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cHr0n0sPh3r3 Sep 12 2014 says:

Or why pulling high G, high Angle of Attack turns at low altitude is always a bad idea.

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cHr0n0sPh3r3 Nov 13 2013 says:

I reported stuff about Old town a while back and I must say this latest version of Old Town is the best. While the Artillery bombing the hill is still most annoying, it presents interesting challenges.
Fighting through this version of the town is very enjoyable, good work

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cHr0n0sPh3r3 Nov 7 2013 replied:

Don't remind me. Sukhoi even offered to let us license build parts in our own borders, that would have been a shot in the arm for us, but nooooo.

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cHr0n0sPh3r3 Aug 31 2013 says:

mmmmm Avionics vanes
Dat Pitot Static Probe

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cHr0n0sPh3r3 Jul 9 2013 replied:

I wouldn't say so. Remember the old dock on Old town? I used to take a single squad of Russian Marines andclear it out then assault the German home base to kill their artillery while my friend cleared out the field. It was a decent set up and it was quite nice. Although Old Town in those builds was just one big man power sink soooo take it as you like.
You're not too bad, just include nice places like the dock guarded by elite infantry that you can clear out but need to be careful with

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cHr0n0sPh3r3 May 19 2013 replied:

Once you enter the higher tiers BF-109's become absolute demons. Their climbrate is phenomenal and they can can prosecute targets at their leisure from high up.Only way to fight them is to make sure you have an energy advantage you don't give up at any cost...

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cHr0n0sPh3r3 Apr 4 2013 says:

All I know is I want it

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cHr0n0sPh3r3 Feb 28 2013 says:

As much as I like Russian and Soviet planes, I see your M-50 and raise you a Handley Paige Victor. Now THAT thing is sexy as all hell.

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cHr0n0sPh3r3 Feb 25 2013 says:

Woah I just checked this last night, you sir are pretty good. Thanks man!

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cHr0n0sPh3r3 Feb 8 2013 replied:

Back to sniping 88's with ZiS 2's while my mate rages at his infantry we go! :D

Still good fun

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cHr0n0sPh3r3 Feb 7 2013 says:

Just reporting - The gameplay changes are welcome, but also somewhat not. As in the reworking of the forward most defensive lines to be weaker while the rear most ones are incredibly tough now.
This does mesh well with how call ins are laid out now, but I do miss the old set up. Where tackling 88's with mortars and infantry was simply what you had to do.

That said the new lay out is very enjoyable although the tailored call in lists were also quite a nice touch I feel. The skirmishes are still very good and the addition of the new units makes it very interesting to play. Although the Russian call in tree IMO could use some reworking

On one of the new ones based off of the penal mission from MoW 1 I simply used elite infantry and T-34/57's to get up to artillery then used BS-3's to knock out heavy german armour which I then captured. Not that that isn't fun, but T-34/85's would've been very useful much earlier on, especially with those StuG's appearing in force.

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cHr0n0sPh3r3 Jan 17 2013 says:

Don't get your first tank killed :)

Also AT guns. Don't get them killed either and you'll be golden. And don't give me cav don't use AT guns, you can reposition quickly with half tracks and such

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cHr0n0sPh3r3 Jan 17 2013 replied:

It's to stop people from spam rushing with infantry or similar I'm fairly certain. With the starting CP alotment you can call in a good amount of elite infantry.

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cHr0n0sPh3r3 Jan 16 2013 says:

Oh hey new stuff. Thanks Hinkel! Mein kamaraden will be very happy to have more missions to blast through.

Panzer vor!

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cHr0n0sPh3r3 Dec 18 2012 says:

Ersatz M10! :D

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cHr0n0sPh3r3 Dec 11 2012 says:

Oh hey update. WIn thankye sir.

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cHr0n0sPh3r3 Dec 4 2012 replied:

Me again( didn't bother to log in when I made the report), friend and I skipped hte town completely until we had the KV-2's. Had my marines cut through the docks removing brandenburgers on the way, 3 dudes cut through the docks without a single loss. Got into the main base, removed the defences then proceeded to take the town with KV-2 support, avoided capping the points and bunkered down.
Friend's captured tiger rolls over to the base as I cap the last few points and the KT and its cohorts spawn.
First shot. KT destroyed.
Second shot. Destroyed JT
Third shot. Sturm Tiger destroyed.
Fourth shot. Turret damage on the second KT
Alas that was when the tiger fell, but it was the hero of our hearts.

And then as my red guards completed the final capture. The Anthem starts playing and we both knew. That entire battle of suffering had been worth it.
(Artillery point removes the ability to call in heavies still btw, we made the final cap without any additional tanks)

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cHr0n0sPh3r3 Nov 20 2012 says:

Dat Men of War

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cHr0n0sPh3r3 Sep 17 2012 says:

You'd think a tank is all about the glass cockpits and LED screens and stuff nowadays, but most tanks in service stil use plain old gun sights and switches.
They still work mind you, just not as shiny as the newer stuff.

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cHr0n0sPh3r3 Sep 11 2012 replied:

Sucks, but thanks man. The game had dragged on way too long anyway >.>

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cHr0n0sPh3r3 Sep 11 2012 replied:

Oh yeah pathfinding for anything more than two ships is terrible, I've lost so many Venators because the pathfinding decided to put the ship in a position where it would be useless. I guess I should pay more attention, but bloody arse they act as if they need to move about one nautical mile before they will even consider turning

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cHr0n0sPh3r3 Sep 11 2012 says:

Hey at day 90 I start to be unable to select any units, as in I select, they respond but I can't give orders. Any reason for this?

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cHr0n0sPh3r3 Sep 8 2012 says:

inb4 crew scuttling!

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cHr0n0sPh3r3 Sep 5 2012 says:

Why world of tanks. Why would you remove the one thing that made the T-34/85 a pleasure to drive.
I miss it so ;_;
Also I'm sure with enough development the T-34/100 would have made it into wide spread use, but hey the T-34/85 did well enough until the end of the war and lets be thankful for that.

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cHr0n0sPh3r3 Sep 4 2012 replied:

I'd like them to meet my mainline fleet lead by the Pride of the Core, supported by 9 Venators and 4 Victory I's.
I've learnt to love those V class SD's so much.

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cHr0n0sPh3r3 Sep 4 2012 says:

I'd like to ask a question. How do I deal with Confederate fighter spam?
Its not game breaking I can play just fine with it, but it forces me to dedicate almost double the number of capital ships the enemy fleet is fielding just to make up the disparity in numbers.
I'm just asking since not even missile frigs and victory class cruisers can stem the flow of those damn vultures.
If not I'll deal with it, but god damn, my minimaps are permanently confederate blue. Its painful man.

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cHr0n0sPh3r3 Apr 27 2012 replied:

Tankograd in the 21st century? :o

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cHr0n0sPh3r3 Apr 27 2012 replied:

WTB gun launched ATGMs.
I imagine T-90's with Australian colours sometimes >.>

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cHr0n0sPh3r3 Apr 1 2012 says:

Infantry? Huh? I never knew her! (She's a fine red mist now :))

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cHr0n0sPh3r3 Mar 23 2012 replied:

It is, before they nerfed its gun accuracy it was basically my frontline NATO tank.

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