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ComradeWinston Sep 12 2014, 9:37pm says:

Unless our PC gaming Lord TotalBiscuit declares this the greatest game of the decade and its also $10 or less on Steam at one time or another, chances are I'm just ignoring this GTA. If they keep ignoring the PC, I'll just keep on ignoring them as I spend my time on better and cheaper games.

+3 votes     article: The PC version of Grand Theft Auto V - Released first next year!
ComradeWinston Sep 12 2014, 2:55am replied:

With some red silk lining the inside.

+1 vote     media: Sacrificing Idenity for a Label
ComradeWinston Sep 11 2014, 11:09pm says:

For sometime a few years ago, you could have considered me some sort of half-assed metalhead. I never had been much interested in heavy metal as I pretty much now consider a pile of noise and an affront to my senses. That said, I'd sooner suffer that than Katie Perry's music, mostly on principle. There's nothing I could care much less about than fashion so I pretty much have a black-gray closet and my hair grows only as long as I can suffer it.

On the rare occasion I go out upon my own will, I sport a thin black coat to a length just above my knees with an Imperial Aquila pin on the left collar. I prefer classical music and particularly enjoy most any rock music up until the 1980s. You could mark me some awkward leftover of the late 20th century; minus the LSD, tie-dye, or bell-bottoms.

At most, I've never labeled myself anything aside from a communist or socialist and to whichever end I no longer consider them applicable. You may as well call yourself nothing and only mark others for convenience if you deem necessary out of apathy.

+1 vote     media: Sacrificing Idenity for a Label
ComradeWinston Sep 8 2014, 6:51pm says:

Social justice momentum has recently gone to the feminists. Sadly between white guilt and their having gone mad with every minor irrelevant issue instead of tackling major ones such as abortion along a myriad of other health rights & issues, they went full retard. As most of you are probably aware, you never go full retard.

All of this "cis gender" nonsense is a sad failed push of a desperate bunch of attention seekers. In a few years or decade I had hoped for a rejuvenated leftist uprising, friendly to JFK and FDR types. At this point, I've given up on any reasonable expectation of this happening. Back to the point of the gaming "community."

We live in a new era, where the ideals of nationalism and bigotry are challenged and widely are becoming abandoned. Media, social networking and so on make it quite easy for people to know what's going on and to put a human face on it. The gaming "community" is thus very susceptible to any ripples in the social justice realm of events. As a society, the empathetic among us have trained many to assume when someone cries wolf, they're actually in the presence of a wolf and "the man" doesn't want you to care. It actually is quite ironic, however they will never gain any real momentum in all likelihood.

As dumb as most people may be, it doesn't take long to smell ******** if you truly care to know the truth and not be sucked into dogmas. Luckily with the dying of religion's dogma, a general attitude both disinterested or against dogma follows.

+3 votes     media: What level of social justice is acceptable?
ComradeWinston Aug 28 2014, 8:06pm replied:

Yes yes, very cute. Now go sit in the corner and pray that I die a horrible death, go to hell, or whatever it is you do when someone doesn't kneel to your invisible dictator.

+1 vote     member: ComradeWinston
ComradeWinston Aug 8 2014, 11:08pm says:

Can't go wrong with the universal language, money.

+2 votes     poll: MOTY Prizes You choose!
ComradeWinston Aug 6 2014, 3:42pm says:

Grand Moff Tarkin, any good moral atheist should commit space genocide.

+3 votes     media: Your favorite Atheist.
ComradeWinston Jun 29 2014, 6:33am replied:

If they do, chances are they'll all be rushed out within two years. That's assuming they don't axe DICE like most of their past developers.

+1 vote     media: Battlefield Hardline
ComradeWinston Jun 17 2014, 12:13am replied:

The stuttering you'll usually get while driving at high speeds is gone, though on outright ultra settings the FPS drop a bit much on my machine. Simply turning reflections & shadows down to high on my Nvidia 680 and 3770k CPU rig makes it run smoothly.

There's pretty much no reason at all to not get this mod basically, it only improves everything to look and run better at the same time. Ubisoft must be collectively ******** itself in shame.

+8 votes     article: New Watch_Dogs Mod Enables "E3 Graphics"
ComradeWinston Jun 16 2014, 6:55pm replied:

I just threw all that in an article, might as well toss in in the descriptions though.

+1 vote     media: Watch_Dogs E3 Mod
ComradeWinston Jun 9 2014, 6:00am replied:

Meh, Battlefield 3 & 3.5 were abysmal and Hardline only puts the final nail in the franchise's coffin. It's gone from fun large-scale combat to ADD dubstep Call of Duty shite with a few poorly designed large maps tossed in to keep fans from rioting. The things are pumped out on EA's yearly schedule on top of that, so its pretty much just EA's soulless competition against Call of Duty at this point.

RIP Battlefield

+4 votes     group: Battlefield Fans
ComradeWinston Jun 9 2014, 5:05am replied:

Recently just EUIV, Watch Dogs, and Space Engineers on rare occasion.

+1 vote     member: ComradeWinston
ComradeWinston May 15 2014, 3:58pm replied:

I've used Hamachi and Tungle, neither are very reliable or stable. I haven't had problems with though.

+5 votes     article: 50 more EA games soon to lose support for multiplayer online
ComradeWinston May 14 2014, 7:08pm says:

Little green men everywhere.

+1 vote     media: have some humor
ComradeWinston May 12 2014, 4:00pm replied:

They must not've been fulfilling their bad news quota.

+57 votes     article: 50 more EA games soon to lose support for multiplayer online
ComradeWinston May 11 2014, 4:36am replied:

By no means should you cease all communication with anyone simply for their religion or otherwise, however if someone of them is particularly being a prick let them wallow in their own pitiful existence. I needn't tell you how fond they are of playing victim.

And quite frankly I don't care to go digging or pay much mind to the daily drama, so I speak vaguely and not directly in the foremost statement.

+1 vote     group: Atheists, Agnostics, and Anti-theists of ModDB
ComradeWinston May 11 2014, 2:02am says:

Do yourself well to not respond to any nonsense the few idiots among the religious spew in your general direction. They are a dying few that will long-linger, abide them no dignity by letting them sit alone upon the corner of whatever street—metaphorical or otherwise—they so choose, beside their aimless ignorance and anger.

+1 vote     group: Atheists, Agnostics, and Anti-theists of ModDB
ComradeWinston May 10 2014, 8:28pm replied:

The key word being "was."

+1 vote     game: Dragon Age III: Inquisition
ComradeWinston May 9 2014, 6:26pm says:

The fact this exists is almost comedic.

+1 vote     media: SGI:Rebellion Wear
ComradeWinston Apr 30 2014, 7:03pm says:

This would be at least amusing, however there's this slightly massive army that consisted of over twenty million people to the east that kinda kicked the **** out of the Reich's *** before that whole 200,000ish man Normandy thing that happened years later. >.>

+2 votes     media: have some more humor
ComradeWinston Apr 28 2014, 6:11pm replied:

I love North Korea as an example of tyranny at its most extreme, turning its own leaders into unicorn-riding gods. They actually prove to be a quite useful reference for what the worst of religion-infused state power can do. And Iran, they're simply among the least terrible Islamic nations.

+2 votes     member: ComradeWinston
ComradeWinston Apr 28 2014, 3:42pm says:

How can't they be? I'm sure at least some of you have heard the whole 'Asian parent wanting their daughter to marry an Asian' thing.

In the United States we have a whole swath of the country that still clings to their old long-dead slave-holding secession country, some of those states even still have that flag embedded within their own. And now in Europe it seems Muslims are the new minority feared, which granted I at least can't blame them too much, but going to and beyond the point of racism is needless to say not among the most productive means to deal with a not-so-pleasant foreign and deeply religious culture.

+2 votes     media: Can Black people be racist?
ComradeWinston Apr 25 2014, 12:05am replied:

Same, I have a few sets of tools and wool but it refuses to notice.

0 votes     mod: Floris Mod Pack
ComradeWinston Apr 23 2014, 7:17pm says:

If EA's putrid little logo is on it, it can't be trusted.

+8 votes     article: Dragon Age: Inquisition has received date and a new trailer!
ComradeWinston Apr 20 2014, 7:04am says:

Merry stoned zombie Hitler day :D

+4 votes     group: Atheists, Agnostics, and Anti-theists of ModDB
ComradeWinston Apr 19 2014, 6:43pm says:

*slow clap*

+3 votes     media: Yes, this is my actual political spectrum
ComradeWinston Apr 19 2014, 7:10am replied:

Shameless promotion is shameless promotion.

+1 vote     group: Atheists, Agnostics, and Anti-theists of ModDB
ComradeWinston Apr 19 2014, 6:59am replied:

The way he died didn't matter, he was a small person and hardly worth the poison that killed him. If anything he was a nuisance to Tywin and a safety hazard to anyone around him, nothing more.

+3 votes     media: Karma
ComradeWinston Apr 19 2014, 5:50am says:

Jesus respawn day isn't until tomorrow, your sundials must be out of alignment.

+5 votes     member: ComradeWinston
ComradeWinston Apr 16 2014, 4:01am replied:

What? You thought he wouldn't keep using his latest troll account after he took-over that group? This is why we can't have nice things, however no one ever said you can't make a new nicer things.

This is when I plug the new group and you go to it.
> <
Go on, click her anyway you like. She isn't picky. >;)

+1 vote     group: Atheists, Agnostics, and Anti-theists of ModDB
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