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blademaster83 23hours 32mins ago says:

I have a question about this mod. Forgive me if it's already answered somewhere: will this mod modify the Warcraft 3 campaigns so they can be played alongside?

+1 vote   media: [Gameplay] Human Walkthrough
blademaster83 Oct 31 2015 says:

Incredible! Thank you so much for reviving one of my favourite games in your vision ^_^

+2 votes   news: MediEvil: Hero of Gallowmere is live!
blademaster83 Oct 30 2015 replied:

Lovely, thank you ^_^

+1 vote   media: Requiem - Fight Stances
blademaster83 Oct 30 2015 says:

This mod is going to turn Gothic II into the greatest game ever made, I swear :D Btw, can I ask where is the melody from? I like it.

+5 votes   media: Requiem - Fight Stances
blademaster83 Oct 7 2015 says:

It looks like the Diablo hero is tripping on shrooms :D

+2 votes   media: Playing with level palettes. Awful, isn't it?)
blademaster83 Oct 2 2015 says:

I really like what has been done. It feel very elegant. The main screen looks clean and fresh, and the units gritty as ever. Keep going guys, awesome work :)

+3 votes   news: [Video] Alliance Vs Horde
blademaster83 Jan 29 2015 says:

Dafuq is this horror?!

+2 votes   media: Bonus Stuff
blademaster83 Jan 12 2015 says:

Thank you very much for this. Everything is great. Even the Stamina bar removal is great. Thank you!

+3 votes   news: Version 5.00 released !
blademaster83 Jan 4 2015 says:

Hello Captain_Istvan. I created a small list of issues I had with the new mod. There are some suggestions as well and things you might have missed out. Would you like it and where should I send it to you :)

+1 vote   mod: Warcraft Resurrection
blademaster83 Jan 1 2015 says:

Super awesome, you are the last thing, making this day the best!

+3 votes   download: Ressurection 2015 Edition (Outdated)
blademaster83 Dec 17 2014 says:

This is truly amazing. Thank you for breathing renewed life into this game. I can't wait for the release :)

+2 votes   media: Requiem - December Update
blademaster83 Dec 11 2014 says:

Yes, maybe concentrate on the buildings and enemies. They should have foliage and messy things about them, so the screen doesn't look cluttered. I can see plenty of barrels and stands. Maybe if you try to cover them, it will give the illusion of fulfillment.

+1 vote   news: Atlantian Problems Part I
blademaster83 Nov 9 2014 says:

And it stands out from the regular green, which means that everything is fine.

+2 votes   media: Update
blademaster83 Jul 12 2014 says:

Very charming looking, the trailer has me entranced. I can't judge from a trailer, but it looks very varied and kinda complicated, but also intruiging.

+2 votes   news: So Many Me's coming to Steam & OUYA this July, 17th!
blademaster83 Jun 5 2014 says:

Why is she half-naked?

+1 vote   media: Test Character
blademaster83 May 6 2014 says:

They look... roman. I don't know whether this is an improvement over the last.

0 votes   media: Nobles of the House of FĂ«anor (reworked)
blademaster83 Mar 21 2014 says:

Looks beautifull, really captures the Legacy of Kain atmosphere, are you planning to revive the project? :)

+1 vote   media: wasserbunde
blademaster83 Mar 7 2014 says:

Wow, he actually looks bearable now, thank you :)

+1 vote   media: Screenshots
blademaster83 Jan 31 2014 says:

Hello Xaphan, I tried your mod today and I'm really enjoying myself. The new levels of depth and variation are sweet. So I wanted to help by listing some issues i'm having or just stating opinions.

- Seifed has a woman's voice
- Hirelings have french voices. I don't know if this is intentional.
- Swamp horrors are named SwampS horror, the extra S is wrong. Same for SwampS spiders
- Veteran swamp horrors have an ability to spin webs.
- How do you combine the charms and relics? It's not specified anywhere. In fact many items seem unusable, like the salvage kit.
- Can you explain how to increase the Gear level? I understand, it's via the Specialties, but it seems unclear to newcomers.
- There seems to be an uneven ratio drop of Health and Mana potions. As a warrior, all I'm getting are mana potions.
- On a personal note, might I suggest removing the Stamina bar? It useless, even the Sorceress overcomes this issue in a couple of levels.
- Sometimes the game feels too easy. I suggest raising the damage output on some creatures, like the young cave wurm. I'm playing on a difficulty for 8 players and they can barely scratch me. Same goes for poison effects.
- Having four levels of belt space from the beginning is not a good idea. Eliminates any form of pressure and a need to restock.
- You probably already have this on your mind, but is there a way to restict some classes from certain gear? There's no point in having mage gear if I can just as easily wear heavy armor. At least for the starting areas.
- Can you please put some items for gear level one? Being stuck with the same gear until leveling up my specialty doesn't really excite me.
- The Lycanthropy skill has nothing to do with vampirism. On contrare its the disease that transforms into a werewolf. Also make it more rare to use. If i specialise in melee, nothing stops me from being a vampire all the time and pounding everything in my path
- Wanga dolls don't display in the game screen

+1 vote   mod: Le Royaume des Ombres
blademaster83 Jan 31 2014 replied:

Yes I agree on making it a separate file, for the sake of nostalgia :D

+1 vote   media: raziel facelift
blademaster83 Jan 30 2014 says:

You know, I can't agree with Raziel having a human face. Firstly this collides with his blue-ish skin and it looks ugly. Second after passing through the Abyss he can't have kept his skin. Raziel comments that the Abyss is like acid if i'm not mistaken.

+2 votes   media: raziel facelift
blademaster83 Jan 30 2014 says:

Awesome! I'll try this mod as soon as I have the time. Keep on going, your work looks great.

+1 vote   download: [Full] Le Royaume des Ombres 3.00
blademaster83 Jan 18 2014 says:

Beautifull. The old design looks almost deserted, but now it feels like a functional city

+3 votes   media: (WIP) New Knight Townscreen - many polishments
blademaster83 Jan 12 2014 says:

What does modest mean, does it simplify the way characters and units look?
Also, do you plan on creating a Warriors of the north version?

+2 votes   download: King's Bounty Crossworlds Modesty Mod
blademaster83 Jan 7 2014 says:

They look very good. So the point is to create all creatures, with the exception of the Gnoms, lizard kin?

+1 vote   media: New Witch lineup
blademaster83 Dec 30 2013 says:

And a heroic new age

+3 votes   media: Happy New Year!
blademaster83 Dec 22 2013 says:

All hail, I was expecting this to take a lot longer. Happy holidays to you and take a well earned brake :)

+5 votes   download: DOOM:ONE V0.4.1
blademaster83 Dec 15 2013 says:

It looks very beautiful, great work

+2 votes   mod: Hand Drawn Graphics texture upgrade (Ink'd)
blademaster83 Dec 14 2013 says:

You're adding new things, now it looks really thematic, I love it.

+3 votes   media: Towel of Babel
blademaster83 Dec 12 2013 says:

It's so beautifull, reminds me of Gothic II. Can't wait to explore it ^^

+3 votes   media: The Wasteland
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