Hello. I'm an amateur modder. Isn't much else to say......

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Tason Sep 12 2013, 12:06am replied:

Latinized Greek is fine for the period. Inhabitants of greece, greek as they may be, inevitably adopted a degree of latinization in their language. Greece had been ruled by Romans for about 800 years leading up to this point, which, as you can imagine, gave them alot of time to adopt latin elements into greek. Many of the greeks within this 800 year period spoke latin as well as greek. No language has lasted prolonged contact with another without adopting certian parts of the other language into their own, especially when a large portion of the native population speaks both.

+2 votes   mod: Imperium Graecorum
Tason Jun 14 2012, 12:35pm says:

Maybe add some black rocks? I saw a few in the CW episode on malastare. The rest is amazing.

+1 vote   media: Malastare
Tason Jun 14 2012, 12:28pm replied:

I think the armored troopers should be the republic soldiers, as Havoc changed to Imperial uniforms after defecting. Those other soldiers are way outdated for this era

+1 vote   media: Traitors!
Tason Feb 27 2012, 7:01pm says:

Aside from the memorable themes, this music is [arguably] better than the movie's music. Enjoy.

+1 vote   media: Coruscant, The Capitol
Tason Feb 27 2012, 6:47pm says:

You should use SWTOR ambient music in the mod. Just hear it, and you'll see why.

+3 votes   mod: Old Republic at War
Tason Feb 27 2012, 6:43pm says:

Make the head smaller, then make em' a little skinnier, and make the armor plating a little thinner so its not chunky. You should also somewhat add emphasis on the break between the helmet and torso, so it looks more like a helmet, and not a head. anyhow, its still a great start.

+1 vote   media: Imperial trooper Model
Tason Feb 12 2012, 7:49pm says:

Really, the Republic isn't very desperate at all. They've had 300 years since the last major war, so they have it covered.

+1 vote   media: Praetorians
Tason Feb 12 2012, 7:46pm says:

These ships should be in limited supply in your mod. Most of the Republic's fleet has been replaced by new streamlined vessels in the SWTOR era. The Republic would only use this class if they were in serious need of more ships, but, they have plenty in reserve in most cases. Will the hammerhead take a roll as a corvette/frigate?

+1 vote   media: swtorw
Tason Feb 12 2012, 7:07pm says:

Epic model, awesome idea, awesome everything.

But, Aureks aren't being used in SW:TOR era. Do you have another kind of fighter for that era?

+1 vote   media: Sith Anti Fighter Corvette
Tason Feb 7 2012, 7:16pm says:

What period of the old republic era will you be covering? SW:TOR period, KoTOR period, or some other one?

+1 vote   mod: Ultimate Empire at War
Tason Feb 7 2012, 8:42am replied:

Yeah, I thought you wouldn't.

+1 vote   mod: Last Stand: an Old Republic mod
Tason Feb 6 2012, 9:57am replied:

This mod will be exclusively kotor era, exept for a few crossover units between it and swtor era. ORAW mixes both, but I'm just doing kotor era.

+1 vote   mod: Last Stand: an Old Republic mod
Tason Feb 5 2012, 1:09pm says:

mini-mini-news. I'm looking for a good Thranta-class model. Anybody know where I can get one?

+1 vote   mod: Last Stand: an Old Republic mod
Tason Feb 5 2012, 1:16am says:

So what if its P2P? Its so awesome it'll...... it'll....... Make your face go numbb

+2 votes   media: Old Republic
Tason Feb 5 2012, 1:14am replied:

He probably just upgraded his graphics card...

+2 votes   media: For competition phase 2
Tason Feb 5 2012, 1:12am says:

Wait...... I'll try not to mix up Dogma and the medic....But I can't see the medic emblem...... Is it Dogma?

+1 vote   media: 501st
Tason Feb 5 2012, 1:01am says:

Every time I come to the third page of mods, its always sooooo sad. So many failures.

+5 votes   mod: Mass Effect: Galaxy at War
Tason Feb 5 2012, 12:57am says:

shame this ones dead too. Looked pretty good. All these dead mods are making me teary....

+1 vote   mod: Just Another Clone Wars Mod
Tason Feb 5 2012, 12:55am says:

Shame its dead. Some of the best maps I've ever seen. Combine that with the fact that he had most of the fundamental units in, this mod had awesome potential.

+2 votes   mod: Jedi Civil War
Tason Feb 5 2012, 12:40am says:

All you need is longer blaster bolts and, [to better represent the show] a crap-load of fighters.

+2 votes   mod: Star Wars: Clone Wars Sub-Mod
Tason Feb 5 2012, 12:36am replied:

It reminds me of kota's militia

+1 vote   media: New-New Republic Infantry
Tason Feb 5 2012, 12:25am says:

Beatiful....... Maybe make the barrels a little less shiny? Otherwise, PERFECTO

+1 vote   media: Phase 2 Z6
Tason Feb 4 2012, 11:36pm replied:

About the vehicles... There are the two main assault walkers, one offensive, one more defensive. [the chunky one is defensive, other one is more damage-dealing]. Then you have the AT/ST type walker, your average scout walker.... With some serious infantry-killing potential...

0 votes   mod: The Old Republic : The Great Galactic War
Tason Feb 4 2012, 11:32pm says:

Okay....... I take back all that false info I gave you about The Republic military earlier. Its nothing like that. The Republic military is divided into categories: Weak and unique planetary forces, Republic G.Is, and Elite. In weak and unique planetary forces, you have soldiers who you will never see again on a different world like:http://www.google.com/imgres?hl=en&client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&biw=1280&bih=931&tbm=isch&tbnid=nhkOSrcjZ65B3M:&imgrefurl=http://www.torhead.com/npc/1wQ1iSO/mantellian-defender&docid=KKb9u13oamjjnM&imgurl=http://tor.zamimg.com/torhead/uploads/images/3681.jpg&w=442&h=768&ei=iOstT7KpD-ry2QXP4vCJCg&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=177&vpy=101&dur=1407&hovh=296&hovw=170&tx=86&ty=172&sig=118070648320089628348&page=1&tbnh=133&tbnw=83&start=0&ndsp=32&ved=1t:429,r:0,s:0. Then you have republic G.Is, soldiers who can be seen giving their lives across the galaxy. An example: Moddb.com These soldiers are not the best, but can hold their own in many combat situations. Next are Elite. Elite soldiers are comprised of professional soldiers, who you don't get to meet often, but are spread across the galaxy doing good in many ways. These soldiers won't be in established colors, they will vary from planet to planet. But one thing is always they same. They kick ***. [couldn't find a pic for them...sry]

+1 vote   mod: The Old Republic : The Great Galactic War
Tason Feb 4 2012, 9:33pm says:

Um...... Paladins aren't used in this era...... I think.......

+1 vote   media: Update
Tason Feb 3 2012, 9:59am replied:

Interdictors are a bit more powerful than what your're saying. How many other ship classes can decimate an entire plant with only ~10-12 ships? They can be overwhelmed be a couple of Hammerheads, but one could easily hold its ground against a horde of smaller ships.

+1 vote   mod: Old Republic at War
Tason Feb 3 2012, 9:56am replied:

When you said that....... I almost burst into tears....

+1 vote   mod: Old Republic at War
Tason Feb 3 2012, 9:47am replied:

Don't forget..... Not all of those conflicting source pics are of the same kind of ship. Sith admirals could personalize their starships, so, it is quite impossible to get a true-to-game model. Don't sweat it to make the perfect model.

+1 vote   member: Warb_Null
Tason Feb 3 2012, 9:27am replied:

Its just going to be Mandalorian remnant, so don't be expecting grand invasion fleets.....

+1 vote   mod: Last Stand: an Old Republic mod
Tason Jan 30 2012, 8:42pm says:

Obviously, The 41st guy will lead it. If not, that sergeant in the background....

+1 vote   media: Who will lead this invasion?
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