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daimyo21 May 10 2013 says:

Hey, that nato invasion 1.0 you posted about. Is it a campaign coop mode or more of just free-roam in multiplayer with friends and spawned in monsters/npcs with no interactions?

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daimyo21 May 13 2012 says:

This and DayZ combined would be epic.

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daimyo21 Apr 6 2012 says:

Undead dont use their lungs or heart like normal people. Very high caliber rifles can take them down in chest/arms/legs to simulate torn body parts. The mission type gives plenty of ammo/weapons, however, youll burn through it fast if you dont place your shots properly. Also you can get very overwhelmed with the amount of hordes that attack.

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daimyo21 Jan 20 2012 says:

I loaded up the game and it crashed to desktop saying something about "steam servers not available" or something along those lines.. Basically it crashes right after company logo. Im very very tech savvy and I've done development of my own so Im pretty up to date with all the necessary drivers etc. Ill keep trying and let you know.

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daimyo21 Jan 20 2012 says:

Keep up the good work!

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daimyo21 Nov 27 2011 says:

I was just talking to my friend about how awesome of a game the staulker series has been. And I said a coop side of it would be awesome (maybe not just coop but free roam). This looks great so far. Are you guys looking to incorporate a full coop campaign or just deathmatch with monsters? How many players can you support total?

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daimyo21 Nov 8 2011 says:

Great mod. So far it has met most of my expectations and I see a ton of the hard work in the gameplay and content. Only negative experience Ive encountered was when I played on the Official server #3. Couple of developers handled themselves in a very immature, childish, and stubborn way. One was the owner of the servers who ruined everyone experience by TKing and spamming indian music while the other guy "Ghetto" or whatever (apparently one of the mappers), defended it and also began TKing. This type of representation I guess would be expected from an indie team but being a small-time developer myself, I cant imagine why someone would want to smear their own hard work and hard work of others. Overall though, its a job well done.

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