Hi they named me Daniel. I am confused monkey, same as the rest of you. Born in Czech Republic 1985. I seek the purest truth achivable by human form, but im no boddist m

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CzechDeath 17hours 36mins ago says:

HEH knife and the rainbow... what more to witsh

+1 vote   media: Rainbows
CzechDeath Feb 20 2015, 9:07am says:


+2 votes   download: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. build 1935 - Widescreen Patch
CzechDeath Feb 20 2015, 7:10am replied:

hah really ?

+1 vote   mod: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl
CzechDeath Feb 18 2015, 8:39am replied:

Okay thanks for reply =D

+1 vote   mod: Old Good STALKER Evolution
CzechDeath Feb 18 2015, 7:04am says:

nice! and correct side too =D

+2 votes   media: The Beauty of Weaponry
CzechDeath Feb 18 2015, 5:40am says:

Hello ! Are you planning hands model/skin changing with suits and clear sky detector system (holding detector while holding the bolt)

I thought this is impossible in Shoc until I saw some gameplay vids from autumn Aurora...

And since OGS is mod I am waithing for, I would like to know if this nice feature will join the other truckload of other awesome features of OGS =)

+1 vote   mod: Old Good STALKER Evolution
CzechDeath Feb 18 2015, 5:32am says:

Great water reflections BUT should the clods be illuminated red orange because of setting sun? =D and shadows facing your direction at low angle?

+1 vote   media: Sun path or moon glade in an appropriate time
CzechDeath Feb 17 2015, 4:45am says:

Looks as if huge flames where going out of that factory's chimney =D

+6 votes   media: Running away from beauty!:)
CzechDeath Feb 16 2015, 6:56am says:

Hey I like that and also I like the weapons... what pack do you use?

+1 vote   media: New look of HDR & Lighting
CzechDeath Feb 15 2015, 6:50am says:

I like the vintorez ...the colors not so different, maybe more screens?

+2 votes   media: Vibrant or Natural?
CzechDeath Feb 13 2015, 4:33am replied:

Hey thanks! That helped!

+1 vote   media: CNPP
CzechDeath Feb 12 2015, 12:12pm replied:

Okay sounds cool, BUT I would need so far just the line I have to change somewhere in config or script or something.... becaues dynamic shaders is coliding with my ZRP mod... and I just want that sun on the sky I will test your mod later... when more ready %D
...When I google things like "STALKER sun fix" it finds nothing that I could use =C

+1 vote   media: CNPP
CzechDeath Feb 12 2015, 8:43am says:

hah... very nice... how come I don't have sun in my vanilla shoc?...

+1 vote   media: CNPP
CzechDeath Feb 12 2015, 4:45am says:

Nooo hands in car bad... =D I mean you will see how buggy it is... I prefer my imagination over this... Also we don't see hand reaching out to open doors and picking up stuff so shouldn't be problem.

+1 vote   media: New hands in car
CzechDeath Feb 12 2015, 4:44am says:

Well when shooting with abakan like that, the bullet should run around the room 5 times =D

+1 vote   mod: Oblivion Lost Remake
CzechDeath Feb 11 2015, 7:32pm says:

will there be stashes and stuff hidden? I hate when I explore and there is jack **** everywhere

+2 votes   mod: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl
CzechDeath Feb 11 2015, 5:35am says:

Can I use this grass distance separately? I mean cool mod and stuff but I wanna just insert it in to my vanilla stalker

+1 vote   media: Massively increased grass draw distance
CzechDeath Feb 4 2015, 5:06pm replied:

Allright... I think

+1 vote   mod: Absolute HD Mod
CzechDeath Feb 3 2015, 6:10pm replied:

Hahahahaha =D that ... that was a good one!

+1 vote   mod: Absolute HD Mod
CzechDeath Jan 27 2015, 8:43am says:

Okay nice

+1 vote   media: Gameplay
CzechDeath Jan 22 2015, 6:03am replied:

That is why Source engine actually renders background, included citadel, separately, as miniature model somewhere under map and projecting the model in size needed "behind" behind actual level. Because source engine would also go crazy from 5km large model =D

So it takes balls to make it 1:1 in any engine, Arma or not =D

+2 votes   media: Combie Overwatch Soldier & Citadel
CzechDeath Jan 20 2015, 9:22am says:

How could I have missed this mod? %D
Looks great!

+1 vote   mod: Old Story 1.1.6 [CS 1.5.10]
CzechDeath Jan 16 2015, 6:45am says:

Yea missing grass on the right

HL2 having most of grass now missing... prettymuch everywhere where is not road or sidewalk sepose to be grass on the ground... but not anymore... =C I wish somebody included THAT fix in to their mod... This mod looks great tho

+1 vote   media: Half-Life 2 : MMod - Post Processing Shaders
CzechDeath Jan 15 2015, 6:53am says:

okay thanx

+1 vote   download: SEVA Suit missing hud hands fix
CzechDeath Jan 15 2015, 6:34am replied:

Oh shitnuggets... okay false alarm then =D thanks for info !

+2 votes   download: OGSE Russian Open Beta test version
CzechDeath Jan 15 2015, 5:56am says:

nice all Zbrush? great job!

+1 vote   media: Combine Helmet
CzechDeath Jan 15 2015, 4:57am says:

Mwell what can I say ... downloading even when I'm not russian %D

+1 vote   download: OGSE Russian Open Beta test version
CzechDeath Jan 13 2015, 8:57am replied:

Thank you for superfast answare!

+2 votes   media: New weaponry!
CzechDeath Jan 13 2015, 7:08am says:

Any plans for weather overhaul, Grass density and Dynamic shaders compatibility or down right cooperation? =)

+1 vote   media: New weaponry!
CzechDeath Jan 13 2015, 6:48am says:

Mmmm... when I have some time I'll see how it will work with Complete mod... Oh wait, complete is for 1,0006 but this is for 5 oh ...I see

+1 vote   article: Version 2.0 CTP - Release Notes
CzechDeath Nov 13 2014, 5:28am says:

so this is how It looked when antiens on the mars first opened the hell portal =D

+2 votes   article: Venture: Instant Action Cathedral Archery Prototype Coop Gameplay
CzechDeath Oct 27 2014, 6:59am says:

This mod walked long way =D looks very interesting, I would ease up on the post effects of Sikk mod, but those I'm sure are optional

+1 vote   article: Mars City Security WIP Update 13
CzechDeath Oct 25 2014, 10:03am says:


+7 votes   article: Mod Cast - 25th Oct
CzechDeath Jun 30 2014, 6:06pm says:

atmosfetic !

+3 votes   media: FD
CzechDeath May 18 2014, 1:02pm replied:

good thing I also own DVD version =P aw yea.

+1 vote   download: Lost World: Origin
CzechDeath May 15 2014, 4:46am says:

on torrent they say "This mod is the restoration of "the very stalker" for the period 2003-2004. The main objective of the project is to restore the stalker in this form, what would it be, if released in early 2004. In addition to the two main plot branches in fashion will be another alternative. All quests in fashion are from dizdoks.

it a stand alone mod based on the earlier builds"

So is it really standalone or that is some misstake? =)

+1 vote   media: Oblivion Lost Remake 2.0 released!
CzechDeath May 11 2014, 11:29am replied:

yet my steam version fresh installment cant launch...

+1 vote   download: Lost World: Origin
CzechDeath Dec 25 2013, 5:20am says:

but for winter I would wanna throw snowballs in to anomalies instead of bolts =D

+4 votes   media: Merry Christmas!
CzechDeath Sep 1 2013, 8:46am says:

children workers are back =D

+3 votes   media: Male Child Worker
CzechDeath Aug 25 2013, 5:44pm says:

YAY gonna test it now " =)

+5 votes   download: On a Rail Uncut - Full Beta
CzechDeath May 14 2013, 9:35am replied:

Hehe OMG =) that made my day =P

+1 vote   media: Last Night
CzechDeath May 11 2013, 8:20am replied:

Oh but it is =)

+4 votes   media: Last Night
CzechDeath Mar 18 2013, 6:01am replied:

Dont know that comics =) Im more Preacher typer =D

Inspiration is allover the place, mostly diving suit and real astronaut gear, but as you can see heavily optimised.

I simply did not want it to be starwars like or masseffect like or gears of war like.

I wanted her to be unnussualy ussual =D

+1 vote   media: Zenaida
CzechDeath Mar 8 2013, 11:45am says:

Oh my god going trought screenes =D this is very very cool beautifull ! so so nice forest ! Im gonna enjoy this !

+1 vote   media: Lost Alpha screens for February 2013
CzechDeath Feb 6 2013, 6:50am replied:

SCAR in crysis is nothing like SCAR in real life.

Krongfah is correct that is definetly model from crysis. its not xm8.

0 votes   media: Oblivion Lost 2012 - HD++ Screenshots
CzechDeath Jan 7 2013, 8:07am replied:

Yes tennis ball. Simplicity is the way =D

Door becomse transluchent during the travel and become a window.

+2 votes   media: Spacepod (Earth Tech)
CzechDeath Dec 3 2012, 6:11am says:

Canr wait to lurk in shadows around them =) I remember how I sniped with vintorez whole bandit base from near by hill, I did it so that almost no bandit got alerted =)it was very 47 satisfying =)

+2 votes   media: Lost Alpha screens for December 2012
CzechDeath Oct 16 2012, 5:20am says:

This forklidt only yellow is parking near my house %D haha its very very old ! But its real !

+4 votes   media: OGSE Escape
CzechDeath Sep 20 2012, 3:56pm replied:

already working on that =D, i also replaced some old alarms and weapon sounds with eigher surce (explosions) or original hl.

soundtrack is pretty much all that is left =)

+1 vote   download: BlackMesa Hecu voices
CzechDeath Aug 20 2012, 2:45pm replied:

ofcoure I can =)

But it maight desynchronize some weather conditions/effects like blowouts, I encountred that kind of problem before in other mods... I had to redo timing of actuall blowout effects to corespond with time speed and I wasnt enirly sucessful.

+2 votes   media: greetings from the zone / ts
CzechDeath Aug 20 2012, 5:25am replied:


How fast is alife time going?

Vanilla was 1:10. I found out that most ideal(for me) is 1:3 for not going too fast, and it isnt too loong like when set to 1:1

+3 votes   media: greetings from the zone / ts
CzechDeath Jun 12 2012, 3:58am says:

Thinking with portals!

There could be some Apeture easter egg somewhere, since they are rivals with Black Mesa research facility on portal technology filed =)

+12 votes   media: Screenshots
CzechDeath May 31 2012, 11:43am says:

I feel Neon Evangelion Genesis inspiration

+1 vote   media: Echo 1
CzechDeath May 3 2012, 4:38pm says:

This screenshot has very strong atmospehre ! I love how trees in distance are swalloed by that misticaly looking fog, with very dark and yet somehow natural feeling.

And that scenery fluedly fades in to that gorgeus skybox, where clouds somehow fuse with that misterious fog creating pretty claustrophobic, low clouds tension, which is surprisingly balanced by optimistily romatic sunset shining trough rips in those strange weather conditions!

This Image I will remember !

+7 votes   media: Lost Alpha
CzechDeath May 3 2012, 9:26am says:

Oh is that a gar..... ow damn =O

SO what is it than? dark walley ?

0 votes   media: Lost Alpha
CzechDeath Feb 14 2012, 10:54am says:

oh not his is from 1935 nuild O recognize that bridge

more grass '

+2 votes   media: New Screens
CzechDeath Feb 8 2012, 5:46am replied:

one positive carma from me because of snork humping your leg =D !

+3 votes   media: Lost Alpha screens for February
CzechDeath Feb 8 2012, 5:37am replied:

Oh I must have missed that one =) Ok thanx for info =P

+1 vote   media: Lost Alpha screens for February
CzechDeath Feb 7 2012, 7:46pm says:

So poltergeists arent balls of energy anymore ? or you used this as different monster ?

+1 vote   media: Lost Alpha screens for February
CzechDeath Jan 29 2012, 9:34am replied:

I have the same problem. I have retail version of doom3 updated to 1.3.1

I used your updater - it downloaded your version 1.07 and few more packs... and still there is only black screen with cursor and sounds...

I have no mod directly in the base... Alho I did test some mods there, but after that I deleted all folthers I created.

+1 vote   download: The Dark Mod 1.06
CzechDeath May 17 2011, 8:15am says:

I love the flora there !!

So dense !

I need to play it...

+2 votes   media: Lost Alpha
CzechDeath Apr 1 2011, 6:49am says:



lost-hill =D

+6 votes   media: Lost Alpha April Foolz 2011
CzechDeath Mar 31 2011, 12:47pm replied:

NO it doesn't =) you little troll =P

+1 vote   article: Log Entry 017: Bullseye debuts on Kongregate
CzechDeath Mar 9 2011, 8:51am says:

Damn I cant stop smiling ...

looks awsome ! You made my day once again =)

Thank you Dez0team keep it up ! Im sending you my positive energy !

+6 votes   media: Lost Alpha with special Atmosfear weather (r2)
CzechDeath Jan 21 2011, 8:33am replied:

Except underground was accesable without loading, and it was possitioned differently than in SOC.

+1 vote   media: Lost Alpha
CzechDeath Jan 12 2011, 5:03am says:

When I see this screenshot I looks like LA version of zone will not be that crowded as vanilla stalker, where every 20m was someone =D

+1 vote   media: Lost Alpha
CzechDeath Dec 25 2010, 7:17pm says:

OH yea baby =D AWSOME !

I just love lost alpha =D

+3 votes   media: Lost Alpha Xmas 2010
CzechDeath Dec 3 2010, 11:42am replied:

Yea first gun was so much better, nicely balanced and futuristic looking.

This one is too recognizable mixture between m60 and m4 with some custom addons.

Screen is constantly shaking, making impossible to aim. Mortars looks to much like meteors. I died several times before I realized it was mortar whats killing me.

terminators looks great, atmosphere is good. It starting to feel really like terminator.

+2 votes   download: Fps Terminator Alpha Demo v1.0.1
CzechDeath Jul 31 2010, 7:40pm says:

Yantar ?

+1 vote   media: Lost Alpha "waiting for alpha format 2" screens
CzechDeath Jul 26 2010, 6:04pm replied:

Ok thnx for info ... =)

+1 vote   download: Beta Physics For Gravity Gun
CzechDeath Jul 16 2010, 4:12am says:

well and when i UPLOADED THEM TO FPSBANANA they get trashed for illegality, so I ask:

Is this legal ?

+1 vote   download: Beta Physics For Gravity Gun
CzechDeath Jun 29 2010, 8:49am says:

will you make cars demagable as in old stalker was planned?(i DO NOT mean twisted metal on model, that would require almost new engine for just this thing - like in Carmageddon2=)

If I may put here suggestion:

I wouldnt make them explode, like they was in OL. Thats ******** you hit three and your car explodes and dissapear?

I would make car just unoperatable,like you cannot start motor anymore, or replace it with its prop model when it is destroyed.

that would be badass your car brokes, so you will still have your stuff in trunk and it is still around, but you cant ride it anymore.

what do you think?

+3 votes   article: Fuel usage and trunk for vehicles (finished feature)
CzechDeath Jun 29 2010, 8:40am says:

Im having hard on when I look at those videos =)

Well how will this work anyway ?

if this will add those things and maps and all fetures, are actually added/replaing default of SOC, I could just play it as hugely extended shadow of chernobil, yes?

this will still be gamedata and maybe some dlls in bin, right?

0 votes   article: Hanging Lamps, Projectors and Cameras (finished feature)
CzechDeath Jun 29 2010, 6:47am replied:

cau cau =)

do svyho profilu sem nekoukal asi tak ... no odzacatku =D

sem rad ze se cesi sdruzujou =) cheche !

+1 vote   member: CzechDeath
CzechDeath Mar 17 2010, 11:50am says:

this mod is just wierd ...

+1 vote   media: Air Exchange Enter - PRE FINAL!
CzechDeath Jan 13 2010, 8:50am says:

oke it looks nice so far... but if this sepose to be other squad, sou shouldnt use any of already seen or known faces of main characters ... =D I've seen there Prophet !

I love that new sniper scope =D

+2 votes   media: Official trailer
CzechDeath Nov 27 2009, 11:07am says:

These are drawinings of Valve's drawnings and it is concept for hl2 city scaner ...

+1 vote   media: Scanner Concepts
CzechDeath Feb 1 2009, 12:14pm replied:

OH yea =) make Plzen or Prague as city 9 and 8 =D hehe

BTW Im from Prage and this screens reminds me zbraslav

+1 vote   media: City 24
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