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Daidalos Sep 8 2013, 6:41am replied:

Well, there exists a directory "~/.config/unity3d/IntravenousSoftware/NeonXSZ" and it includes a "prefs" file that contains the resolution options.
However changing those only affects the splash screen and the resolution seems to default to the old value of 1920x1080 when you get into the game (i.e. the part with the terms and conditions pops up but there are still no visible buttons and I cannot use my mouse to scroll the contents), regardless of what's in the prefs file. (the values in the prefs file default back to 1920x1080; you can change the permissions to read only but that has no effect on the game itself, it just means that the splash screen will keep the resolution specified in this file since it fails to overwrite them).

Btw. I am using Debian and when I installed the game I wasn't able to launch it from desura because "desura/common/neonxsz/NeonXSZ" wasn't marked as executable, just fyi. :)

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Daidalos Sep 8 2013, 5:55am says:

Hmm, I have the same problem with this game as with other Unity games (like Paranatuical Activity) on my Linux machine.
I start the game and it doesn't seem to accept input from my mouse. And it seems that the resolution is too high. I get the terms and conditions but there are no buttons to click and I cannot scroll down or do anything.

I only have one monitor.

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Daidalos Jun 22 2013, 3:01pm replied:

Okay, I figured out what it is.
I just disabled VJoy Virtual Joystick and it works properly now.

I got the idea after trying Space Nomads which had a similar problem.

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Daidalos Jun 16 2013, 4:48am replied:

This basically happens on my Windows machine.
On the Linux machine it doesn't seem to load when I hit play or maybe I just cannot hit play because the resolution of the game is completely messed up and there does not seem to be a way of changing it.

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Daidalos Jun 15 2013, 1:26pm says:

My character keeps walking forwards and to the left. I have unplugged all controllers except for the mouse and keyboard and it still persists. Is this intentional?

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Daidalos Mar 7 2013, 12:20pm says:

Support is awesome! 10/10 would have problems and then have them resolved again!

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Daidalos Feb 16 2012, 6:04pm replied:

Yes, a demo would be really appreciated because I am rather intrigued about how this game would play!

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Daidalos Jan 19 2012, 2:16pm says:

Now I can find out what it is like for Lilly and get closer to her psychically! Thanks!

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Daidalos Jan 30 2005, 11:20am says:

I want to mention, that there were several mod teams, that started making mods for half life 2 like 1 year before it was released.

Your mod sounds great, you will definetly make a GJ :)

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