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CityBuilder Oct 11 2012 says:

Is this different from the old Cat Daddy game, Ski Resort Tycoon and Ski Resort Tycoon 2?

+2 votes   game: Ski Park Tycoon
CityBuilder Oct 11 2012 replied:

Wow that brings back some old memories, I used to own the domain names and & back in the days when they first came out and we had quite the community going at the time.

+2 votes   game: Cook, Serve, Delicious!
CityBuilder Sep 8 2012 says:

Looks pretty darn awesome already. Really looking forward to the full game.

+1 vote   download: Underrail Alpha Demo v0.4.1
CityBuilder Aug 31 2012 replied:

You have to have at least one game on your steam account, even a free game like alien swarm should (I say *Should*) quality your account to vote on the greenlight site and games.

+1 vote   game: Project Zomboid
CityBuilder Aug 8 2012 replied:

Thank you, that's what I like to hear, a developer that shows an interest in what his customers (and possible customers) say. My hat off to you.

+2 votes   game: WazHack
CityBuilder Jul 26 2012 replied:

ajmxxx1, Steps are coming in the 0.50 update. Check out the official Towns forums to find out when that will be released.

+1 vote   media: Small keep
CityBuilder Jul 26 2012 says:

The next update (0.50) is going to bring so many new options to how we build our Towns. Can hardly wait for it. It's going to be awesome, absolutely awesome.

+1 vote   media: Small keep
CityBuilder Jul 26 2012 says:

There are a couple other Roguelike games where it has a mode of play where you don't permanently die, you pay a price for sure, but you don't die. Would be a definite buy for me (and I assume some others too) if it had a non perma-death mode that could be played.

+3 votes   game: WazHack
CityBuilder Mar 15 2012 says:

Comments like "this is a rip off of Minecraft" is exactly what happens when you mix kiddies that idolize a developer such as Notch at Mojang. Many of them only even own Minecraft, and have no real experience with the millions of other games that have been produced. These people are about as dense as a sack full of hammers.

+7 votes   game: Future Wars
CityBuilder Mar 8 2012 replied:

There are many that wish Hunger lock didn't exist at all, however the new priority system in 0.42a (which as of this message Desura still hasn't authorized) does alleviate the hunger lock problem. However, I'd still like to see it completely removed out of the game by the time that it goes full gold. I was reading someplace that there will eventually be some sort of tethering system put into the game that will limit how far the Townies will be able to move around to try to alleviate the problem of them going way way out into the woods. However there are ways of combating that by making it so that they are not trying to collect items that are way way out in the woods, like turning off bone collection in the stockpile, and watching what you're doing when trying to collect meats or milk etc if you don't have your own farms.

+1 vote   game: Towns
CityBuilder Mar 8 2012 replied:

Do they not make money at selling the games for the developers? I would hope that they do and instead of keeping any revenue split to 3 man team they could hire enough people to actually provide their service in a timely manner. Sending 2 people out of 3 person team off to GDC is irresponsible in my opinion.

+1 vote   game: Towns
CityBuilder Mar 7 2012 says:

I'm getting really fed up with Desura and how slow they are to implement updates to the games they are selling. This is NOT how to treat your consumers. If I wanted things this slow I'd be using Steam.

0 votes   game: Towns
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