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Half-Life 2 and CS: S Update

News 5 comments

Last night a Steam update was released that fixed the infamous sound stuttering. Half-Life 2 Fixed sound stuttering problems Counter-Strike: Source Fixed...

Doom 3 review

News 2 comments

modDB's Doom 3 review is now up, you can read it by clicking here. Keep an eye open for more Doom 3 news ;)

ModDB Modeling Competition

News 6 comments

Your model must relate to `Mechs/Cyb-orgs/War Robots` No poly limit All work must be submitted by August 5th A submission must include the model's name...

Half-Life 2

Project Safan Update

Project Safan 3 comments

Myself and BadBruzer were recently Interview at HL2 CENTRAL - check it out. {Pinback} Where did you get the name "Project Safan"? {azz0r} Project Safan...

Half-Life 2

Valve transcript

Project Safan 9 comments

The transcript from the Half Life 2 modding chat has been posted. Find everything out about Half Life 2 - Modder paradise. The biggie: Anti-aliasing has...

Unreal Tournament 2003

Troopers Released

Troopers Rise of the rebellion

Jolt - UK :Download (Note:UK unlimited and International limited bandwith, there was some database error, but now file is back and ready for download...

Half-Life 2

Safan Enemy preview

Project Safan

The site launch is coming soon and to get some hype backed into the bucket load of information that you'll recieve Id give you a small taster. Enemies...

Half Life 2 switches.

News 5 comments

Please stop posting news about your modification switching to Half Life 2, and if you do make sure its a mod profile news item, thanks.

Half Life 2

News 12 comments

Half Life 2 has been added to modDB. Note that the profile isnt complete and will be changing once we get a better logo. Please do not transfer your mod...


Natural Selection - the must knows

Natural Selection 3 comments

The Interview you've been waiting for, and wanting.


Natural Selection Released

Natural Selection 4 comments

Natural Selection has been released, at an estimate of 95MB its worth getting now and playing in a few hours ;) :: Visit the Natural Selection Site and...

Natural-Selection Blitz

News 4 comments

Game2XS has posted an interview with Ned 'MonsieurEvil' Pyle about one of the most anticipated modfications coming out for Half Life; Natural Selection...


NS Release date announced, trailer released.

Natural Selection 9 comments

Heres the news straight from the Natural Selection site! It is our pleasure to inform you that Natural Selection will be released October 31st - yes...

BoxWars 3 released

News 2 comments

BoxWars Website After nearly a year of frustrations, Boxwar 3.0 Beta has been released. As many of you have probably read from the previous website, the...

1000 Members

News 9 comments

At the time of writing there is 998 members to ModDB.Com, I'm sure within the hour there will be 1000. This is a major achievement for the ModDB team...

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