I'm an amateur voice actor planning to go into computer science so I can eventually work in making video games. My hope is that while being a dev, I can end up acting in the games, as well, and potentially leaving behind programming as a career to focus only on acting.

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Breaking The Rules

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Seems like a promising game that would be helped greatly by an in-game tutorial of some kind.



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HMS Defiance 2

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It was definitely short, but also pretty good.
The voice acting was pretty mediocre and the voice quality waned from time to time, but I could feel a sense of trying to sound convincing. Besides, this is a short little HL2 mod, not something too fancy, so I can't expect too much. I did like that every character had a mask, though. Clever way to avoid lip-syncing.
I ended up having to cheat when I was in the area where the player must "hold off the Guardians." As another player said, I had no ammo at that point. Making it more clear that the player has to use the "use" key to pick up the extra pistol ammo would be a definite plus. I found myself constantly complaining that the game was devoid of ammo because of this.
The levels were fairly linear, as is to be expected, but I liked that there was a little bit of exploration to do and some genuinely entertaining logs to be found.
On the whole, I found this to be a fairly enjoyable experience and look forward to the next part. Also, if you need another voice actor, I'm up for it. ;D

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