I was the sole programmer, designer, and producer on Pocketwatch Games' first two titles, Wildlife Tycoon: Venture Africa and Venture Arctic. Venture Africa was built in 10 months on a budget of $8,000 and has sold over 90,000 copies worldwide, while Venture Arctic hass received tremendous critical acclaim and continues to sell in stores across the United States. I'm heavily involved in the "indie" scene, having hosted the IGF awards ceremony from 2007-2009. Prior to Pocketwatch Games, I worked on titles published by Microsoft, EA, and Activision, mostly in AI and networking code.

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AndySchatz @ Venture Dinosauria

I agree about that stuff being frustrating in Sim City. It's never fun to have your hard work torn down.

Since you've got enemy dinosaurs to contend with, somtimes that player will be able to use the disasters to attack them. We also are going to have some "survival" levels that have you trying to survive or progress during a disaster. We'll make sure it's not frustrating like the obnoxious tornadoes and fires in Sim City.

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AndySchatz @ Effective use of ModDB

Might want to correct a misspelling: atheistic should be aesthetic :) (In the white space section)

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AndySchatz @ Venture Dinosauria

Dinosauria is an RTS and a Sim - you have to build a huge and balanced ecosystem of dinosaurs to support your movement toward world domination.

The sim is both simple and complex - you build territories for your dinosaurs, affect their moods, breed different genetic characteristics, build vegetation and weather systems, and more.

You can also experiment with customizing your dinosaurs using the theories being debated today - how powerful of a hunter was T. Rex, did Stegosaurus use his plates for defense or heat dispersion.

And you can't make a game about dinosaurs without having global disasters: meteor showers, volcanoes, and disease plague your progress through the game.

Hope this helps!

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