As a member of an elite rebel fighting force based out of City 17, you and your four comrades have found yourself in a most hopeless situation: an unstoppable horde is approaching, one that cannot be defeated even by the likes of you and your experienced team. Facing insurmountable odds and with no hope of rescue, there's only one thing you can do: hold your ground and face endless waves of enemies in a suicidal yet heroic effort to save as many future victims’ lives as possible.

You will not survive.



The game is divided into a perpetuating series of two distinct parts: combat phases and interim phases. During a combat phase, players face a specified number of enemies (NPCs) of a certain type called a wave. Players have an unlimited amount of time to eradicate this wave, but if a player dies, they will not respawn until the wave is cleared. If the wave is defeated and at least one player remains, an interim phase begins, and for a relatively short period of time, all players are safe from harm and are free to refine their strategy in preparation for the next wave. Afterwards, another combat phase begins, spawning an even more deadly wave of enemies, and so the cycle continues with ever-increasing difficulty until all players have been eliminated.


There are currently four different types of waves: zombie waves, headcrab waves, antlion waves, and Combine waves. Waves are classified by the types of NPCs found in them. For example, during a Combine wave, players can expect Overwatch soldiers, manhacks, city scanners, etc. No two waves of the same type are exactly the same though, so while one zombie wave might feature mostly slow poison zombies, the next one could introduce a massive horde of speedy fast zombies.

As the game progresses, players may encounter boss NPCs (e.g. antlion guard). These enemies are significantly stronger than their counterparts and only spawn during waves along with their respective wave type. In other words, if a player does come face-to-face with an antlion guard, it will only ever be during an antlion wave. While it is possible to play a round of the game without ever encountering a boss NPC, should one spawn, it must be killed in order for the current wave to end and for the game to continue.


Rather than limiting players by forcing them to choose between fixed, predetermined classes, individuals can pick and choose their arsenal. Players can carry one primary weapon, one secondary weapon, one melee weapon, and one type of equipment (e.g. frag grenades, deployable turrets, etc.) at a time. Loadouts can be changed and saved anytime, but are only applied at the start of a combat phase.

Credits & Props

When players kill an enemy, they receive a certain number of credits. During an interim phase, these credits can be used to purchase stationary props which the player can use to temporarily barricade off certain areas, construct a custom base of operations, etc. How much a prop costs depends on properties like its size and breakability, with the largest unbreakable props being the most expensive.

Players are given additional credits for killing tougher enemies (e.g. boss NPCs) and for performing other helpful tasks, like healing teammates with a health kit.

Miscellaneous Features

As the game unfolds, players may come across friendly NPCs (e.g. armed City 17 citizens). Should players choose to interact with these NPCs, they will join their cause and be added to players' global support squad. With further interaction, support squad members can be told to move to a particular location and reinforce a position.

Players' health regenerates slowly over time. Additionally, players have the option of equipping a health kit as part of their loadout which can be carried around like a weapon and used to instantly restore the health of either the user or another player to full.

A player's speed is based both on their health (i.e. the lower your health, the slower you will be able to move) and their current loadout, where each weapon has its own weight penalty. Not coincidentally, the heavier weapons are also some of the most powerful ones in the game (e.g. AR2).

Unlimited primary ammo is provided for all clip-based projectile weapons, but players still have to reload when their clip is empty.


Contingency has plenty of its own unique features, but it is also a culmination of ideas based on a multitude of existing maps, mods and games, especially the following:


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After five glorious years of developing modifications for the Source engine, the last year of which we’ve been largely inactive, it is with a heavy heart I announce the official closing of Agent Red Productions. Work on all projects, new and old, have ceased indefinitely. Our website will still be up for a couple more months until the domain name expires, but with limited to no support.

I hope this hasn’t come as a shock to anyone. That said, I do apologize that we were not able to finish the projects we set out to complete. Ever since Lethal Stigma’s development team all but disappeared and Half-Life 2: Retaliation’s development came to a close following an unfortunate data loss incident, our studio has had little to no in-house support, only retaining a core few active members along the way. It has always been my intention to complete development on Situation Outbreak 2, and I believe there’s still plenty of room for improvement with Contingency, but we simply do not have the resources to see those projects through at this time, nor have we for the past year. Perhaps one day they’ll see the light, but in the meantime, we cannot continue.

I want to personally thank everyone involved in the development of all of our mods throughout the years, regardless of contribution or commitment. We could not have gotten as far as we did without you. I would also like to thank everyone who has supported us and played what we’ve produced, especially those who have been with us since our inception. Our projects were always made for you, the community, and so we sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed them.

If you have any final comments, questions, suggestions or concerns for any of us here at Agent Red Productions, please email me at james@agentredproductions.com and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


James Pizzurro
Co-founder of Agent Red Productions

Contingency Updated (v0.1.5)

Contingency Updated (v0.1.5)

3 years ago News 10 comments

An update for Contingency is now available! It includes various gameplay changes, bug fixes, a new weapon and a new map. Update now!

Contingency v0.1.0 Released

Contingency v0.1.0 Released

3 years ago News 35 comments

As promised, Contingency has entered public beta just in time to reign in the new year. Download the latest build and try it out for yourself today!

A Trailer & Beta Release Date

A Trailer & Beta Release Date

4 years ago News 6 comments

Contingency is officially entering the public sphere! Read on for details, including a proper release date and a brand-new trailer.

Configuring Source SDK for Contingency

Configuring Source SDK for Contingency

3 years ago Mapping/Technical 2 comments

Want to make your own map for Contingency? Have a look at this unofficial guide to setting up Source SDK for Contingency!

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Contingency v0.1.5 (Compressed Archive)

Contingency v0.1.5 (Compressed Archive)

3 years ago Full Version 2 comments

This is a compressed archive of v0.1.5 of Contingency. Use the automated installer if you don't know how to use this.

Contingency v0.1.5 (Automated Installer)

Contingency v0.1.5 (Automated Installer)

3 years ago Full Version 3 comments

This is an automated installer for v0.1.5 of Contingency.

Post comment Comments  (0 - 10 of 200)
drugbugz Sep 3 2015 says:

this moddo isa deado

+1 vote     reply to comment
Death059 May 17 2015 says:

Real shame to see this mod go. It's still fun to play with friends however.
I hope it never gets taken down, this may be dead, but hell if it isn't great.

+1 vote     reply to comment
1230tjdgns Jan 31 2015 says:


+1 vote     reply to comment
Third.Eye Feb 2 2015 replied:

Yep, we closed our doors back in 2012, I don't see us getting back together either. Shame, James had some great ideas bouncing around in that noggin of his.
I'd really like to revisit some of these old projects someday, college and other things just get in the way sometimes.

+2 votes     reply to comment
TheRenegadist Dec 30 2014 says:

Keep working on this man its so much fun plus there are bugs that break some of the maps.

+1 vote     reply to comment
HEVcrab Jan 19 2014 says:

Hi James,I occasionally drop in at your page. The current release certainly has many features to be pleased with, but if you ever get to it, what is really needed is balancing of the weapons (both in hands of players and enemies). The only weapon setup that currently makes sense is Crossbow+Magnum, others are much weaker. Plus, headshots are not encouraged enough. Long ago I made up a table of weapon damage values needed for balance: Mediafire.com It's based on enemies' health amount, the headshot damage multiplier being 4. Some enemy health values are to be rebalanced, they're considered in the file.
Anyone who picks up development (as the project is open-source), please consider this)

+1 vote     reply to comment
HEVcrab Mar 13 2014 replied:

Another suggestion for future developers:
it would be nice to introduce a more realistic MP7 in Contingency, with parts and attachments looking more appropriate.
IMO this version of the weapon would fit well both in hands of players and NPCs, maybe with some enemies carrying a single SMG grenade. I based this concept off Lethal Stigma version of SMG1, intending to keep its holding and reloading animations.

+1 vote     reply to comment
riquestick Nov 24 2013 says:

My Contingency don't work. The game starts but them it closes. Help!

+1 vote     reply to comment
jamespizzurro Creator
jamespizzurro Dec 7 2013 replied:

Make sure Source SDK Base 2007 is installed and that you have launched it at least once. You can find it under the Tools section in Steam.

+1 vote   reply to comment
The_Psycho Nov 11 2013 says:


+1 vote     reply to comment
jamespizzurro Creator
jamespizzurro Nov 21 2013 replied:

Perhaps one day I will revisit this project, however as a concept, I am pleased with the current release and as such have no immediate plans to continue its development--especially not alone now that Agent Red Productions is defunct. But thank you. =)

+2 votes   reply to comment
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