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Bluee_JJB May 28 2009 replied:


+3 votes   news: Animated Textures
Bluee_JJB Apr 9 2009 says:

From what i've heard theres no planned DLC for GTA 4 PC. No DLC, no Anti Aliasing, No real online support... Let's face it We PC Gamers got screwed with GTA 4 ¬_¬ but yay thanks for the mod. Now we can atleast pretend Rockstar cares about us lol 9/10

+5 votes   mod: The Lost and Damned Unlocked
Bluee_JJB Apr 8 2009 says:

*sigh* I'm with apocalypse on this one, I'm all for making ammo more scarce but make the guns more realistic. I myself like to use a snipe rifle saves me getting in close, i get that i'm gunna have to shoot a super mutant a few times in the head before they croak but not a human. Make it so one shot to the head kills the PC that would make it a lot harder, without taking any of the realism. Good Idea, Poorly Implememnted

And no in no way is this like OOO.

+1 vote   mod: Welcome To The Wasteland
Bluee_JJB Mar 13 2009 replied:

Play Elite 2:Frontier it's a really REALLY old game but you can literally point your ship in a direction and you'll eventually get somewhere, you can also land on the planets' surface manually from space even tho its really bloody hard. In my book the last great space sim WAS Frontier 2 as buggy as it was you could still do a lot more in that than any space sim to date.

But to say this is an Indy game it's lookin' mighty pretty, and the whole Multiplayer aspect sounds epic. Just please try to make it a little less complicated than EVE i couldn't even find the go button on that game. TRACKING

+1 vote   game: Infinity: The Quest for Earth
Bluee_JJB Mar 13 2009 says:

Yay great work so far guys, seriously i love playing this. A bit more polish and MP is done XD.

a) Dual wield
b) Split Screen
c) The Rocket Launcher

PS. Again great work guys *downloading 3.1 now* :D

+1 vote   mod: GoldenEye: Source
Bluee_JJB Jun 21 2008 replied:

They did it's called Goldeneye Source. Not saying your guys work isn't good though 'cos it is in fact grachically it's looking much better than the source version. so good luck to you i for one can't wait for either i loved playing goldeneye as a kid.

+1 vote   mod: GoldenEye: 00 Heaven
Bluee_JJB Jun 21 2008 replied:

Jesus Christ leave these guys alone they're remaking GOLDENEYE FFS! and its a beta so its not going to be perfect is it? I can't wait to try it out..... maybe even help out if i can just gotta wait till the summer when i have some free time urg...

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