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Darth_Cameroth Apr 30 2015, 8:12am replied:

actually both factions pelicans have both guns attached, i tested it.

+2 votes   mod: Operation: TREBUCHET - Total conversion for Arma 3
Darth_Cameroth Apr 28 2015, 6:32am says:

Good to hear, i quite enjoyed the previous version of the mod.

+2 votes   media: Frozen Sea Sergents
Darth_Cameroth Apr 24 2015, 12:58am says:

Nothing like some competition to bring out the best in modding, and i do honestly believe you can compete with CA. Modders can do some amazing things.

+3 votes   mod: Rage of Dark Gods. (Warhammer FB)
Darth_Cameroth Apr 16 2015, 12:16pm says:

Wow that video was amazing and did a great job of showing off the mod so far and whats up.

+3 votes   media: Total War: Rise of Mordor - Overview
Darth_Cameroth Apr 16 2015, 12:01pm says:

Awesome to see this on moddb been checking quite often on the Total War Center.

+3 votes   mod: Total War: Rise of Mordor
Darth_Cameroth Apr 16 2015, 4:31am says:

Seeing all these selection screens almost made me weep tears of joy.

+1 vote   media: Cuman Khan on Selection Screen
Darth_Cameroth Apr 13 2015, 5:16am says:

Hey your putting this on Moddb awesome, i mean i already have the current version, but still awesome.

+1 vote   mod: Massive Overhaul Submod
Darth_Cameroth Apr 3 2015, 6:29am says:

So when this is done will it work just like the stock maps except awesome and new?

+1 vote   mod: Bornholm
Darth_Cameroth Apr 2 2015, 8:46am says:

Actually my experience although short has been rather bug free i have noticed only a few things with literally only one of them being game breaking, that being attempting to spawn shortswords/longswords (i forgot which was in the game even though it was only a few minuets ago when i stopped) Aside from that the only issues are the falcon and scorpion are textured and the scorpion turret doesn't turn. Ok really i only attempted to spawn the new vehicles in Zeus, but it worked out mostly well, i look forward to the next update, i'm gunna hop back on and maybe do a bit more testing.

+5 votes   download: The Eridanus Insurrection v0.13 Alpha Release
Darth_Cameroth Apr 1 2015, 10:57pm says:

I live in Australia, and by the time this was posted here it was April second so you are now expected to deliver the Covenant legit :P

+3 votes   media: Covenant confirmed! ;)
Darth_Cameroth Apr 1 2015, 6:47am says:

ooooooh are you planning on adding zeus comparability, that would be the ****.

+1 vote   mod: Reign Of Jurassic
Darth_Cameroth Mar 21 2015, 7:42am replied:

Well that's an amazing re-texture looks like a completely new armor.

+2 votes   media: Tohlobaria 0.4 : Dirim troops
Darth_Cameroth Mar 17 2015, 8:12am replied:

So you found my Moddb account.

+3 votes   member: Darth_Cameroth
Darth_Cameroth Mar 17 2015, 7:07am says:

One of the best FAQs ever kind of reminds me of Apollo Down's descriptions on his mods. Their quite funny maybe you should check one out: Nexusmods.com

+10 votes   feature: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Darth_Cameroth Mar 15 2015, 2:34am says:

This looks like its going to be an awesome mod, i noticed in one of your screenshots that you had Rohan units in the faction of Gondor, if Rohan and GOndar are the same faction perhaps you should consider calling them "Men of the West". Also are you planning on adding/changing any more factions as your update the mod?

+4 votes   mod: Rise of Legends - Invasion
Darth_Cameroth Mar 12 2015, 4:10am says:

Hey you guys should consider creating a forum thread where people can post links to missions they wanna share for this mod.

+2 votes   mod: The Eridanus Insurrection
Darth_Cameroth Mar 11 2015, 8:00am replied:

It should be , in the features section of this page they have planned assets or something and i saw it there.

+2 votes   mod: The Eridanus Insurrection
Darth_Cameroth Mar 11 2015, 2:14am replied:

This is an excellent idea, except i would like it destructible, but that's personal preference.

+2 votes   media: A taste of what's to come- the UNSC Final Dawn
Darth_Cameroth Mar 8 2015, 10:19am replied:

Not that there is anything wrong with destroying some xeno, but it is good to get some man on man action... no ****.

+2 votes   mod: The Eridanus Insurrection
Darth_Cameroth Mar 7 2015, 5:41am says:

Pretty awesome first release guys,i'm amazed with the great work you have done, i proclaim this the best Mod Alpha 2015. I know i'm calling it pretty early, but with what i have seen of this mod so far i'm sure its safe.

+1 vote   mod: The Eridanus Insurrection
Darth_Cameroth Mar 1 2015, 2:16am replied:

Well if they add it so you can put bots on your team you can practically play it Single Player, i assume all you would have to do is host a lan server and just play on your own.

+1 vote   mod: Realms of The Third Age
Darth_Cameroth Mar 1 2015, 12:21am says:

Isengard Easy.

+1 vote   media: What is your favorite faction in Tolkien Universe?
Darth_Cameroth Feb 24 2015, 11:01pm says:

Wow, looks pretty big.

+1 vote   media: For all you :D
Darth_Cameroth Feb 23 2015, 4:18am says:

Its a shame the Halberd isn't a capital ship because if it was you could use Thanatos as one of its possible names, to honor its old name.

+3 votes   media: Halberd-class Destroyer
Darth_Cameroth Feb 22 2015, 9:02am says:

Why not use both, one as the one for the first ISD and one for the Improved ISD II

+1 vote   media: Star Destroyer comparison
Darth_Cameroth Feb 17 2015, 3:34am replied:

Awesome picture, but now i'm shaking all crazy like thinking of crossover mods that will probably never be.

+1 vote   mod: Dawn of the Reapers
Darth_Cameroth Feb 16 2015, 2:05am replied:

right click your foc game in steam select properties, then set launch options, then type MODPATH=Mods/(name of mod folder) then boot your game, the mod should be active.

+1 vote   mod: Knights of the Old Empire 1 - Awakening
Darth_Cameroth Feb 14 2015, 10:00pm replied:

Well imagine this, yeah it will have invasion, but it will be just LotR meaning it will have more and better polished LotR stuff, also it has more than just invasion going for it, so basically it will be pure awesomeness all around.

+1 vote   mod: Realms of The Third Age
Darth_Cameroth Feb 14 2015, 6:36am replied:

Don't worry it does i tested it :)

+1 vote   mod: Knights of the Old Empire 1 - Awakening
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