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Beerdude26 Mar 28 2013 replied:

Yeah, we switched to a new delivery system that allows us to do updates a LOT easier (and faster!)

+1 vote   news: Empires 2.41 Released!
Beerdude26 Dec 4 2011 replied:

"This mod is almost dead. Thanks mostly to the DEVS."
I sorely hope you mean the previous head developer here, as everyone else in the dev team has worked tirelessly to not only get aforementioned dev OUT of the team, we are also now hard at work repairing the enormous damage he has caused to this mod.

+3 votes   mod: Empires
Beerdude26 Oct 12 2010 replied:

I'm not an admin for ModDB idiot, so I can't delete anything. Good job lying yourself into a corner though

+1 vote   news: Empires 2.27 Released
Beerdude26 Oct 4 2010 replied:

As far as I am aware, "real" aircraft will be very, very hard to do on the Source Engine in combination with ground units. Player locations are reported less accurately the more you move away from the centre of the map. In a map that is normal-sized (1x), this is not noticable. In a map that is 16x sized by scaling everything down (in all 3 dimensions, this is 16x16x16), this becomes obvious very quickly. The code responsible is ancient; it dates back to the Quake era of the GoldSrc engine (the engine Half-Life used) and we can't change it.

I'm not too sure how Eternal Silence circumvented this issue, they probably only use a small, sphere-like, part of the 16x map. They also have some very nifty code (or so I heard) to transition from 16x-sized models to 1x-sized models which they use for in-base infantry combat.

+2 votes   news: Empires 2.27 Released
Beerdude26 Oct 4 2010 replied:

The Battlefield 1942 version of Empires Mod has been discontinued for several years.

+4 votes   news: Empires 2.27 Released
Beerdude26 Sep 15 2009 replied:

What you talking bout boy, we got like 5 coders, 3 modelers and a few concept artists hard at work to make Empires even more fun

+3 votes   mod: Empires
Beerdude26 Aug 30 2009 says:

Just wanted to say that I highly enjoyed this mod. it wasn't too hard (I only got stuck twice for a very silly reason), but it didn't point out the solution either. Masterful use of physics, great level design and a very, very original idea. I really hope that there will be a sequel :)

+5 votes   mod: Research and Development
Beerdude26 Dec 9 2006 says:

DAYUM, that is one hell of a mod! Played it through in one sitting, and it was challenging, scary and fun! :D

+1 vote   mod: Afraid of Monsters
Beerdude26 Nov 25 2006 says:

Why did you abandon it anyway? It was an awesome concept, and the maps are small but fun.

+3 votes   mod: God Damned Undead
Beerdude26 Jan 18 2006 says:

Sounds great, just make sure you don't get lawyerized by any of the authorities ;)

+1 vote   mod: Development discontinued.
Beerdude26 Nov 12 2005 says:

The skin itself is great, the way it is applied, is not. What I mean is, it looks like that gun was just bashed together with a hammer. I don't know if it is in real life like this too, but shouldn't the barrels look a bit more straightforward instead of cracks and spots everywhere?

Could you give some reference pictures? Because everyone is saying it sucks while it doesn't.

+1 vote   media: Peacemaker with skin
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