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Bravix Jun 17 2013, 1:13pm says:

Can this mod not be played without the disc? I downloaded the game (legally) so I don't have a disc. But when I try starting the mod up, it tells me to make sure the disc is in.

I can play the normal game fine.

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Bravix May 18 2013, 4:07am replied:

Characters were wiped before the most recent event.

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Bravix Apr 23 2013, 11:31pm replied:

On version 2.0? Oh ***** about to go down!

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Bravix May 15 2012, 8:43pm replied:

Caps drop around 50k, they really aren't worth it (they take a while to kill). You can get more money from 4 fighters, which you can do quicker.

Generally I get around 10+1 metal from caps, which is 55k.

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Bravix May 9 2012, 1:39am says:

First day of playing it, love it. Ships take a while to earn money up for, but that's a good thing. I realize its just the demo, but the fact that combat missions (well, at this point just killing ships) are profitable (but not overly so) seems well done.

In the bigger battle map, with the imps and rebs only, the imps seemed to of taken out the rebs by the time I got there. It just got worse as the Imperial fleet grew larger and had 3 ISD's plus a dozen other capital ships. The rebels had a large number of cap ships, but they were all static. Invulnerable and useless. They did have a couple cap ships still operating, but those soon died as well.

To note, one of said rebel capital ships was a mon calamari vessel, but was labled as something corellian (I forget what exactly it was, sorry).

Another thing, beautiful graphics. Ships look awesome and so do the laser lightshows. Settings maxed out, those big battles with lots of cap ships and lightshows would drop me under 30 FPS. Running a 5870M (ya, gaming laptop, sue me).

A CorSec vs Hutt fleet battle would be cool to have. I realize theres the smaller one in the starting system, but I'm referring to something similar to the fleet battle one between imps and rebs. Maybe not as big, seeing as its huts and corsec, but you get the idea.


Edit: Oh and small edit, perhaps disable formation flight on capital ships that it doesn't work on? I hit formation on a imperial ship and my fighter kamikaze'd into the ships hull.

The capital ship won -_-

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Bravix Mar 1 2012, 7:12pm says:

I don't know if I just suck, but...

I played a game of 2 vs 2. Me (Caldari) and Amarr vs Gallente and the Duck Tape Federation.

My Amarr buddies did pretty much nothing but expand, their fleet was very minor. Gallente simply wtfpwned me, with some minor help from their ally.

I realize it's a work in progress, but the damage values for the gallente ships (particularly the Battle Cruisers) exceed those of my Caldari Capital ships. On that note, it took 4 of my capital ships to take down one of theirs, losing one of my caps in the process.

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Bravix Feb 25 2012, 3:15am says:

Can't seem to get the mod to work properly. Using the .8 version.

Game version is 1.053. Game will start and run for maybe 5 minutes before freezing up. Are there certain factions I'm not supposed to use? Not quite sure what's causing the crash.

Edit: Oh, and multiple ships either have a blue tint or are entirely blue o.0

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