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coap Apr 1 2014, 4:50pm replied:

Well I took the canister but I don't have to use it since Beard already gave me the reward for wiping them out, so I guess I don't have an use for that old military fart?

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coap Mar 29 2014, 6:50pm says:

So, after hunting a lot and things, I bought some weapons and a Sunrise suit...
I went to the Oakpine Anomaly and I started sniping some dogs with my FN-FAL from the tree, when I turn and I see a Chimera that is stuck into the tree (I would show you the screenshot but Imgur doesn't want to work properly so ye)... I shot that thing 53 times in the head (I think, or at least most of the times) with my precious DU rounds... It fell into the anomaly but I went to loot it anyway, too bad I didn't find his pelt...
After that I went with Grouse to kill the Bloodsuckers: killed the first one pretty easily, then killed 2 while hiding behind those pipes near the elevator... In the basement, I just jumped onto the electrical boxes and started shooting them all with the Toz, killed them and went out.
I decided to go to the helicopter nearby but I was afraid of those two bloodsuckers lurking around but I went anyway through the water... After that I went to that fire nearby only to discover that a Freedom guy killed those two bloodsuckers :D

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coap Mar 27 2014, 10:47am says:

So I was fighting a pseudo giant at the quarry (at Duty's stash) when a second one appeared behind me and killed me... Thank you A-Life...

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coap Mar 22 2014, 6:16pm replied:

Well I guess that I hate them more in Clear Sky since you can hurt them only if they're visible, wich that means that you need to be really near them... Just nope.

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coap Mar 22 2014, 6:14pm replied:

I would actually hate you if I hadn't lowered my headphones volume... Also now that I think of it they sound much like the Tank (or was it the charger?) in L4D2...

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coap Mar 22 2014, 6:10pm replied:

I believe that you have to wait a bit.

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coap Mar 22 2014, 1:19pm says:

I ****ing hate bloodsuckers... Dammit, they scare the **** out of me D:

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coap Mar 21 2014, 11:28am says:

So I started a new game with my sniper (too bad I had a lot of good stuff in the previous version, like the Clear Sky suit and the L96 I think) and after a bit I was killed by a bunch of snorks (they started following me). I reloaded, and then I got killed by the psi waves of the controller in that cave in Zaton.
I made a lot of money from hunting but then I realized that being a sniper is expensive so I went with the assault dude. Made money, searched some stashes etc, then I killed Morgan. I was supposed to talk to the group leader for the reward but Spartacus and the other dude didn't give me a thing (Spartacus kept saying "Talk to the boss"), so I killed both of them and I got a nice L1A1 SLR from Spartacus (even if damaged as ****) :D
I get a solid frame rate now and less stutters, and enemies aren't bullet sponges anymore. So yeah, you made really good updates to the mod.

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coap Mar 19 2014, 9:36am says:

I need a new pc :/

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coap Mar 18 2014, 12:52pm says:

Time to reinstall CoP.

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coap Mar 17 2014, 9:10pm replied:

I knew someone would reply with this :D

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coap Mar 17 2014, 7:01pm says:

Suddenly, a demon appears... No wait, wrong game...

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coap Mar 9 2014, 12:07pm says:

Can't wait to get killed with one of those :D

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coap Mar 2 2014, 5:34pm says:

Reminds me a lot of the swamps in Metro Last Light, but here is a lot more darker...

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coap Feb 22 2014, 1:18pm says:


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coap Feb 16 2014, 5:07pm says:

They see me snipin'
They hatin'

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coap Feb 15 2014, 12:52pm says:

So I'm at Garbage right now, mod seems pretty stable.
I noticed a few bugs\glitches:

The reload of the Vintar is bugged, the clip isn't changed and you just wave it around.

If you drink water you get the drunk effect and if you drink a lot of it you get radiation, even if the description says it's non irradiated.

Also boars miss the eyes texture I believe, or maybe it happens only to me:

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coap Feb 14 2014, 2:43pm says:

So, I simply resolved my crash at the swamps by simply playing in DX9 instead of DX8...

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coap Feb 10 2014, 2:43pm replied:

My hardware specs are pretty old, but I can play fairly smoothly with every stalker game. I'm playing with static lighning (DX8)
I'll send you the log on a PM...

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coap Feb 10 2014, 11:45am says:

Is there a way to deactivate some graphic effects? My game keeps crashing every time I go to the swamps, after the second emission, right at the start of the game :(

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coap Feb 4 2014, 10:04am replied:

Teach me master.

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coap Feb 1 2014, 6:56pm says:

Oh yeah...

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coap Jan 19 2014, 3:36pm says:

I'll call my first AKS-74 "Shorty"

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coap Jan 9 2014, 3:41pm says:

Fap fap fap.

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coap Jan 6 2014, 5:08pm replied:

I love you (no ****)

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coap Jan 2 2014, 7:20pm says:

So will it melt if I stand near enough a burning anomaly? :D

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coap Dec 30 2013, 2:06pm replied:

Thanks for the offer :)

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coap Dec 29 2013, 3:03pm says:

OMG I never thought I would see this rifle in STALKER...

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coap Dec 27 2013, 2:03pm says:

I'm still a noob in BF2 (I get killed from every single angle lol) but I really want to try this mod :V

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coap Dec 25 2013, 11:48am replied:

Ah sad news :(

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coap Dec 15 2013, 10:06am says:

Is it possible to implement Call of Pripyat's quick item system in CS?
It would be nice to have it in CS too...

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