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A captured and modified Chaos Titan of the Legio Rodentis. It has an apocalyptical Barrage Missile Launcher full with pointed Tree Trunks of Forest Dieback, a Battle Claw of Dam Construction and a highly-explosive-Branches Thrower of Terror. To break the moral of its enemies, the 40kW-Speakers play music of Justin Bieber all the time. It can stomp all the enemies of both Empire of Mankind and The Warp with devstating reservoir leaving Footsteps. The Special Weapon is the invisible Beavertail with thounsand energized Necronsteel Shreds -directly supplied from the specially constructed High-Natural-Nuclear Plasma Power Reactor (Type "Moldypond" THC77-XTP). It can perform extremly destructiv Tail-Hits that can penetrate every known material, particular wood crafted Armors.

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