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Bean's Quest

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Dungeons of Dredmor

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Is the only non-ascii rogue-like game that I actually enjoy to play. Got it in the Humble Bundle some days ago and I love it.

Version 1.0.7 have some stability problems in linux, but the developer is working around the clock to fix it. The version in Desura is stable, so I am waiting a desura key to use it.

in the end, a GREAT linx game



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It is a great game. In linux it works perfect and beautiful.


- Good puzzles
- Very beatiful graphics
- Linux version works great
- Great control


- Are you kidding? the only enemies are skeletons?
- Characters seems to came from Clichequest :D

A great game, but it is kind of disappointing to find only skeletons. Is like Lord of the Rings and this Orcs fixation...

But a great great game


Clone Wolf: Protector

Game review

First the pros:

- Great music
- Well designed and BIG enemies
- Great retro-graphics
- lots of humor and good history


- Very short. Only a couple of hours or less to finish it
- More music. The soundtrack is good.. but there is only one
- Did I mention that it was short?

I had a great time playing it. I loved the humor in the dialogs. Battles with bosses are good but short....


- And endless mode with endless random levels
- more dificult
- Some hidden levels (maybe there are hidden levels and I am a loser :D )