Absolute HD Mod - full compilation of best graphic mods for Doom 3. Warning: RoE not supported.

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Whoa! This mod is awesome!

Using this , im jumped into another feeleng into the game. All i can say to the developer of this mod: RESPECT ! You did it just amasing.

This mod is really welcome to be available for the Coop an ROE !

Excellent mod! I had to do 2 things to make it playable;
1) the catalystAI thing which is described by the authors of this mod
2) set Camera/View effects to off in the in-game options

GREAT MOD! I recommend this to anyone who wants a good graphical experience from DOOM 3... Good Woork !


Best looking Doom mod I've ever seen,
Greatly graphically balanced, It feels like a remake of the game for today PCs.

Its just Perfect!

This mod brings already sweet graphics to a whole new level.

gameplay fix much appreciated...like animations but prefer the more Doom3 feel. great mod collection!

About the best in image quality one can get (as far as I know). :)



Absolute HD Is a brilliant mod- It contains popular and powerful graphics addons and installs them very easily, and with sikkmod's gameplay options, you can customize your doom 3 experience just the way you want it. However the only issue I have with Absolute HD is that the multiplayer is non-functional (crashes everytime you try to launch a MP server) and there are some slight bugs that the new weapons cause, such as certain manual item pickups(which is a new feature)-
this is not a problem though, since there is a patch that easily removes the new weapons, allowing you to add your own weapon packs/ weapon mods to this graphic enhancement.

Despite the multiplayer crashes, I give this brilliant mod a 9/10!

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