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This mod is a really good mod but has a few major things letting it down for me.

Me and my friends decided to play this mod and we came up with a few problems.

- Lack of story:
The game explains virtually nothing, you only get a brief idea of what is going on, you start the game just by standing in a room, hardly anything is clear what to do. It was very unclear to me and at the end I basically just ventured a cave, walked into a room and got "To be continued"

-Lack of Music/Ambient sounds:
Throughout the mod, there are only around 2 sounds constant in the ambient.

-Gameplay Mechanics:
The game constantly throws large waves of enemies at you, sometimes this isn't fun and is more frustrating.

Overall I think the mod has a lot of potential. With a bit more love and care put to other aspects of the game other than maps, this mod could be one of the best ones out there. The maps and visual styles are beautiful and that is the main reason currently this game has it's potential to do well. My overall opinion is that this mod is really good and people who haven't played should give it a go as opinions are different.

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