A brooding sanitarium holds an ancient power that is searching for a way to regain its hold over a New England community.

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Cool mod with nice ambiance, it's worth the play.
EDIT : Part 2 is even cooler, this mod is a really nice piece of work, I was really pleased to play this, and can't wait for part 3 :D

2nd ÉDIT : part 3 gets 100 feet above in quality, it is nearly Underhell-like in some aspects, think about it like that Cthulhu HL1 mod but in Source.


Aleks88 says

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It was a pretty good mod, had its rather scary moments.
I would definitely recommend this mod for Lovecraft fans.



There has been only one other mod I played besides this that involved any Cthulhu mythos, it was bad, this was good.

The mapping isn't super special but it was sufficient to maintain my suspension of disbelief.

As for the story, I am dying for some resolution, so I guess you have success in having me invested in the plot.

One gripe though, the second to the last map did not transition well into the last map, I had to launch the console to fix that.

Other than that, this is a very solid mod. It gave me vibes reminiscent of the Random Journey too.

I feel like this mod was good, but it really lacks polish as it is.

I played the 'redux' version (which I think is parts 1 and 2) and the ambiance was great throughout, especially at the beginning. However, I think the thing that works the most against most it is the regular use of text on the screen to convey the player's reactions to things. That and the camera and control being removed from the player almost habitually during part 1 kind of took away from the experience.

Mind you, this is a good mod with a lot of potential with the creepy vibes it puts out at the very beginning. I look forward to seeing part 3 and hope that my concerns are addressed by then.

I hope the modder considers getting proper voice actors, though. Text to speech programs are kind of obvious.

The Intern's Story brings you a suspenseful and chilling experience, almost unlike any other. The atmosphere is absolutely superb. The gameplay is similar to that of Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth. I highly recommend this mod if it sounds like your cup of tea.

Amazing mod. The storytelling is amazing, the ambiance is really creepy and the game scared the sh** out of my several times. The puzzles aren't too difficult, and it does not drag on for hours.
Definitely reccommend playing it.

Frustrating mod !
Good atmosphere, but boring gameplay...
a few puzzles no challenging at all and for the rest of the game : just walk and walk and walk... nothing else to do but waiting for cutscenes.
too bad ! with more challenge, this mod could be interesting to play.

I have always been a fan of HP Lovecraft's works. And although this is not completely connected to his Mythos, the influence and atmosphere is very much present from his stories.
First time I played this, I was hesitant to investigate the mysterious banging sound, a very ominous feeling takes hold that fills be with discomfort, but great satisfaction. And this feeling was persistent throughout the mod and I congratulate you for succeeding in that area!
I enjoyed the fact there was no combat, it emphasized that helpless, powerless feeling that requires quick thinking in the face of danger. It also meant that you had more of a reason to appreciate and soak in the environment and atmosphere of the story!
Going through the files, I found sound labelled with Shoggoths and Whippoorwills, I was very glad to see some links to Lovecraft that were not mentioned in the game :) The use of music and ambience by Allicorn was perfect, as well as the choice of vintage early 20th century music.
For me this mod has great replayability, probably due to my love for Lovecraft's Mythos, but even so it's a mod that I always enjoy and cherish.
Greatly looking forward to part 3, from what I can already see it looks as enjoyable and brilliant as the first ;)
Keep up the good work! I am always eagerly awaiting news!

I gave this a ten because this was truly a great work of horror storytelling and even had me scared and, most importantly, no issues to complain about. Ok, I admit to running around like an idiot in the first room because I failed to find the light switch. Moaning about this being a crap stupid mod, noclip’ng around, etc, then feeling foolish after watching the first minutes of a “youtube” walkthrough!
This time I had no stupid issues as I played along with my brain!
Great textures abound and the ever-creepy atmosphere haunts your every move, as does something large and unpleasant! This is a really disturbing asylum, and I’ve been in “Never Lose Hope Hospital” and your treatment is not good. And escaping fares little better!
This is so very weird and horrific and fascinating. Old-fashioned horror, with all the fog and mist, could even have been shot in sepia, but even in full colour it keeps its quaint charm. Still bloody creepy though!J
The lack of customised characters adds to its odd charm and has a lot of bright areas for a horror!
Having no weapons is never good, but Mother is here to help……..

Play this in the dark and shiver.

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