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Mod Review on Apr 28th, 2015

First, I enjoyed it while it lasted: my game decided to corrupt every save (even new ones I do again) after I kill Borov, making it nearly impossible for me to go further up with the story since I can get one-shot and the game will crash upon reloading.

So I can't really tell how well this mod does in late sections of the game.
I finished SoC only once (vanilla), and there were a lot of ******** parts, especially at the CNPP, but I don't know if those situations get better or worse with the mod.
From what I've seen (I explored every location until the Dark Valley, didn't go to Rostok or other places) the game looks really good even on my old as hell laptop (I kept everything at minimum almost, except view distance because that's important with this mod), the autumn feel is there, it gives a nice new atmosphere to the game.
The new weapon system is great (animations, damage etc.), but I kind of dislike the fact that some Bandits with a normal Balaclava don't die with a shot in the head from an Abakan (and then proceed to blast me with a shotgun).
I like the new feel to shotguns as well, they are really powerful, as they should be.

So well, except for the part where my game decided to screw my progress, I really enjoyed what I did. It's really worth playing.
I'll retry this mod in a month with my new rig, and hopefully the game will be more kind to me, and I'll probably redo this review.

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