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My SWRP Character

Branden-Magister Blog 2 comments

My Character:
Class: Civilian
Name: Branden Magister
Rank: Captain
Age: 23
Height: 5.9
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Home Planet: Carida
Wife: Lauren Magister, age 21

My new set of gear:
TYPE: Medium
Description: Black medium armor with specialized pieces for added protection, wears a black cape as well with the unit emblem on it. The Helment is solid durasteel, as are the boots. The gauntlets and Greaves are durasteel with Plasteel at the joints for mobility. The Breastplate is a mix of durasteel/plasteel/cortosis making it lightsaber resistant in the back and front.

Special Features:
Shock Resistant
Standard Shield Generator
Armor is sealed for use underwater and in space

Advanced heads-up display providing tactical information and aim assistance, ammo count, integrated comms with encryption, shows power levels, how toxic the air is and how much radiation is in the air along with other detection devices, has night vision and thermal modes, and is flash proof. Also has a zoom feature similar to binocs. Helmet seals him off so he can operate in space and under water and can withstand radiation and other toxins
and poisons.

Fully Automatic Slug Thrower, modernized. Underbarrel Grenade Launcher.
Grenade Belt featuring different grenades for the launcher.
Blaster Pistol
Bowie Knife made of Durasteel

QUOTES: "Money buys a mans silence for a time, a bolt in the heart buys it forever." Petyr Baelish

Fleet- Majestic Squadron
The Acclaimed II- Praetor MK 2 Battlecruiser, commanded by Branden Magister

My Skill tree: (Will Keep Updated)

Basic Combat=Free
Trooper 1=1 points
Trooper II=2 points
Trooper III=3 points

Charisma 1=1 points
Charisma 2=2 points
Charisma 3=3 points

Juggernaut 1=1 point
Juggernaut 2=2 points

Officer 1=1 points
Officer II=2 points
Officer III=3 points
Officer IV=4 points

Fencer I= 1 point

equals 20 points

Have 0 free point.

Faction Affiliation=Empire


Branden Magister was born to a wealthy family with a long line of military service to the Empire. Most of the sons and even some of the daughters of the family have gone on to the academy of Carida, and Branden follows suit at the age of 17.

While attending the Academy he is taught what it means to be a leader, how to be charismatic and basic combat skills. However it is leading the simulation fleets against enemy computers that he excels at. His leadership skills improve rapidly through out his 6 year officer training. He ends up being the best at the simulators out of all the officer Cadets that have gone through the academy.

Realizing his potential, the Governor of Carida takes him under his wing and trains him to become a more effective leader, helping him deal with his shortcomings which include arrogance (Surprise surprise) and being stubborn. To test his mettle, the Governor gives him command of an Acclamator Cruiser and orders Branden to destroy a known pirate hideout in the Castell system....

*The Acclaimed (Acclamator) comes out of hyperspace in Castell space directly in front of an asteroid belt and the pirate base known to be hiding inside.

"Captain! Asteroids ahead!" Yelled one of the pilots.

"I see that Sergeant. Full power to the shields! Blast our way through!" Captain Magister shouted.

The Acclaimed opens fire, blasting away asteroids with turbolaser fire. After some time the asteroids give way and the Acclaimed slowly begins making its way through the belt.

"Anything on Senors?" Branden asked.

"Not yet Captain.. wait! Heat signatures popping up all around us! Pirate fighters are swarming right at us! They have us surrounded! They were hiding in the asteroids!" The crewman yelled.

"Deploy all fighters and open fire!" Branden yelled.

Dozens of TIE Fighters deploy and begin engaging the pirate fighters, their numbers overcoming their lack of armor and firepower. The lasercannons begin opening fire on the enemy fighters tearing them to shreds, the thin pirate armor no match for the cannons.

However the entire ship rocked when a torpedo struck the port side engine causing the whole thing to explode.

"Captain! Port engine is out! Were loosing engine power!" The crewman yelled.

"All power to shields! I am not loosing this ship!" Branden yelled.

The TIE fighters continued to engage the pirate fighters until all of a sudden they started pulling back, vanishing into the asteroid belt. As they vanished it got strangely peaceful, but Branden knew that something wasnt right.

All of a sudden the ship was struck with turbolaser fire as half a dozen twin turbolaser cannons appeared inside the asteroids on both sides. The Pirate fighters then began swarming in again with more reinforcements and began engaging the TIE fighters.

"The shields can't handle this for much longer! We must do something!" The crewman yelled.

Branden thought, and thought some more. But he had to think fast for he was on the verge of loosing his ship and his crew. He finally came up with an idea, although it was a dangerous one..

"Load cluster bombs into the torpedo tubes, and fire on my command!" Branden yelled.

"But sir.. our own fighters will be destroyed.." The crewman whispered.

"I understand the risk, just trust me." Branden replied.

The crewman, although with hesitation, gave the order and cluster bombs were loaded into the torpedo tubes.

"Fire!" Branden yelled when the crewman gave the signal.

The cluster bombs were launched out of the torpedo tubes creating an entire circle around the Acclaimed, and exploded. The ship shook and everything went yellow and orange.. And when everything cleared only a few pirate fighters remained. The enemy turbolasers ceased fire for a brief moment and this allowed the Imperial guns to get a lock on their targets.

They opened fire upon the asteroids, scoring critical hits on the guns and disabling most and destroying some. As everything quieted down, there was a signature detected on the screen and Branden knew what it was.

"The coward pirate leader is trying to escape! After him!" Branden yelled.

The Acclaimed tried to move through the asteroid belt but the destroyed engine hampered movement and the pirate ship was allowed to escape which jumped to hyperspace a few seconds later.

Branden threw his hate on the ground and anger and shouted, yet he knew it was his own fault. He allowed himself to be drawn into the asteroid belt...*

OOC: After that happened, Branden was commended for having destroyed the pirate base but he felt like he didnt fully complete his mission because the pirate lord still lived.

The governor gave him a promotion to Rear Admiral and gave him command of a squadron of Star Destroyers, 3 to be exact. His Flagship was a Praetor MK 2 and the other two were Allegiance class Star Destroyers. He renamed his personal ship the Acclaimed after the Acclamator he commanded. The other two were the Justice and the Defender. The Justice was commanded by Captain Logan Brax and Captain Justin Drake commanded the other.

Both had similar characteristics as Branden did, and that is why they got along so well...

Darth Carnifex (Sith Char for other events)

Martial Form-Free
Sith Offense- 1 Point
Sith Defense- 1 point
Intimidator- 1 point
Overlord- 1 point
Conditioned Body- 1 point
equals 5 points

Force Powers
Force Stun
Force Grip

Can choose 1 lightsaber form:
Form VII, The Ferocity Form.

Carries a single lightsaber, dark orange in color.
Has a personal craft:
The Fury. an Ardent Class Fast Frigate
And a customized Annihilator Starfighter, The Lancer.

Age: 100
Race: Anzati

2 free points

Class IV Wardroid
Produced by the Techo Union as a special project that Branden had ordered while he was an admiral.
Made of complete durasteel, is 6 feet 6 inches tall.

Both arms are modular allowing for the changing of the weapon types.

Right arm-
Rotary Cannon
40 MM Autocannon
Grenade Launcher

Left Arm-
Vibro axe
A Durasteel shield

His Armor
Advanced heads-up display providing tactical information and aim assistance, ammo count, integrated comms with encryption,
shows power levels, how toxic the air is and how much radiation is in the air along with other detection devices,
has night vision and thermal modes, and is flash proof.
Also has a zoom feature similar to binocs.

Has a built-in shield generator

Armor is made of complete durasteel with plasteel around the joints for greater movement.


Melee Upgrade 1-1 point
Ranged Upgrade 1-1 point
Plating upgrade 1-1 point
Plating Upgrade 2-2 points
Plating Upgrade 3-3 points
Mainframe upgrade 1-1 point


Equals 9 points 0 free

Admiral Logan Brax

Went to the military academy on Carida, graduated with Branden and became his good friend along with Drake, rose to Imperial Command alongside Branden. Fell out favor with him after Drake was killed by Mikal.

Class: Citizen

Age: 23

Homeworld: Carida

Ship: The Justice


Officer 1=1 point
Officer 2=2 points
Charisma 1=1 point
Trooper 1=1 point
equals 5 points.

Lieutenant Jayson Tanick

Other Companion to Branden Magister

Imperial Research and Development Team Leader transferred to Branden's command to help
design new starfighter program and other weapons and technology for the Empire. Also deals in the more darker parts for Branden, digging up information on his enemies and scouting out for him after going in blind in Operation: Vanguard. Was transferred from Spec Ops team, where he developed weapons and gear for the Imperial Special Ops

Holds the Rank of Lieutenant

Class: Citizen
Age: 35
Homeworld: Kuat


Heavy Blaster Pistol
Vibro Dagger

has 2 free points

Basic Combat
Fencer-1=1 point
Spy-1=1 point
Spy-2=2 points
Inventor 1-3=6 points

Equals 10 points, 0 points free.

The 829th Imperial Attack Company

HQ: Bilbringi, The Acclaimed II

Formed with men from the Imperial Forces stationed on Bilbringi

Command Structure:
Commander: Captain Jaran Dalgas
(SC1)XO: 1st Lieutenant Malax Dryfus
(SC2)Logistics Officer: 2nd Lieutenant Roger Findley
SC3 (Medical Officer): 2nd Lieutenant Mary Forbes
SC4 (Tech Officer): Chief Warrant Officer Braxton Marly

Composition: 141 troops, 118 suppoting droids, 6 AT-ARs, 2 IFT-Ts, 1 Command Vehicle (AT-AR with command equipment, no armament), 2 Scout Bikes.

Break Down:
Headquarters Platoon 34 men
1st Platoon "The Chiefs"
CO: 2nd Lieutenant Alex Davis
Second in Command: Sergeant Major Malick Davos
Alpha Squad: Line Squad 7 troopers + 1 Sergeant
Bravo Squad: Heavy Weapons Squad 7 troopers + 1 Sergeant (2 armed with plex launchers, 1 with a sniper rifle, 2 armed with heavy blaster rifles, 2
armed with regular blasters)
Charlie Squad: Support Squad 2 Medics, 2 Tech troopers, 3 Engineers, and 1 Sergeant
Delta Squad: Line Squad 7 troopers + 1 Sergeant

2x Line platoons: 34 men each

2nd Platoon "The Bulldogs"
CO: 2nd Lieutenant Jason Alec
Second in Command: Sergeant Major Alexi Boris
3 Line Squads (7 troopers with 1 sergeant each)
1 Heavy Weapons Squad 7 troopers + 1 Sergeant (2 armed with plex launchers, 1 with a sniper rifle, 2 armed with heavy blaster rifles, 2
armed with regular blasters)

3rd Platoon "The Spartans" 34 men
CO: 2nd Lieutenant Mikal Laristov
Second in Command: Sergeant Major Kissel Stupov
3 line squads (7 troopers with 1 sergeant each)
1 Heavy Weapons Squad 7 troopers + 1 Sergeant (2 armed with plex launchers, 1 with a sniper rifle, 2 armed with heavy blaster rifles, 2
armed with regular blasters)

Light Armor Platoon

4th Platoon "The Rancors" 37 men
CO: 2nd Lieutenant Lancer Bear
Second in Command: Sergeant Major Rod Stuart
1 Recon Squad (2 scout bikes, 2 men per bike, 4 Recon troopers, 2 more armed with sniper rifles)
2 Light Walker Squads (3 AT-ARs each, 1 has the command walker. 9 men for one squad and 10 men for 2nd)
1 Armor Squad (2 IFT-Ts, 4 men per vehicle)

The Acclaimed II (Praetor MK 2)

Length=4950 Meters
Hyperdrive system Equipped
Navigation system Equipped

Special Features:
Extra Armor to the Bridge and Prow
Extra Shielding
High Tech Sensor Package; long and short range jammers, and every sensor that is know to man, including a CGFT.


Quad heavy turbolaser batteries (60)
Twin medium turbolaser batteries (40)
Twin long range ion cannonbatteries (10)
Twin ion cannons (30)
Heavy tractor beam emitters (10)

120 starfighters
Landing craft
All Terrain series walkers
Docking bays

Forward bay at prow.
Transport ring at stern.
109,000 officers, pilots, and enlisted
Passengers 829th Imperial Attack Company
Consumables 3 years

Bridge Crew:
Communications Officer: 2nd Lieutenant Bennar Montag
Navigation Officer: 2nd Lieutenant Zhane Soduntis
Weapons Officer: 2nd Lieutenant Terras Gilder
Ground Forces Coordinator: 2nd Lieutenant Desric Navin
Space Forces Coordinator: 2nd Lieutenant Daniel Maximus
Technical Sergeant: Sergeant Arix Glam
Technical Sergeant: Sergeant Wes Mendenhall


Branden-Magister Blog 1 comment

Wow i just checked my mods and i have a total of :
Zero Hour Installed: 9
Zero Hour Not Installed: ALOT
Rise of The Witch King installed: 1
Rise of The Witch King Not Installed: 6
Forces of Corruption installed: 8
Forces of Corruption not installed: 25+
Thats way more than i thought i had i mean i thought i only like 25 :D Totally wrong any way cant wait for Assault Horizon to be finished to its full potential along with Republic At War they are both going to be sick :D


Branden-Magister Blog 1 comment

god dam am i sick of fucking finding a mod and its awesome but then when i go to download it ITS NOT AVAILABLE!! I mean really if ur gonna post a god dam mod then POST THE FUCKING DOWNLOAD!! BTW i read that the shockwave team is going back rotr BS! I think they should make an entire new mod or some thing fuck the cold war THERE WAS NO SHOTS FIRED BTWN US AND SOVIET FORCES IT WAS NOT A GOD DAM WAR AT ALL!!!

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