branden mumbled to himself, he needed to do more thinking. He came up with more plans, but he wanted to discuss them with either the overseer or his lackey.

"I wish to speak with someone in person. To better discuss things about Mikal." Branden said over the comms.*

OOC: if you agree to send someone over lets move it to a pm. more secretive :P

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Branden-Magister Apr 30 2015, 4:40pm says:

OOC: almost sith like secrecy :P your a bloody probation officer haha again its not like i lost a a whole fleet :P

*Branden growled at Maxon over the comms, being told what to do by these bastards, it made him sick. But he hesitantly decided it might be best to comply with the Reaper, it did have alot of firepower.

"There are two courses of action we could pursue. The first one is to wait and allow Mikal to pop back up on our radar which he will almost certainly due, but on his own wishes. The second route, we present something so sweet and irresistible he would be a complete fool to pass up, then when he shows on our terms we nail him to the wall. Maybe a lightly guarded military convoy or a freighter carrying artifacts, doesnt have to be real. Let the information about the convoy slip, allow it to reach Mikal and watch and wait." Branden explained.

He smirked to himself, he seemed like a great plan. Raiding was the way he obtained the mines that blew up the Defender, so obviously Mikal was used to do doing it. Plus Mikal would need some cash or more tech to help him, since he just lost another asteroid base.

He awaited a reply.*

OOC: if we go with the second route or any other route and you somehow use just a bit of the IC information AK i swear to god xD I will kill you :P

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Branden-Magister Apr 29 2015, 7:06pm says:

*Carnifex studies the tunnel walls as they proceed down it, noticing the crude drawings and carvings that all but worn away. His storm commandos are close behind, maintaining a tight spread. Lok is at his right, the powerful sith gracefully walking next to Carnifex.

They pass by a bonfire and glimpse a small darker room at the end of the tunnel. Carnifex smells burning meat, and sure enough over the bonfire were skewers being roasted over the fire. Could be for the Massassi they slaughtered or more up ahead, either way Carnifex moved towards and into the darker room.

Immediately warcries are shouted by Massassi warriors and growls are heard from their big vicious dogs. Spears can be heard hitting the ground around him and behind him a grunt is heard and then a thud as a wounded storm commando falls to the ground with one of the spears in his shoulder.

As he sees one of his own troops fall to ground he explodes in anger, letting the rage flow over him. He ignites his saber and cuts apart the closest dogs in a few slices. A spear is headed his direction but he deflects it with his saber. Soon after the Massassi run out of their throwing spears and charge foward, Carnifex moves forward and starts to engage them in melee two at a time, and begins cutting them down using the ferocity form.

Behind him his storm commandos open fire on the remaining Massassi, and begin gunning them down, they having no armor that can withstand a blaster bolt.*

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Branden-Magister Apr 29 2015, 5:11pm says:

*As the Pellaeon exits hyperspace, Branden curses. He didnt really believe they would send a whole ship, maybe a squad and a probation officer if you wish, but not a whole Pellaeon. Ah well he says to himself, he knew he could redeem himself.

"Reaper, this is Admiral Magister. May I ask who I am speaking to? I would rather like to know the name of the person who shall be overseeing me for the near future." Branden asked.

In the meantime, repair ships continued working on the squadron. The repairs to the Unbreakable were done and only a few more minor repairs to the Acclaimed were required however the Justice still would be a while as it sustained a lot of damage.

Branden thinks about his next plan of action and comes up with a risky plan, hopefully it would work. He figures he shall wait to talk to the Overseer in person to discuss instead of discussing it over comms.*

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Branden-Magister Apr 27 2015, 11:54pm says:

wait lol bastards still have territory in Europe! gah. ima kill em xD

+1 vote   media: Day 3 of my Rome Campaign (Hard 4TPY)
Branden-Magister Apr 27 2015, 11:48pm replied:

xD that killed me xD

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Branden-Magister Apr 27 2015, 9:53pm says:

*Branden curses but can do nothing about it. He realizes he has screwed up big time and someone must pay for what happened here, he waited for the comm from the higher ups to come through..

In the mean time he pulled the Acclaimed and the Unbreakable out of the asteroid field and linked up with the remaining Allegiance. A ceremony is held for Drake while repair ships are brought into the system to retrieve the debris of the Defender and to make repairs to the disabled Allegiance.

After this all happens Branden orders the jump to hyperspace back to Bilbringi and once he does so he retreats to his private quarters. He opens a comms with his chief informant about the pirate Nym, even though the information usually is scant and vague but he hopes he can use the informant to get Nym to respond to the bounty..

"I am putting a 2 million credit bounty on the pirate known as Lancer Mikal, thats alive at least, and 1 million dead. Make sure you post the bounty in places where Nym would hear about it. Get it done." Branden said to the informant.

"Yes, it will be done." He replied.

Now it was all big waiting game, and time to get the squadron back into shape.

OOC: Check your pms cuse you know its kinda private :P

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Branden-Magister Apr 27 2015, 9:22pm says:

*Drake realizes too late that the shields dont come online in time to block the proton bombs, he is vaporized along with the rest the crew. The Defender breaks apart, the wreckage drifting off into space..

Brax and Branden both shout in anger as their friend and brother in arms is killed, they watch in horror as the ship breaks apart, clearly showing no signs of survivors.

Brax curses as he watches the bastards who killed his best friend flee, and the fact that he can't do anything about it makes the injury that much more worse.

The Acclaimed is shaken again as the station explodes, it causing hull damage. Other then that though the Acclaimed is just fine and the Unbreakable suffered only minor damages to its gravity well generators.

Branden sends a transmission to the Carrion.

"I know who you are. I don't know what you want. I have a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you turn yourself in now that'll be the end of it. I will not kill you, I will not pursue your friends, but if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you and I will kill you. Have a nice day." Branden said, closing the comms.*

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Branden-Magister Apr 27 2015, 8:37pm says:

*The Acclaimed continues blasting its way through the asteroid field, finally coming upon the pirate base. From a distance it opens up with its turbolaser batteries, tearing the starbase and everything around it apart.

Meanwhile both Drake and Brax realize what is going on and immediately they both order all power available to bridge shields. At max power the shields are able to hold off the onslaught of firepower, just barely however. This allows the laser cannons time to get clear targets and they open fire, tearing through the ranks of the enemy fighters.

Both Brax and Drake are doing everything they can to keep their ships in one piece although it is getting harder and harder each passing minute.*

OOC: I feel that if they put all power available to bridge shields it should be able to hold off the majority of the explosions, or is that me just being too hopeful xD

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Branden-Magister Apr 27 2015, 8:01pm says:

*Branden curses as mines go off in the front and to the left and right of his ship, the ship shakes but the shields and hull hold. The Acclaimed takes a majority of the damage, it being the leading ship into the field. The Unbreakable does take damage and with a lot of its power devoted to keeping the generators up, the mines manage to knock out two of its 4 gravity well generators. The other two manage to stay online but it also takes hull damage from the mines as well, although it is relatively minor.

The Acclaimed continues blasting a path through the Asteroid field, this time making sure absolutely no asteroids no matter their size are left behind. Even if that does cost them more time, Branden feels it is worth the risk.

Meanwhile the Justice and the Defender are dead in the water, the damage being more extensive then the captains first thought. The shields are damaged but are stable, however the engines are barely running. The fighter protection was gone as well and a group of pirate fighters were coming right at the two Allegiances.

"Distribute normal power to shields and weapons, we should have a bit more since our engines are out. Prepare to combat fighters, have laser cannons prepped and ready." Drake ordered, Brax doing the same.*

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Branden-Magister Apr 27 2015, 3:58pm says:

OOC: Im assuming they go off?

*The mines go off creating a chain reaction all around the two Allegiances destroying asteroids all around them and causing hull damage to both ships, in addition to the other damage they cause. Many guns on the right side of one and the left side of the other are either disabled temporarily or are taken out all together. The shields being full power at the front manage to stave off all the damage and the frontal guns are fine as is the hull there. Only a handful of the starcraft sent with the two Allegiances manages to stay alive.

"Brax, my hull is damaged and my guns on my right are toast. Anymore surprises like that and were dead in the water." Drake explained over his comms to Brax.

"Aye, but the Admiral wants us to continue on towards the pirate base. So I say we keep moving forward, I mean the mines did manage to eliminate quite a few of the asteroids in our path. Once we come upon the star base we can always bombard it from a distance." Brax replied.

"Yes, let us keep going and bombard them when we come upon them." Drake explained..

Meanwhile, senors on board the Acclaimed show how the Providence was moving away from the pair of Imperial ships. Branden had to make a decision on what to do as moving around the Asteroid field would take too much time.

"All power to frontal shields and weapons, lets clear a path." Branden ordered.

"Yes, Admiral." a crewman replied.

With its bigger arsenal of weapons the Acclaimed plows a path through the asteroid field at a much faster rate then the two Allegiances. The Unbreakable stays close behind as the Acclaimed moves through the field.*

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Branden-Magister Apr 27 2015, 2:14pm says:

*On board the Acclaimed alerts start sounding.

"Admiral! A Providence class was just detected! It is deep within the Asteroid field however, and seems to be on our far side..." A crewman exclaims as another interrupts him...

"Fighters are being detected, Admiral. A group of them is heading towards the Providence, while the rest are flying around a large asteroid at the center of the field, it appears to be their HQ." The crewman explains.

Branden ponders the information for a bit before coming to a decision.

"Send the Defender and the Justice towards the pirate base, have them cut a path through the asteroid field. Send 2 squadrons of fighters and a squadron of bombers with them. The Acclaimed and the Unbreakable will skirt around the asteroid field towards the Providence class." Branden explained.

"Yes, Admiral." The crewman replied.

The orders were sent out and the two Allegiances put all power to front weapons and shields and began tearing a path through the asteroid field, the rocks no match for its massive weapons. The fighters and bombers make sure to stay close to the Allegiances.

Meanwhile, the Acclaimed and the Unbreakable turn and begin skirting around the asteroids. The remaining fighters and bombers are deployed and begin patrolling around the two ships.*

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Branden-Magister Apr 27 2015, 1:37pm says:

*Majestic Squadron comes out of hyperspace a ways from the Asteroid, the two Allegiances form up at the front while the Acclaimed forms up next to the Unbreakable. Sensors immediately begin checking for any signs of ships.

"Admiral, we are tracking a convoy of civilian freighters escorted by a Venator class moving through the system. It appears they were having issues with some of their engines. Other then that the system is quiet." The crewman explains.

"That is exactly what he wants us to think, he is a very smart individual." Branden replies.

"Let them know that from here on in nothing leaves this system. Tell the Unbreakable to activate its gravity well generators." Branden orders.

Captain Alec Touren, commander of the Unbreakable, gets the command to activate gravity well generators and relays the command to his crew. As they fire up a few freighters are pulled out of hyperspace as they were trying to pass through the system. They are furious at first but as they see an Imperial squadron was the cause of it, they merely sit and wait.

"Slowly begin advancing on the asteroids, but dont get too close." Branden ordered.

"Yes, Admiral." The crewman replied.

Majestic Squadron began advancing towards the asteroid field.*

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Branden-Magister Apr 26 2015, 11:45pm says:

whats the other GLA Mercenary unit? just wondering :P

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