Absolute HD Mod - full compilation of best graphic mods for Doom 3. Warning: RoE not supported.

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Whoa! This mod is awesome!

Using this , im jumped into another feeleng into the game. All i can say to the developer of this mod: RESPECT ! You did it just amasing.

This mod is really welcome to be available for the Coop an ROE !

Excellent mod! I had to do 2 things to make it playable;
1) the catalystAI thing which is described by the authors of this mod
2) set Camera/View effects to off in the in-game options

GREAT MOD! I recommend this to anyone who wants a good graphical experience from DOOM 3... Good Woork !


Best looking Doom mod I've ever seen,
Greatly graphically balanced, It feels like a remake of the game for today PCs.

Its just Perfect!

About the best in image quality one can get (as far as I know). :)



Absolute HD Is a brilliant mod- It contains popular and powerful graphics addons and installs them very easily, and with sikkmod's gameplay options, you can customize your doom 3 experience just the way you want it. However the only issue I have with Absolute HD is that the multiplayer is non-functional (crashes everytime you try to launch a MP server) and there are some slight bugs that the new weapons cause, such as certain manual item pickups(which is a new feature)-
this is not a problem though, since there is a patch that easily removes the new weapons, allowing you to add your own weapon packs/ weapon mods to this graphic enhancement.

Despite the multiplayer crashes, I give this brilliant mod a 9/10!

Amazing graphics and gameplay improvements ! Really enjoyable playing and tweaking. The atmosphere of the game is really improved

Graphically, the mod is excellent and boasts some serious visual refinements and overhauls that breathe new life into Doom 3's horribly dated visuals. However, technically, the mod is nothing short of a complete disaster. Unavoidable crashes related to certain characters merely speaking to the player is a glaring nuisance that's entirely unforgivable. It's made worse by the fact that these crashes occur EVERY SINGLE TIME these characters go to speak. The first crash occurs almost immediately during the first few minutes of gameplay, specifically the "welcome to Mars" phrase the first encountered NPC utters. Skipping to the next level was warranted, and thankfully allowed, but any hope that the next NPC dialogue section wouldn't cause the game to crash again was quickly crushed. The NPC in question attempted to do a "Mars Sec radio check," which promptly caused a crash. Every. Single. Time. Tweaking some of the settings before loading the aforementioned sections again didn't rectify the issue, any time.

This mod was something that could've been completely enjoyable, but sadly, it's unplayable due to a glaring level of either technical ineptitude or just plain incompetence. It's hard to know which.


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