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A lot of fun.
Tons of weapons, free form gameplay, lots of things to discover.
Probably the best free game out there and it even runs on my crappy old laptop!

Give it a shot.


King Arthur's Gold

Game review

Wow... this game is a lot of fun.
Simple to understand but really replayable.



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Project Zomboid

Early access game review

Awesome game! I've had it since about June last year. I haven't actually activated it here yet and ten to play the latest version even if its buggy just because it's nice seeing the new features.

Anyway while this game is definitely in Alpha and missing a lot what it has is extremely playable and a great symbol of the progress to come. The Indiestone suffered a lot of setbacks but they made one hell of a come back and now we have one of the best zombie games ever on our hands.

I can't wait for a stable 1.0 release and all the new planned features.


Dwarf Fortress

Game review

There's no game that can compare. Dwarf Fortress is one of the most fun strategy games around and it's full of humor and surprises.


UFO: Alien Invasion

Game review

Holy hell!
I thought this wasn't going to be that great. Most remakes of XCOM aren't but damn... this one is great.

I didn't like Aftermath but man... this one is great.
It runs smooth, I love the way the base works, I love the way the geoscape looks. The combat is identical to the original with some nice things thrown in like shotguns and flamethrowers PLUS A BETTER UI!

Great game and runs smooth on my ****** old laptop.
Thanks for making it!


Siege of Turtle Enclave

Game review

Battle for Wesnoth

Game review

Great job on this game! Lots of fun. Very nice to look at and runs great even on my crummy old laptop.

I love TBS games and not many of them, even the ones you pay for, come close to this.



Game review

There aren't many remakes of X-com that work. The Firaxis one is fantastic and something different but it is very different from the originals. Xenonauts captures the same feeling of the original games but doesn't look terrible or play awkward or lose the random regionalized levels of the originals.

It does add some of its own flavor by having a much more exciting aerial combat system, shotguns and removing/balancing psychic powers.

It's a very enjoyable game and with the regular updates coming it will only get better.

It's well worth your money and a load of fun for anyone who wants an authentic X-Com experience.

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