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Project Zomboid

Early access game review

Overall a good game that can be enjoyable. Only major drawbacks to me are the controls. Moving around the game world feels clunky.


A Kingdom for Keflings

Game review

It's an interesting concept although too repetitive for me. Doesn't seem that there is enough for me to do in the game to keep my interest. I don't generally feel that I'm building a Kindom, but rather a slave to the game.

-Sorry Guys-



Game review - 2 agree

Lovely game with very addicting qualities. It's sort of a mixture, as if games such as Dwarf Fortress were to marry one of the older Settlers games, they'd produce a baby named Towns!

Unlike Dwarf Fortress however, it is greatly simplified. Being that it's still only in Alhpa stage, there is hopefully a lot more that they will add to the games complexity which could only add to the overall experience of playing Towns.

Basically take Dwarf Fortress, add their GUI, and they'd have the perfect complexity to their game, however I seriously doubt that they're going to go for that deep of an experience as it would likely scare off those that have tried DF and found it too deep for them.

As it is now, yep, it's like the two games got married and produced Towns, a very lite version of DF, or a slightly more deep experience than the early "Settlers" games.

It should only get better from here considering that this is what we have already in Alpha.

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